Thursday, 30 August 2007

All quiet...

I meant to post the updated pic of Popcorn Bear, but forgot, and now it's too late. I haven't done any knitting today but did knit the muzzle yesterday and started on another part as well.

Yesterday Matthew and I went to Dad's for the day. Cheryl also came round Dad's for a coffee and a cherry bakewell tart, lol. Matthew was playing swingball, and then in the afternoon we went over the rec to feed the ducks. Matthew also played on the swings, slide, and roundabout, and then we fed the ducks, and then off to the shops where he bought some white mice, and some Jazzles. Back to dad's and we had lamb burger for dinner... I kept expecting to taste beef, lol. We were out in the garden all day long. Home at 6.45pm and Darryl and Abby were here eating pizza and chips.

Today Darryl went to work, and I took Matthew firstly to post Justin's parcels and get more duck bread, then we went over the river near us to feed the ducks there... there was about 10 ducks, and they weren't hungry! Matthew also had fun over on the swings and climbing frame there. We tried the other park by the fire station afterwards, but there were so many people there that Matthew didn't want to go in, so we ended up back over the river park, where he found a smaller boy to play with. Home just after 11.
We got the garden chairs out and made lunch. I made Matthew spagetti hoops on toast, and I had lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes. I had a lay down on the swing after that and Justin came home!!! He decided to have another half day off, so back up town we went to get his brother Adam a birthday present. Got a few other bits as well, then came back and spent the rest of the day in the garden - Justin had to go back into town to post Adam's pressie. We had dinner in the garden also, then spent the evening making more Hama thingies. Justin did Matthew's name in Glow in the dark beads with normal colours, looked good! Matthew made a dog, and I made another guitar. Darryl was out playing football with his mates. I also took some video today as well...
I've now got to make a cuppa tea, Darryl has just got in, and Justin is playing poker on the xbox.
Night night all.... xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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