Wednesday, 22 August 2007

And the good news is....

I don't have toothache!!!!!!!!!!!! For the first time in three months!!!!!!!! But, I do have a sore mouth where the tooth was, and the injection site isn't too nice either. Today I begin those lovely hot salt mouth washes... yum, lol.

I did say that I was up to date with my ATC's, well not any more!! I now have to make Halloween ones, my sparkle ones, brown paper bag ones... oh, and wedding ones, and men ones... blimey, quite a few then, lol.

The agenda for today is to go into town, as soon as I get Matthew to get dressed and not be so stressy today. I wish the weather was better - 6 weeks of being stuck inside during the school holiday is no fun. I'm going to buy some chicken pieces in breadcrumbs or something similar, we're having Abby over again for dinner, and the meals I had planned for the week don't include 5 people. Darryl apparently, is going to hers on Friday.

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