Sunday, 30 September 2007

Sunday Evening.

MMmmmm, Sunday evening, lovely...
News so far... Ally had computer problems around Thursday evening, I think it was her ISP that had the problems, not her computer. Ally told me that she'd had to have a cortisone injection in her thumb today and screamed the place down. Ally has had her arm in a strap thing for ages, and it should have been diagnosed with Arthritis about a year ago.

Justin got up at 6am with me yesterday, to watch the qualifying laps of the Grand Prix in Japan, and then today he got up at 5.50am to watch the race. I got up at 6am this morning and got into the race myself. I didn't want to go to work, but I did.
Justin texted me later in the morning to say that Matthew had been sick and was asleep - he was sick a further 2 times.
I had a good laugh with Cheryl today. We had our weigh in, I stayed the same, and Cheryl had put on 3lbs LOL! I installed Vista on Carol's laptop during my lunch break. I doubt the computer will see the light of day again, no one helps her with it at home, and no one wants to connect it to her partners modem via a router either...
When I got home from work, Justin had pulled a muscle at the top of his back/neck so was having trouble moving. Looks like I'll have everyone at home here tomorrow, plus Abby is coming over at 11.30am as well.

Yesterday after I'd been home from work for about an hour, I went to Sainsbury's for Justin. I got Halo 3 for him on xbox and some dry roasted peanuts, doritos, and coke. It was me that went instead of Justin because I could use the discount card so he got 10% off.
Don't know if he'll play it tonight now that he's hurt his neck. Matthew's moaning every now and again coz of his stomach hurting.

Well it's lovely to be home, knowing I've got a full week off work now, lol.

Friday, 28 September 2007

We were booked to go on this...

A 14 day cruise to the Med on this site you can follow the ship around via it's webcam. Instead, we went to Disneyland twice.
We will go on a cruise in a few years time, I've always wanted to go on one.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

A little bit of Van

...Van Morrison that is. I love this song by him.

One of my current favs

The gorgeous James Blunt with 1973

Best Love song ever

Just gorgeous...

Chilly mornings...

...have arrived, and chilly nights for that matter. Last night Justin had put the crocheted double blanket that I'd made three or four years ago back on the bed. It was lovely and snuggly in bed.
Me and Justin both have Nintendo DS's. We bought special cards for them so we can download all the games - naughty I know, lol. Anyway, last night in bed we were playing Scrabble together, and I won! So that's 2 - 0 to me at the moment.

We had a lovely roast dinner at dads last night. I helped dad out with printing a letter, which he managed successfully later on when we'd gone home. I also sorted out some rings for my Auntie Jill, cousin Tracey, and Auntie Pat. The rings were my mums. I'd already had three for myself, and I'd chosen another three for me yesterday as well.

Last night Darryl went to the cinema. Justin was watching something about the Titanic when we got back from dads at first. Later, after Matthew went to bed, we watched Heroes on BBC HD. Then it was bedtime.

Today it's cold. Matthew had his gloves on this morning. Justin didn't leave for work until 8.15, I think he'd rather of stayed here today lol. Matthew scooted to school, and then I scooted across the playground with Sean's mum after the kids had gone in. Came home, had coffee and toast and checked emails... and this is where I'm about up to. Jeremy Kyle is on the telly, but I'm going to watch the second part of Torn which I recorded last night.

Justin just emailed me, always makes me smile.
I went into town this morning and got some more milk and mince pies!! I also got some Pantene Smooth and Sleek shampoo/conditioner from Boots and used my Advantage card to pay for it.
I think I'm going to have a crisp sandwich.............

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

So it's Tuesday.

