Saturday, 4 August 2007

Bacardi and coke.

Well I'm knackered as usual after a day's work. I'd never manage a full week anymore, lol. A & E was really quiet most of the day, but I still had a busier day than normal. A man decided to throw up in the waiting room, so me and Cheryl had to sort that out, then we had to go to the private ward and sort out an MRSA room, which then made us an hour late for dinner. We did have laugh doing the room though, coz for some reason I managed to break the curtain rod above the door, I'd already snapped one of the curtain hooks. We were almost wetting ourselves with laughter, but Cheryl did manage to fix the rod back onto the door.
Me and Cheryl are on diets. Since giving up smoking I have put on a stone!! Cheryl has put on 2 and a half!!! We are on a soup, fruit, and cereal diet. I have done really well all week until getting home tonight and Justin had bought flapjacks and Mr Kiplings Country Slices... I've not had those for years, so had two! I could kick myself at my weakness!!!

My wonderful friend Julie sent me a photo tonight of her absolutely gorgeous 1 year old daughter, Lauren, she is sooooo beautiful. I have also been reminiscing about our old internet meetings that we went on to Blackpool and various other places. They were such a laugh, and how none of us were ever arrested never ceases to amaze me. I wonder how Sleepless in Sheffield is doing...

I am sitting here chilling with a drink of bacardi and coke. I don't drink usually, but having said that, I have had two drinks in the past three weeks, lol... the other was a baileys substitute. Oh, and I had a Malibu and lemonade the night we ate in Planet Hollywood in Disneyland... blimey, I better watch it!

It won't be long before I go to bed, I'm tired tonight, and I've already had half an hour asleep on the settee!! I still have to be up at 6 in the morning so it won't be a late night for me. I remember when I was quite addicted to Yahoo chat and I'd chat till 5.30am, then go to bed and be up at 7am to start work at 8am. I know I couldn't do that now, I don't know how I managed to do it then!

Goodnight pals... sleep well. Sweet Dreams little Lauren xxxxx

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