Friday, 29 January 2010

Penny Black Something Sweet Challenge.

I'm late entering this challenge as there's a new one tomorrow!! But, I was waiting for my new Penny Black stamps to arrive, along with my fabby new ProMarkers (see post below!!).
So the challenge was to create a card along the lines of Something Sweet. So here's my entry.
Penny Black Saturday Challenge

This photo shows the Stickles Star Dust glitter on the white background behind puss, and also I used Anita's 3D glaze on the balloons.


Wooohoooooooooooooooo! Thank you Mr UPS delivery man!!! Thankfully I didn't have to wait TOO long today. They turned up about 12.25pm. WoW! I daren't open the packets!!!
I got these sets... the 12 pack, Brights, Hues, Sink Tones, Skin Accents, Cool Greys, Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring, Contempory Christmas, Classic Christmas, Pastels, a blender pen, a paper pad, and a FREE cotton bag! Wooohooooooooooooooo!!

Click on the picture for a nice close up, lol.

Ok.... now then... I must get them out of the packets!!! Watch this space!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

First easel card!

I have been looking at easel cards just lately, and thought I'd have a go... well I've got the hang of the easel, almost... but I wish I had better papers... I've actually got hundreds of papers, but of course, like all crafters, not got enough!! Never got the right one for the card/page you want to make. Anyhoooo, came up with this combination. I've coloured using Whisper Brush pens... BUT, tomorrow night I'm ordering 72 ProMarkers!! Wooohooooooooo.

Abby Layout.

I have created a double page layout of our lovely dog Abby who was put to sleep in November last year. The photo's are not good, the light when I took them was rubbish, and flash only tends to leave bright white spots on the photo's...

Betdonayr Princess Abby was her pedrigree name.

The pocket/flap on the bottom right opens up to reveal more photo's and some text.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Guitar Hero Scrap Page.

WOW! Three pages in ONE day!
So, here are my hero's playing Guitar Hero. I got the free svg files, the guitar and the Guitar Hero logo, from FREE SVG FILES. Fab site for Cricut owners who also run SCAL.

Home grown.

I decided today to create something with my new garden papers I'd bought yesterday. I used photo's which I'd taken of Matthew in our little greenhouse last spring/summer, and then some of the veggies that were later growing in the garden.

The photo below was to show the glittery flowers, but the glitter isn't showing up very well. I glittered most of the flowers, and the butterflies, looks really sparkly in real life...

Click on the picture for a better view.

I used Carol Wilson paper kit, the one I'd bought yesterday reduced from a tenner to £4. I also used the Cricut with the Accent Essentials to create the "home grown" leaves and letters.
I wish I could create pages like you see in Scrapbook Trends... I'm going to scraplift one of the Christmas layouts! Watch this space!!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Just messing...

Please excuse the photo's, they were taken with my phone and not my normal camera.
Anyway... The card below I made for my friend Jacqui, just to thank her for all that she does for me and Matthew, well and Justin, lol. Jacqui sometimes has Matthew over on a Saturday, letting Justin have a free day to himself, and Matthew has stayed at hers twice overnight now, and then of course the little party she done for him last Saturday. Plus she gives me lots of crafty bits and pieces, is always picking me up and taking me somewhere. She makes me laugh.

And tonight I was just fiddling around in my craft room and decided to make a little calendar to go in there. I used my decoupage sheet of Forever Friends. Love that bear!

I really want to get back into scrapbooking. I bought a garden scrap kit today from Colemans as it was on sale, should have been £10 but it was for sale for £4... I'm hoping to use it for some of our greenhousey photo's from last Summer. I picked up two magazines today as well. Creativity the DoCrafts mag which is fab, and then after a good old root about in WHSmiths, I eventually found this months Scrapbook Trends mag. They're normally all gone now, but there was around 5 of the mags stuffed behind the back shelf and lots of other mags, so I was very pleased to find it.
Tomorrow I shall have to make Cheryl a scarf - she got her dad to drop off the bobble wool that she wants me to make it out of... I really want to get more photo's printed instead though... sigh.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Matthew's 9th Birthday!!

Align Centre
Happy Birthday Matthew!!

I had to work as usual but Matthew and Justin got up as they normally do a little while after I did at 6am.

He opened up his cards from everyone first, and here's what a lot of them had inside!!
Mr Moneybags! He also got a cheque for £50 as well. Grand total was £130!!!!!

His old Playstation 2 that Darryl gave him when he left home broke, so Justin ordered him this one. He was a happy bunny!

Then... as his portable old telly, that also used to belong to Darryl before he'd bought his 32" flat panel, well this was also playing up... so................

Party time! Clockwise from the top are... James, Arek, a smiling Harry, and Matthew.

They all had a Bowling Tournament on the Wii, and Matthew got first place!! Wooohooooo!