Good afternoon Campers.
So what else has been happening...
Last night we watched Titanic - the Kate Winslett, Leonardo Dicaprio version. Great film... very sad... we went to bed afterwards...
Tonight we're going to watch Shaun of the Dead. I've already seen it with Darryl, but I can't remember too much about it, and Justin hasn't seen it yet. I just remember it's funny. We watched Hot Fuzz a few weeks ago.
I've not done much today. Written a couple of emails, washed my hair with Pantene that I bought this morning, and had a Twirl chocolate bar.
I'm looking forward to Justin coming home and snuggling up on the settee and watching the film.
I might have half an hour kip now. Matthew's going to watch Tracy Beaker now. I'll probably run the straighteners through my hair later as well. It's getting quite long.

Monday, 24 September 2007

The Oven Man here. He has fitted a new element, but it's still not working. He reckons it's now the thermostat - the element didn't actually looked blown to me, lol, so perhaps it was the thermostat in the first place. He did show me the element, but it looked like oven gunge on it to me, the last element I had that had gone had a big hole in it, lol... oh well... he's now looking at the thermostat and turned the oven back on, so we'll see...

Ok... update. It was actually a loose connection from the thermostat... so if he'd of checked that in the first place...

Friday, 21 September 2007


I was doing some of that last night. I was thinking about things that you remember from childhood.
My earliest memory is from when I was in my cot. I remember putting my leg through the bars and folding my leg round and pulling it back in through the bars a space later. I got stuck, lol, but I can remember thinking about actually doing it, then doing it. Another one of my earliest memories is where my mum was pushing me in my pushchair over the bridge from Godmanchester to Huntingdon and I had a clear blow up fish, it also had some spots on it I think. Well there was a big puff of wind and it blew over the railings and into the river below. Mum said "ahhh, he's gone back to his mum", lol. I loved that fish! A Christmas present that really sticks out in my mind is of a Papermate pen in a holder. The holder was just a plastic type ball that opened up like a mouth and was made to look like a frog head, so it was springy like he was opening and closing it's mouth, and I loved it. Another present that stands out is my Acorn Electron computer that I got when I was about 15 - I didn't think I was going to get it and was ecstatic when I did.

Me and Darryl have been to Tescos superstore with dad this morning. Dad has since emailed me, for practice more than anything.
Justin has emailed me during his lunch break. He says he is looking at computer parts because he wants to build us another main one. He built the one we have now but that was about 3 - 4 years ago now, so is out of date with most new software.

Thursday, 20 September 2007


I've been to the dentist at the hospital today to have the tooth removed that my dentist had referred me to the hospital for last time (she removed the painful one instead last month). I now feel like I've got lockjaw and just had to squash a banana through my lips coz I was starving and I can't open my mouth properly, lol. The dentist injected right into the nerve, she says it doesn't happen too often and if you try to get the nerve you'd never get it. It was like an electric shock that ran along my bottom jaw and stopped in the middle of my front teeth. The dentist and her assistant thought it was hilarious... which I suppose it was in a sadistic sort of way. I was laughing, but I was feeling slightly hyper by this time lol. It had certainly livened me up anyway.

I'm listening to Ocean radio station on my gadget thingy. LOVING this laptop.

I might have to buy chocolate later, simply because it would melt in my mouth and not need chewing... I can't be fading away.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

It's here!!

My laptop turned up at 8.45am today. Darryl took it, he said he would have phoned me, but he doesn't have a phone, LOL! That's coming today as well.
Ally has emailed me, and says she's going to give me more than a stare, and said I've lost lots of pounds this week (lbs, weigh in..etc, get it?!).
It must be a newer version than I thought as this one is an Acer Aspire 5613zwlmi and it's still in it's box at the moment. My studio order also came today as well, suppose I should have a look at that too, lol. Justin then had two parcels delivered around lunch time, it's been like Piccadilly here today! Darryl's phone turned up at 2pm.

Well I've been fiddling with this laptop all day. I installed the Sims 2 and 5 more expansion packs to go with it, also my beloved Paint Shop Pro 9, so I'm now happy. I also transferred my Floral CD stuff to this laptop as well. I LOVE this laptop!!! I'm quite liking Vista as well... after a few tweaks anyway. I love the sidebar for all the little gadgets. I have a UK radio gadget, the calendar and an analogue clock, and the weather for Huntingdon. That will do for now.

