Thursday, 2 August 2007

So, what about today...

This is a picture of a sunset taken from the back of my house a couple of weeks ago.

Well not a lot has happened today. Our new garden reclining chairs were delivered by a very grumpy delivery driver. I annoyed him for sending back the navy chairs, coz I'd ordered the Cappuccino coloured ones instead to go with the new table and chairs set... I know, I should have got it right in the first place, but the fact was, I'd ordered the chairs first, then saw a half price bargain on a glass table, chairs, and parasol so then had to cancel the blue ones, and order the other ones, but of course it was too late then, so had to have them delivered... anyway, he threw the navy ones on the road, and then threw someones buggy on the road before getting my other chairs. I phoned up and complained about him. I don't normally do that, but he pissed me off with his stroppiness, plus I wanted them to know that the navy ones were being returned - the driver hadn't given me anything back to say he'd taken them.

Matthew loved the chairs, and spent most of the afternoon laying down in one of them, well alternating between the chair and the garden swing.

Justin is playing poker on xbox live, it's a good job I like watching him play coz he plays it most nights at the moment.

I only did a little towards my new cd today. I had to change the size of the inserts to print correctly. I did however sell two of my Christmas cds!! So I shall get those in the post tomorrow, I'd also sold one the previous day... I'll be a millionaire before you know it!

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