Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Justin - my guitar hero.

I altered this notebook for my friend Cheryl. If she's in a bad mood/got hangover, I shall throw it at her! LOL!

Justin having fun playing Guitar Hero. He has now completed the Easy levels... and putting off starting the medium ones!

Plan for tomorrow... clean the oven out. I have had a can of Mr Muscle oven cleaner for weeks... so best get to it tomorrow.

A "Chocolate Box" bridge.

A picturesque bridge in Godmanchester.

An 18th Birthday card for Abby.

Today's card is an 18th Birthday card for Darryl's girlfriend Abby - she's not 18 until September so how's that for advance??! Not like me at all. I'm normally making the cards on the morning of the event, so I must have my mojo back now!
I received two more rubber stamps this morning, this time from Shell. Gorgeous tree with hanging hearts, and Tilda with balloons (stamp used in a the card above). Shell also sent me some stamped Tilda images.
I used Papermania Exquisite paper pad, bazzill black and pink card, pink ink stamp for edges, die cut flowers, hearts etc, cut with Cricut Expressions, holographic boarder strips, Stickles glitter, a little silver key (from the pound shop!) and a Doodlebug Boutique brad. The more I look at this card, the more it grows on me.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Tilda and her teddy

Here's the card I've been working on today. It's Tilda with her teddy. I used the Papermania paper pad - Venetian Skies, Papermania fabric flowers, navy ribbon, mirror card (that's showing up brown on the picture), white sparkly brad, Anita's corner peel offs, cuttlebug embossing folder - stylized flowers. I coloured the stamps with watercolour pencils and also faintly on the embossed image.
(I have changed the picture coz of altering it slightly - I added the greeting on the label, and added some holographic borders along middle section)

Other news:
Donna has received her little glass Angel that I bought for her, and it was hand delivered by one of Matthew's friends mum from school, Kathy. Kathy comes from Donna's town in Georgia, but her husband is stationed over here for three years, which are up next summer. Anyway, Kathy and Sean (Matthew's friend) have gone back for 6 weeks during the summer holidays from school. Donna emailed me to thank me saying she'd met up with Kathy. How amazing is that?!

Matthew is still playing outside with his friend, but does keep popping back for a drink. He came back one time coz they had both been watching a bloke with a punch bag in his garage and the bloke had told them he needed some weights... Matthew only came in to get some of Justin's!!! LOL! I said he couldn't, so off he went with the strop.

Oh dear.... poor Tilda!!!!

Oh dear...
On the post below is the pink card that I made last night... something is missing and I only saw that this morning, lol. Can you see what it is??

This morning I've been busy painting another Tilda, her teddy, and the bench... I looked up and realised that I'd put the paintbrush not in the water, but in my lovely mug of tea!!

Matthew has been playing outside all morning since 8.30am with a new friend. I'm not sure of his name yet and neither is Matthew coz he is Polish. I'll have to ask him later. He lives in our street just across the road (Dad, I think it was his families blue bin (wink wink!)). They have been charging round the street with toy guns and swords. They have played baseball and football... but had to put a stop to that coz they hit a car with the ball. They moved around to the back where the garages are, but Matthew fell and hit his elbow, so they gave up football altogether now. They're having fun running around, and are not bored... so that's good.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Tonight's Tilda Card

Here is tonight's Tilda card. I used my new Papermania pink patterned paper pack - Exquisite. I decided to "undercolour" Tilda for a more subtle look, and used Sakura glitter pens. I also ran a pink cherise ink pad around the edge of the card.


Ok, not a heatwave as such, but it is very hot and has been for about a week now... maybe not a whole week, but getting on for one! LOL!
I've been using my Cricut today and cutting out mats and scrolly things, leaves... flowers etc etc. I may make another card tonight, you never know!
My supervisor bought the acetate card from me and paid £1.50... not the fastest way to become a millionaire... She told me to make some more cards and leave them in the office to sell, so today I bought some cellobags to put them in.
I bought three more paper packs today, all Papermania £2.99 ones. Pinks, blues, and the elegant pack... I'm hoping for some more inspiration to come my way.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

2 bright cheery cards.

I've made two cards since getting home from work! That's a first... well maybe not a first, but a first in a very long time!! One of my supervisors at work requested a birthday card... with no guidance for me, great! So I came up with these two gems. The one on the left is using that gorgeous Rowdy William Magnolia stamp, and I used a sketch by Bev from All the things I love (link on the right). The one on the right is just tag on acetate.
Papers used are from K & Co Mira Specialty pad, Papermania fabric flowers, and the swirl cut with the Cricut Expressions. You can't see from the picture (althought you might if you click on it), that I have debossed (I got the Cuttlebug folder round the wrong way in my Sizzix) the white background to William. I think I managed to paint William better this time too!
If anyone has been wondering if Cuttlebug embossing folders work in the big Sizzix then yes, but you need the converter and it embosses/debosses beautifully.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Rowdy William.