Darryl is at dads helping him learn how to save a document and open it up again and write to it again. He also changed dads gadget radio to the one I've now got.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The stupid oven!

My stupid oven's element stopped working again today. I was cooking a quiche and when it was almost time to dish up, thought I'd check it... no heat! I phoned up Gascare and they're coming out on MONDAY! This will be the third element this cooker has had in around four years! They certainly don't make things like they used to.

Monday, 17 September 2007


Yep you've guessed it, I've gone and ordered one... If Ally gives me "the stare" on Saturday, then I know she'll of read this post... but you got to be proud too Ally... they sent me a new credit card today, and I cut it up... after Justin handed me the scissors, lol. The laptop is an Acer Aspire 5612 and to be delivered within 3 weeks... I hate waiting!! But I'll be able to play my Sims 2 games on it!! Unlike the laptop I currently have.

Work was ok again on Sunday. Cheryl wasn't as hang-overed as she was the day before. We had a slight disagreement over lager and beer - she just loves winding me up she says. We had our weigh in!! Cheryl put ON 2lbs and I stayed the same. So that was good, lol. Better luck next week Cheryl.

I've been to dads again today and turned off the click function on the touch pad, so now he has to use the left click button instead - he was opening all sorts of things before I changed it. I had a lovely boiled bacon roll for lunch, then dad brought me home around 12.30pm. Just before we left I got a text from Justin. I laughed out loud coz he'd called me his chocolate sponge cake, Dad thought that was funny and asked if that's what he calls me ... no, he calls me something different every day!!

It turned really cold this afternoon, and I wore my coat for the first time in ages picking Matthew up from school. Matthew watched Tracy Beaker after school, and some Shaun the Sheep episodes we'd "Sky plussed". He's now playing Fusion Frenzy on the xbox. Darryl is at work until 8.30pm. He's having my old laptop - he says so he can be on his PS3 upstairs and also be on Bebo too! Otherwise he has to come down here and use the main computer, so he's happy now...

We watched Hell's Kitchen, and the winner was Barry McGuigan. I didn't mind who won out of the final two. Adele from Emmerdale was the runner up. I shall miss it now it's finished!!

Earlier I had a go with my Sims 2 game tonight, first time in ages. I have the seasons expansion pack so there was a light scattering of snow on the ground. When it was time for Matthew's bath I left the game running and didn't check it at all. We came downstairs around 45 minutes later to find the woman in an urn, the man on the floor dead, the grim reaper on the bed, daughter screaming, two dogs howling and cat meowing... the adoption agency then came to take away the daughter, and the animals were removed to an animal rescue centre. I'm so glad I didn't have to save that ending, lol. Cheating? Hmmm... well I don't normally, but thought I would this time.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Darryl's phone!

Darryl LEFT his phone on the train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! So I phoned 3 up and got the sim locked and the phone, and they're sending out another one and a new sim card. THEN, dad had been trying to phone me, so had ex hubby (Darryl's dad) but my phone was charging upstairs. Anyway, phoned him up and apparently a bloke had picked up Darryl's phone and took it home then phoned Paul (ex) up to tell him he'd found it and would send it on to us on Monday. I hope he didn't sift through Darryl's text messages - I've read a couple of those myself, LOL! Never again!

Other news, lol.
Dad sent me an email today, and has been surfing the internet tonight... well the Yahoo search page anyway, but it's giving him touch pad and clicking practise, and he's doing well.
Work was ok, Cheryl hungover a little bit but will be worse tomorrow. Had a chat with Ally, she'd got four canvas flower prints on Ebay for 99p! Her bargain of the week.
We had some of Abby's birthday cake, it was yummy.

