Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Elijah x

My grandson, Elijah looking at his grandad tonight. He's so lovely x

Monday, 6 February 2012

New camera lenses!

My trusty Canon 400D SLR camera was desperate for new lenses. So I bought a fixed focal 50mm lens, and a 55-250mm zoom lens with IS (Image stabilising). WoW. I love these lenses! 
I have taken some lovely photo's in the past, but these are so much sharper! The 50mm one replaces the kit lens really. A fixed focal lens should always give a sharper image. 
The zoom is fab as well!
Here are a few pics from the first day that I took the camera out with the new lenses.
 A close up of tree bark, lol, it's good, really!

 I'm sure this is a Mallard duck... he was moving, and I was zoomed right in!

 The swan. I love this photo. I love the green leafy long plant hanging from it's mouth. He too was a moving target!

 Erm.... a few boats!

 Just a nice picture...

 Just a nice bin! LOL! I really do love this bin.

 What a fab tree?! It reminds me of the Womping Willow in Harry Potter.