Ok, so I changed my mind about Paula's card... and decided to make another one, but I do still like the first one, and now they're sitting together on the table they look lovely. I wish I could combine papers!!

K & Co Blue Awning Specialty Paper pad
Papermania fabric flowers
Doodlebug Boutique brads
Craft time 3D flowers
Cricut Expressions to cut the lettering
Magnolia Rowdy William stamp
I coloured in with watercolour pencils, and the odd bit of Stickles glitter.

Below are my Guitar Hero's. It had to be a joint effort when it came to Matthew playing, so he did the strumming, and Darryl selected the correct "string". It's a good game, when you can master how to play it! I shall have a go later, and Justin can't wait to get home from work, lol, kids, all of 'em!

Here is my first Tilda card!!

This is my first card using the Magnolia Tilda stamps. I think the plain oval needed embossing... I do like the card, but I wish I could make cards like some of the other girls, lol... oh well... guess I just need more practice. The card grows on you the more you look at it...

K & Co Blue Awning papers
Craft time 3D flowers
Papermania fabric flowers
Stickles glitter
Watercolour pencils
Magnolia Tilda with Flower stamp

I've gone Tilda mental.

My new stamps did arrive and I stamped out some images. I've also painted two of them and hopefully will make a card or two later today... but Darryl has just walked in with Guitar Hero for the PS3... so will no doubt be prancing around very soon. We have it for the Nintendo DS and Justin was playing that last night, so no doubt, he too will be prancing around later tonight... should be a laugh watching anyway.

I need to get the Cricut Expressions machine out and start cutting some layering mats. I've got the laptop on charge so I can use my "Sure Cuts Alot" software to cut an oval scalloped mat. I'm debating whether to use the first Tilda images for Paula (she's reading this, lol)... I wish I could just get the stuff out I want to use and not have to put it away later... Paula is lucky that she can do that in her new "studio".

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Four photos from today

We went to Dad's today, and when we're there for a full day we go and feed the ducks over the river. Despite some of these photos looking like the weather was dull, it was very hot, and mostly sunny.
Dad's chest infection wasn't improving and he actually went to the doctors this morning and got some antibiotics.
Tomorrow me and Matthew will be going to the library for our usual two hour stint and hot chocolate. Then I'm HOPING that my new stamps arrive and I can make a card from it... although I'll probably have to have some inspiration from Debbie, or Bev... Paula ordered two Tilda stamps today, we're both as batty as each other!

Me Mojo

Might be about to return...
I was looking at Debbies blog (Pink Poppy Craft Box blog), and Bev's blog (All the things I love) and Debbie and Bev use lots of Magnolia Tilda stamps... well I just had to have a look on Ebay last night for them and ordered 4! I can't wait to get them now!! Hopefully they'll get posted today.
I've got Paula into them as well now, and Shell might still have some left in her store that she used to have!!
I've found lots of other blogs showing their cards made with these stamps, and they're listed on the blog list. Inspirations is a good one to start, and I absolutely love All The Things I Love blog too.
I also need some new watercolour pencils... I think I gave Matthew my other ones - can't think why.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

I need to catch up with these girls!!

If you look at my links of the blogs I like to visit... you'll see Paula, Marion (Myrt), Shell, Jeannie, Totty, and Debbie... all crafters and all making really gorgeous cards... and I'm not. WHO HID MY MOJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's sausage and apple sauce plait for dinner - I've just skinned the herby porky sausages, and shoved in, sorry, stuffed the unfrozen pastry with the sausage and apple. Roast potatoes, sweetheart cabbage, frozen peas, sweetcorn, and gravy... mmmm mmmm.

Soooo... school's out.... tomorrow!

Matthew went to school this morning taking with him two large boxes of Jelly Babies, and a large box of Maltesers. He told me that yesterday his teacher received a necklace with diamonds in it... hmmmm, so maybe I'm a bit tight then??
I made another card today! It was only a precut die cut put it together in a hurry kind of card for Donna in America, but it is pretty... it's to accompany a little present from me to her that I actually bought over two years ago for her. Matthew's friend Sean, and his mum, are going to Donna's hometown on Thursday for 6 weeks as that's where they live as well (they are over here for three years as Sean's dad is posted here).
The card that I made yesterday I cut out with my Cricut Expressions - I do love that machine!! I'm so glad I bought it. I of course forgot to scan it or photograph it, so if Bubs uploads it, I'll upload it here as well.
Tomorrow we're at dads. We will be going over the Rec (Godmanchester park), so I might take my camera and test out the 200mm zoom a bit more. Trouble is, I forgot that it will be heavier to use and harder to take a steady shot hand held... maybe next time I'll get an IS lens (Image Stabiliser).
I'm watching craft day on Ideal World... Stephanie could talk for England...