Justin is still on the phone to Robert... he's been on there for the last 40 minutes. He's going to Disneyland Paris and wanted some information. I'm hoping they're going to shut up soon coz I want to watch Hell's Kitchen that's now being recorded. They keep saying bye, then start chatting about something else... bit like women really.

Friday, 14 September 2007

New internet connections...

Well dad's modem, tv, and phone have been installed... but he is not yet connected to the Internet, I'm going over in about half an hour to set it up for him. I've never done this before, but apparently it's simple. PAH! Nothing is simple when it's concerning computers behaving like they should be doing. I will, no doubt, report back later today.

I'm back!!
It took all afternoon because for some reason Internet Explorer refused to open on dads machine, so I restored it to yesterday, then it was fine. But that had taken me a couple of hours to sort that out, then I had to register the modem online and set up emails for dad. Dad picked up Matthew on his own as I needed to phone tech support again. I also booked a tv engineer out to fix the telly. It kept saying that his card was invalid!!
Managed to get dad to send an email to me, and reply to one from Darryl. He also used IE and went to a bookmark that I'd done for him, and also searched on the Yahoo search page. He didn't do too bad really. I installed a classical music gadget onto his desktop and he used that as well.
I'm now tired again, lol... am cooking dinner and can't wait for my bath!!!

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Worn out!

Dad phoned me today. I thought he might do, lol. He told me he'd got some ink for his printer, and the printer cable (old cable didn't fit new computer). So I asked if he needed me to help him install the printer...
When Darryl got back from town with burger and chips, I phoned dad and said he could pick us up. He got us around 15 minutes later. I had a good fiddle with the printer, installed new ink, installed the printer on the laptop and it didn't work... it went through the motions, but nothing... so dad decided to buy a new printer, so off we went to Argos at 2pm and bought the Canon Pixma 460 (I have the 600 coz it prints onto cd's), dads ink is nice and cheap too! Took the printer back to dads, then after ten minutes rest we left to get Matthew, then back to dads again... It took around 30 minutes to get the new printer installed and working, and dad was very happy with it. It is a nice printer. Dad also managed to print something, and I showed him how to photocopy with it... dunno how much sunk in though!!

I received these atc's from a lady called Tealasquealer on Swap Bot.

I made these ones for a men swap, I'm not over the moon about them, but I was brain dead this week when it came to ATC's.

In the evening my mobile rang... it was dad, lol. It was coming up on his screen that it was locked. I told dad what to do, but it didn't work so he brought the computer over to us... I'd also left Matthew's Dr Who lunch bag and his book bag in the boot of dad's car, so Matthew got that back tonight as well, after having a major strop about it earlier.
Anyway... We opened up dad's computer and he'd left it switched on!!!! Window's Vista is very confusing for someone not used to using a touch pad. We'd worked out that the "lock" function is very close to the shut down area, so we sorted that out. There was also a program that Windows didn't want to run and kept on and on informing us, despite us telling it not to. I finally changed the start menu to the normal look and typed in msconfig in the run bar. I changed a few settings and fixed the problem. Dad then had a game of Solitaire on it and we decided that he needs to buy a mouse instead of using the touch pad.
Dad left around 9pm and Matthew went off to bed. Justin and me watched Hell's Kitchen and I was glad that Anneka left for her own sanity. That Matt on there was nasty!!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Well, I'm amazed really...

My dad has gone and bought himself a laptop! He is being connected to the internet via BT (maybe he should have gone with virgin like we are...) and should be online sometime next week, providing Justin gets all the set up correct.
Dad seems to be doing tons of things I never thought he would. He has had a holiday to Scotland last year, and stayed in Inversnaid hotel on the banks of Loch Lomond, he's off to the Italian Riviera next month, and Ireland next year!!

I just got back from town. I got to the hole in the wall and realised that I'd not got my card with me to get any money out! I'd taken my nectar card and Darryl's Sainsbury's discount card instead, lol. Plus I was yakking to dad on the phone for ages talking about him ordering Virgin Media Broadband instead. So he's on the phone to them as I type.