Matthew and Daddy.

Matthew and Elijah.

Matthew proving that he CAN carry Elijah!

Darryl and Abby took Matthew to get some chips during the day while I was at work... that's when I of course, chose to ring him at home, lol. Justin said that Matthew was out and that he'd got Elijah.
It was a great party! Dad came as usual for a Sunday evening. Darryl had to leave not long after for work so I didn't see him for long. Justin had laid all the party food out and cooked lovely hot rolls and cocktail sausages, amongst lots of chocolatey scrummy things.
After they'd had fun playing we tucked into the goodies, then they played the Bowling Tournament. Justin had created some certificates and had printed one out for them all. After a few more games it was time to sing happy birthday and blow out the candles on his cake, and then the kids had jelly and ice cream while we cut the cake and put it inside their party bags with all the little toys/sweets they'd got to take home. Jacqui, (James and Harry' mum, my friend) James and Harry left around 7pm.
Abby and Elijah stayed until 9pm and we walked them home. Back to ours and Matthew went to bed at half nine. He was tired as he'd had a busy weekend, apart from his birthday today, Jacqui had had him over hers all day yesterday. Matthew normally has his little hifi on with music on to go to sleep to, but this night, he just wanted to go to sleep...

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

And with that ball of wool...

Here is the scarf that I made out of the wool. It is SO soft and cuddly, I love it!

Today I feel like I've done a days work, and it's only lunch time! After taking Matthew to school I had to walk up to the sorting office to pick up a parcel - computer ink. This takes about half an hour to do. When I got home I had a quick cup of tea, washed my hair, and then went into town to get my hair trimmed. I did some shopping after that and then went to the Post Office in town to pick up yet another parcel. They wouldn't let me have it!!!! I'd not taken ID with me. I was so mad, lol. It had started snowing as well... so off home I went and had a roll and another cup of tea, then straight back into town to pick up the parcel. It weighed a ton! I was not a happy bunny! Justin says it's some sort of old tape machine, lol... I've not got a clue why he would want such a thing!!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Blanket and bits n bobs.

My regular readers might remember that I started crocheting a blanket a little while before Christmas, and I thought I'd better post an updated pic of it before you thought I'd abandoned it. I mainly work on it during my breaks at work. At the moment I'm going around the outside with pink wool, and then I shall finish it off with a few rounds of black.

And this morning I bought this fab bobble wool! It's a scarf kit. I shall start knitting it at dad's this afternoon. I think it's really gorgeous, lots of bobbly bits to fiddle with. You also have to cut off ten lengths to have as tassels. Love it!

Elijah visiting us on December 30th.

Having a chat with Matthew!

Elijah's mum, Abby, giving it some on the drums!
Photo taken December 30th!


Today me and Matthew will go to my dad's after school. We are staying for dinner and I think, it's beef stew and dumplings today - should have had that last week but due to the snow, we didn't go. I think Justin has some pasta thing he bought for when he gets home. We're normally home again about 45 minutes after him, so he doesn't get too much peace, lol.
I took Sophie (dog) to the vets this morning. She has to have 6 monthly blood checks for her Addison's disease and so they'll still write out a prescription for her drugs. I also paid for Abby today (from having her put to sleep in November...), so the total bill was £208! Good job they'd finally sorted out my wages since our contract changed... pity it wasn't done before the Christmas wages, but nevermind, all sorted now. I got to see the vet I liked!! For some reason, he forgets to charge me £25 for a consultation fee, and I don't remind him either. Plus he also writes out a prescription that I can use 6 times up until the next lot of blood tests, otherwise they're monthly and the surgery charge a tenner for each time it's written... if the meds weren't so expensive at the vets I wouldn't need to get them for half the price at Boots!

Right, well... best get on cutting the tassel bits off this bobbly wool then!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I thought it was about time...

I've not written to the blog since before Christmas, so I hope you all had a good one and a great New Year!! Here's some photo's of what we got up to.

Matthew waiting for Darryl, Abby, and Elijah to arrive for our Christmas eve buffet.

About to tuck in, just the odd cracker to pull first.

Matthew and Daddy pulling a cracker.

Me and my darling, Cheers!

Just a quick Christmas kiss x

Matthew with Elijah.

Matthew opening up his remote control lorry with a remote control flying helicopter inside!!

Matthew with his Dr Who Tardis wardrobe!!!

Wooohoooooo this is fun!

Little Elf Elijah!

Opening pressies at Dad's x

Darryl losing at The Colour of Money

LOL@Matthew' face - waiting for Christmas dinner.

Matthew in his Tardis which he LOVES!!

Darryl and Abby bought us amongst other things, The Beatles Rockband for the Wii. Here is Ringo Starr and John Lennon bashing out a tune.