Monday, 21 July 2008

Hellooooo fellow nutters!

Well today the sun actually shone! It was still very windy, but nice and warm nevertheless.
Dad how is your cold (chest infection!)??
I've been crocheting blankets again, this time I made a blue and black one for a girl at work, and I'm now making a black and pink one for Darryl's girlfriend Abby. I'm also TRYING to cross stitch as well... I've still not started the tigers on black aida yet though... but I will!!!!!
I made a card today for this months swap on the group. It was a die cut swap but can't mention anymore as she will probably read about it here. Oh, talking about the group... my friend Paula bought a shed a few weeks back, click on Paula's link on the right hand side of the page and have a look what it transformed into! She is SO lucky and I'm SO jealous... She's coming over again next month, so I'll get round Mark to donate one to me too, lol.

Here are some stunning ATC's that I received from Barb in Florida. They are even more gorgeous in the "flesh".

Friday, 11 July 2008

Abby update.

I picked up Abby at 11.40am, and they'd managed to add another £24 to the total by that time. She was happy to see me but looking very sorry for herself. Sophie was glad to see her, and Abby was happy to see her toy! She was glad to be home.
She is tired, but doesn't seem to be able to lay down with this collar on...
I winked at Abby, and she winked back... so I did it again, and so did she!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! She's more human than I thought!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Our dog Abby...

Yes, that beautiful Golden Retriever that I posted a photo up of the other day is now in the vets. She has been off her food these past couple of days and drinking gallons of water, so weeing alot too! The vet is going to give her an ultrasound, but it's looking suspiciously like Pyometra... now for followers of my blog, you'll know that the other dog, Sophie, also had this in March this year. What's the chance of two dogs having the same disease in the same year???? So that's another £600 to find!!!
I was looking at a photo on the vets info tv thing of all of the staff they employ... and I was thinking that if they didn't employ all those people my vet bill would be cheaper, lol.
Abby is a daft dog, I don't think she has gone past the age of 6 months. She was even laying on the floor with the vet wanting her belly rubbed. There was a white Golden Retriever (is that right???) brought in, and she didn't like him. She barked at him.
Well... I'll sit here and wait for the vet to phone...

11.47am update.
Abby is now being taken to theatre - she does have Pyometra.

15.45 update.
The total bill is £675!!
When the vet phoned me earlier he said that to keep the bill down by £60 he wasn't going to give Abby any blood tests like Sophie had... so how come the bill is £112 more than Sophies???? They would of also given Sophie her Addison's meds as well! I suppose all the staff will of had a payrise in April... that must be why.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

A bit of video taken by Justin... Silverstone today. Keep looking, there's something going to happen to a red Ferrari!! He was lucky it happened right in front of him if you know what I mean, lol.

Justin's hotel!

Here is where Justin stayed last night - Novotel Hotel in Wolverhampton. Justin said it was lovely. He had to get up at 5am this morning for a 5.30am breakfast. He had a full english brekkie followed by a continental, lol.
He has sent a text to say that he is at part of the track called Farm. Here is a link to a picture of the track
I've been keeping up to date with the GP. I watched GP2 this morning and there was a 3 car crash that happened just in front of Justin. He is soaking wet as it's raining on and off.

Tesco's delivered the shopping about 20 minutes before time, which was good. They'd made two substitutes, one which went back - we'd asked for honey roast ham and they'd given us 12 fresh burgers instead...

14.45pm - Lewis Hamilton has just won the Grand Prix. Wooohooooooooooooo

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Cambridge United Scrapbook page.

I decided to make this page today as Justin is away... I'm starting to miss him now, yes I know it's only one night!!
Sorry about the picture being out of focus; I was standing on a chair looking straight down on it.

2 more scrapbook pages.

Here are two pages from my Disneyland Scrapbook album I'm very slowly making. The top photo is of a page that I made to start off the album. I made castle out of pink card and glittered it, and cut the title using my sizzix machine and the lollipop font.
The second picture is of us in our hotel room after the first night. I used the Cricut Expressions machine to cut out the large Mickey head, the hands at the bottom and the lettering as well. I have to make another character to go on Matthew's wall later tonight. My boss loved the Donald that I made her.

I've had quite a few texts from Justin so far today. He left at 9.30 so he was in plenty of time for the coach that was arriving at 10am... which arrived at 10.35! The qualifier races start at 1pm. Justin phoned abit later to say that they were on a driver break for half an hour!! They ended up getting there about half an hour before it started.
He sent a text about 15 minutes ago telling me he's been sitting on the grass with a Jack Daniels and now eating burger and chips!! Me and Matthew just had a sandwich and packet of crisps... poor us, lol. Justin said he's paid £12 so that he can have an "all you can eat" at the hotel this evening, so he's all set. I think we'll be having pizza tonight.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Just two photos.