Well, dad has phoned me back. He is having Virgin Media fit him with a phone, broadband, and free tv for a tenner a month on Friday!!! They are also phoning BT for him to cancel his broadband order and his current phone... amazing!

We've been to dads today. I helped get the laptop sorted out for him. Vista took ages to start for the first time, but when it did, I was impressed. He got Microsoft Works 8.5 with the computer, so I installed that along with his digital camera software, and I transferred his photos for him. I love dads laptop! It's gorgeous!! Gorgeous glossy widescreen... I'm SO jealous!!
I'm trying SO hard not to order a new laptop from my catalogue... they sent me a buy now pay next August code, lol... someone tie my hands up so I can't type!! I must have some willpower somewhere, but I can't find it... but I must. I just have to wait a year then buy another one... there, that's it, I'll wait a year... sigh...

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Paula "n" Me

Paula, who I met online from her joining my card group, came over today with her lovely hubby, Mark. We had good chat, and put men in their place a few times, lol, coz Mark needed it. Love ya really Mark!!
I did laugh, and I really wish I'd said something anti men to Mark at the time, but I didn't... he forgot to make sure the camera he had on him had the batteries in... actually, come to think of it, it was Paula that had the camera in her bag, well anyway, it was Mark's job to make sure that she'd got batteries! TUT! LOL!
I wish Paula lived closer, it's no good Paula, you'll have to move.

Darryl, Abby, and Matthew are in the garden playing with light sabres... then they're going to the cinema in the evening, no not Matthew as well, he's got to put up with me and Justin, lol.
We shall watch Hell's Kitchen after Matthews tucked up in bed, then probably Heroes as we didn't watch it last night.
I did watch part of a programme about how dirty can you get... it was disgusting, they showed a picture of an unwashed penis, OMG, I'm SO glad telly hasn't progressed to smelly vision yet. Me and Justin were tucking into crackers with pate at the time as well, lol.

In about an hour Justin will be home, ahhhhh... I love it when he's home from work, and I can snuggle up with him on the settee, lol, ok ok, I'll pass you a bucket!!

Monday, 10 September 2007

And it goes without saying...

...this ones for me, coz I love it.

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying
When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone
And I have become
Comfortably numb.

For you Justin...

One of your favourite songs!! I'm just too good to you, lol.

Bit Blowy... more ways than one, but I'll get to that in a bit, lol.

And here is Monday again, the weeks seem to fly by faster, the older you get.
Work yesterday was a laugh (just got text from Justin...awww, he's so lovely... and I'm so soppy, lol). Anyway, yes, it was a laugh at work yesterday, me and Cheryl do like a laugh, it's good to laugh!
Cheryl was only slightly hungover today, and we began walking up the ramp onto the top floor of the hospital and a new bloke, Glen, was heading for the "Mens". He stood there with the door open and Cheryl stopped, lifted up one leg and passed wind! (That was the blowy bit) I couldn't believe it!!! I was so embarressed!!! But it was funny all the same... she is always louder in all ways when she's recovering from the night before.
We had our weigh in as well today... Cheryl lost 4lbs, and I put on half a pound, lol... I think that might have something to do with treacle tart and the odd Mars bar this week.
Went to see Ally on her ward and also chatted to Sylvia, another nurse who used to work on the same ward as me and Ally before it closed. Sylv had come into A & E the day before with angina.

This week, I really need to get all the ATC's done and posted, I also need to make a couple of things to go in with the Beatrix Potter ones, but can't think what yet.

On Friday, Matthew brought home Tommy. Tommy is a tiger/teddy that you can have stay over your house for the night if you've been good at school. We got Tommy for the weekend. You also have to either draw pictures of Tommy doing things, or take photo's, so here's the two that we took. Tommy had strawberries in the garden, and met two toy doggies of Matthew's, oh, and the real one, Abby, as well. We took him back to school this morning.

