Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Happy Wisdom Tooth Day!

I'm sitting here munching on my weetabix and contemplating the day ahead. I'm ok about this afternoon at 1.30pm... the roots are bending forwards almost at a right angle and that's why my own dentist can't remove it. It would just have to be on my bottom jaw... it will feel like they're trying to pull my jaw out of place no doubt... ohhh blimey... is there a little panic setting in??? Nnaaahhhhh.

Aside from teeth.
Before my brekkie I got 3 peoples ATC's ready to post. The Victorian Macabre ones will be winging their way to the US and to Sweden, and of course Winnie's collage ones will be flying off to Norway as well. I do love the ones I've made for Winnie. I have scanned them, but that really didn't do them any justice... I want to keep them!!! LOL! I shall post them today along with yet more parcels for Justin, and it's chucking it down outside.
Justin and I had to get the Bob house out from under the garden swings cover, the cover had blown forward and the house was sticking out the back. We decided to was safer to move it to the garage, and when he comes home tonight, the rest of the garden furniture will also be moved there. It's a shame we didn't get much use out of the new patio set this year, lol. Maybe we'll have a decent September?

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