Wednesday, 27 February 2008

So the earth moved...

Darryl felt it. He was in bed and thought his leg had had some sort of a spasm, lol, then he thought maybe it was a ghost, lol. He switched on his radio and they soon started talking about the earthquake measuring 5.2. Justin felt the one we had in 2002 - he was walking across the living room floor and started swaying all over the place.

The photo I've put on here today is from Darryl's birthday, the mad four. From left to right, Abby, Darryl, Matthew, and David (ex hubby's wife's son).

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

They reckon it's spring...

I can't see it myself... This was actually light snow - it had been falling very lightly on the way to school. Justin said it was heavy frost, lol!!! It was a joke of course. Matthew's school is just behind the trees in the second picture.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Another day, another blanket....

Work again today. I gave Cheryl her blanket, she loved it, preferred it to the one yesterday. This one was all in white, with a shimmery white edge and a little sleepy moon motif in the middle.
Outside was freezing!!! The temperature at 7am this morning was minus 6.5 degrees centigrade, but everywhere looked so lovely and wintery. Again, I never had my camera handy.
I'm itching to start another blanket. I have the colours for Justin's Formula One one, but I need to get Carols white and blue one started first, get that done, then Merce's two. I shall buy the wool and motif's tomorrow.
Justin is on the Playstation 3, he has an online Formula One game that he runs three or four times a week, same people everynight.
Matthew is back to school tomorrow, it will be quiet around here, and I shall miss him...

On Friday, I had the Sports and Movies package added to our tv. The first film we watched was about half an hour after it came on, and was Greyfriars Bobby... awww, such a lovely film. It was the 2005 version. Then later on at night we watched Happy Feet. Matthew finished off watching that on Saturday morning when he got up for me while I got ready for work. I love having the channels back again. I can watch the Rugby Union now!!

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Busy making blankets!

Here is a photo of the blanket that I made for a Polish girl at work, she is having a girl, Martina. Ewelina (the Polish girl) loved this blanket and almost cried, awwww. I then got orders for 3 more!! I told them that cost price is £5.50 - Merce wants two making and paying me £8 each, and Carol wants one and is giving me a tenner. I'm currently washing Cheryl's unborn grandchild's one out and hopefully will be able to give her that one tomorrow.
I still need to make a card and a couple of ATC's, never mind crocheting!!

Sunday, 10 February 2008


This is my favourite song of the moment. It's abit Northern Souly sounding. It sounds excellent on our tv with the bass.

School hols are here again.

It doesn't seem five minutes since the kids went back to school after Christmas!! I hope I have a stress free week... which I very much doubt, but I can still wish, lol.
My dad and Darryl are off to London on Wednesday, to the Adelphi Theatre to see Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat. My dad books these things with Tesco's; I think it's a staff membership thing. They are also booked for something happening at the Royal Albert Hall sometime in November.

I had a visit on Friday from my friend, Paula, and her hubby Mark. We went to Subway for lunch, Oooh I do love Subway. We visited three shops for craft things, Paula had a little spend, and we took Mark to a Sports shop where they also sold models. It was nice to see her again. There is a photo on the blog here somewhere of us meeting up last time.

Work today was a laugh. A & E was fairly quiet for most of the day so I managed to get into the all the cubicles first time, well all except one.
Oh, first thing this morning, outside the office on a table was a little applique motif of a giraffe. I was amazed!! I was amazed because I've been looking and trying to find these motif things for ages up town and online. So I was stunned when this little one just sat there today, there was no reason for it to be there as our office is in the bowels of the hospital. I want one to use on a blanket that I'm going to make for Cheryl's unborn grandchild. I shall make it mainly in white, but then trim it with either pink or blue in a week or so - they find out the sex of the baby on the 20th. There's another girl at work who's pregnant, and she's been told she has a girl. I think finding out the sex isn't good, maybe for them, but it's not for me. I'm glad I didn't find out the sex of my boys.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Our lovely cat, Boots.

Boots asleep on Matthew's Micro machine lorry.

We had to have our lovely old cat put to sleep last night. She had been having times where she would go all wobbly, like she was going to faint, and for the last few nights she would have something like a fit. Last night, she had lots of these wobbly spells, and then one massive fit. She would get over these things after a few minutes. We decided to take her to the vets because of the number of times this was happening. He told us she was suffering from heart and kidney failure. Her heart rate was almost 300 beats a minute instead of 180.
She was a very affectionate cat. We had had her for 16 years and had got her when she was 6 weeks old.