Last night after Matthew was in bed and Justin had had his shave, we watched Hell's Kitchen, and then episode 8 of Heroes, we still have 9 recorded on our Sky box to watch tonight, then it will be episode 10 on BBC HD tomorrow night.

Justin is very cuddly lately, mmmmmmmmmmmm....

Oh, and Justin got Matthew's new school trousers yesterday, and they cost exactly a fiver!!! I wish I could find that bird again.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Chain of Events!

I was walking to school to pick up Matthew this afternoon. I had sparkling white top on and a bird flew over and pooped dark purple poo on my shoulder!! I was not happy... then walking Matthew home from school I found a fiver, wow, great I thought!!! Then, we crossed the road and walking round a corner, Matthew fell over and ripped a hole in the knee of his trousers... I could look at it that I was never meant to have the fiver and it was payback for keeping it, or that the bird had brought me good luck knowing that I'd need a fiver to replace Matthew's school trousers. Good job it wasn't a new pair!

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Recent ATC's and a card.

I received these cards recently, and am showing them off here.

These wedding ATC's are from Val in our Yahoo atc group.

These Dark Victorian are from Sharon on Swapbot.

The card is from Frannie in New Zealand in my cardmaking group.

I STILL need to make my paper bag ATC's, my Wedding ones, male ones... 3 more of my sparkle ones. However, I did make a Christmas tree ornament yesterday, I can't upload that though coz it's for Paula and she can't see it yet. I made myself a black, white, and silver one and it's gorgeous!! Justin liked it, so it must be good, lol. I also made two Christmas cards yesterday as well, Justin only really liked one of those... lol.


I love you...

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

I want I want...

A Xyron printing machine thingy for around £100, and a Xyron Wishblade. WOW! The wishblade is amazing!!! But at over £200 I'll have to go on wanting for a while.
This morning I wanted an ornament medallion stamp, and came back from town with a set of twinkling h20's, am loving those!!! I made a Christmas treasure box with them. I had to order the medallion ornament stamp from Ebay. Even Matthew keeps telling me I don't need all this craft stuff... I KNOW that...

Monday, 3 September 2007

Here are the Victorian Macabre ATC's

I used these for Swap-Bot.

My latest ATC's made.

I sent these to Winnie in Norway for our collage swap.

I need to get on with my paper bag ATC's, my sparkle ones, my wedding ones, and male!!
I should get some stuff done when Matthew goes back to school on Wednesday. I shall miss him when he goes back, although I keep telling him I'll be glad when he goes back to school... especially when he's just spent the last ten minutes yelling at me!

Saturday, 1 September 2007


Well I've been doing ok... sort of. Today at work I'd had my weetabix for brekkie, along with a yogurt and mid morning, a banana. For lunch it was a chicken sandwich, sugar free jelly and icecream... then Cheryl decided she was going to have apple pie and icecream... so I had it with custard, then in the afternoon a flipping Mars bar and Maltesers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been doing SO well staying away from the chocolate. I'll start again on Monday, and it's weigh in tomorrow, so we'll see if we've put any weight on.
Ally is going to go on the cabbage soup diet!! (Chris you met her at Mandy's funeral). Ally gave the papers to Cheryl and we photocopied them twice. I'm not sure I could do this diet... 8 bananas on the 3rd or 4th day!! And Ally says 20lbs of meat on the next day!!! That's a lot of meat!! Bigger than your large family turkey at Christmas Cheryl pointed out... so we think she must have got mixed up with ounces, lol.

Matthew and Justin are laying on both the settees watching Basil Brush... Justin said I can have his settee afterwards, good, coz I want to sleep for half an hour.

X Factor tonight, I love watching that... I can't believe most of these people truly believe they can sing!!! This will keep me going till Christmas as Big Brother ended last night... Brian won.