The photo of the garden gate was taken yesterday evening and I liked it because of the shadows on the gate and it's rustic kind of look. Click on the photos for a larger size.

This photo of Abby was taken with my 200mm zoom lens about an hour ago. I love this photo of her!

Justin had today off work so that he has a long weekend. He's off to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix tomorrow. I have no idea what me and Matthew will be doing, but Darryl is working and then out at night to a party.
Went to Tesco's this morning with Darryl and dad, Justin stayed behind just in case my camera lens turned up, which it did! I had great fun with it when I attached it to the camera. It's quite a bit heavier than the kit lens.
Justin has got a game for his Playstation 3 called Buzz. It's brilliant! You each have a controller with different coloured panels on it and play an interactive quiz, sooo funny! You can play it online as well.
Matthew had his day trip to Upware today. His coach was just getting into school as we turned up to get him. He said he had a great time pond dipping and looking at dead animals, lol, what he meant by that last bit I have no idea. I don't know if he meant they were stuffed or something!
It's been a wonderful sunny and hot day here again today and should be roughly the same here tomorrow as well... but light rain is forecast for Silverstone.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

I took this photo when Matthew just got in from school. We were about to go into town for new wellies for him and trainers too! He is a size 4 shoe!!! And he's only 7!
Click on the photo, it's much better that way.

Blimey! I made a scrapbook page!!

Below are some crafty things I made. The two cards were for Cheryl and her son and daughter in law. I made them about two years ago, I knew they'd come in handy!!! The one on the left is for her son, and the one on the right is for Cheryl and her husband congratulating them on becoming grandparents.

The following scrapbook page I made this morning!! Wooohooooo! It's been an age since I last made a scrapbook page! Anyway, this is a page of us waiting for our coach to take us to Disneyland Paris on December 15th 2006! I used my new Cricut Expressions machine to make the arrow thingies, the Mickey heads and the little journalling box. The colours are a bit strange, but I didn't want to go too Disney or too bright on a page about getting on a coach... it's definitely brighter though than it appears here, and it's also got two strips of yellow wobbly lines across the top and bottom now.

Other news!
DAD has only gone and booked next years holiday. This time he's off to Austria! He'll come back with clogs on and yodelling... at least I think that's Austria, or is that Switzerland???

Matthew had to be at school this morning at 8.30am. We walked to school with Justin who then went off to work. Matthew and his year are singing at Hinchingbrooke school, it is the one that I went to as a teenager. There are over 500 children singing at this music festival. He was singing some of the songs this morning, You Lift Me Up... Run Rabbit Run... one about pack up your something or other in your old kit bag etc... and that's all I can remember and he's singing eleven different songs. Tomorrow he is going on a day trip to Upware near Ely for an environmental kind of thing... got to buy him new wellies later today coz his are too tight he told me.

Aha! Bron (friend from Oz in my card group) just informed me that the song is... Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile... Thanks Bron!

And here is another page... this time on board the Sea France ferry Ronin in the dark. I used crystal laquers to go over the text and swirly wave thingies to glaze and lift them.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Sports Day and DS update.

Good morning!
Well the DS finally arrived this morning after contacting their Customer Services two days ago. I don't know what happened to the original one, but I'm happy that I have a replacement now.
Sports Day was great yesterday, sunny and hot! Matthew was in the red team - hence red top! Sports Day consists of lots of mini games on the field which each child competes in. They get a ticket after their turn to say in which place they finished and then take that to the people who are adding up the scores for each team. The reds won! They won last year as well. Matthew had a great time and it was good that his dad had the day off work to see him as well.
When we picked up Matthew from school we went to Homebase and got a few plants for our tubs in the garden, and some more bark to go underneath our garden swing. We didn't attempt any gardening until after dinner at night when it had cooled down a little bit. I need two more tubs and more compost! I shall have to go into town and buy some more...

Justin got the details through the post about his weekend at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix - he got them last week but I forgot to mention it. Anyway... he has an overnight stay in a hotel that you would have thought would have been somewhere near Northampton... well you'd be wrong. The hotel is in Wolverhampton! How mad is that??? It would be nearer for him to come home for the night!

OH! I often mention Cheryl in here as I work with her at the weekends. Well at 2.30am this morning she became a grandmother to a little boy called Leo, weighing in at 7lbs 12oz. Congratulations!! Wooohooooooooooo.

Here are some photos from Sports Day, see Myrt (Marion), I do read my comments in my blog under the posts!!