Tuesday, 14 August 2007

A drizzly afternoon...

The afternoon hasn't been much better than this morning was. The rain is lighter than this morning and as I type the sun is trying to shine through. I always find it amazing to think that a flipping cloud can make so much difference to your day - I mean the sun is still blazing hot behind those black clouds. You would have thought that your local council/government would have invented great big blowers by now so that we could blow the clouds out to sea or something, lol.
Anyway, the gas man checked the boiler and it's in perfect condition, although it will have to be replaced in the next ten years, due to replacement parts not being available. It's already 19 years old. He told me that it will cost in the region of £2500 to replace. I better start saving!
Matthew and I went into town and posted some parcels for Justin, I also posted my stitched swap card to Jeannie. We went to the craft shop and I bought some pink tissue paper for the insides of my treasure boxes. When we got back Darryl left to go to his dads as it's his sisters birthday. I heated up some tomato soup for Matthew, and I shared the tin with him. I then fell asleep on the settee. I was rudely awakened by the phone ringing and a voice resembling the "Internet service providings" bloke on Fonejacker. I was NOT happy. Still, it got me up, so I then made another sugar free jelly for myself and put it in the fridge, and four little pots of normal jelly for Justin's packed lunches.
I think it's going to be chicken salad for dinner tonight, with new buttered potatoes... mmmmmmm... I might just have a banana now though coz I'm starving, well not starving, but could kill for a bar of Dairy Milk!!!

Oh, forgot to mention that we took Sophie to the vets yesterday for her six monthly check of her electrolytes and other blood tests - she has Addison's disease. Her bloods were done while we were still in the vets and they were perfect, so that was good news.

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