Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Been to the dentist...

I'm back from the dentist now. I have a luke warm cup of tea with a straw in, lol.
I told the dentist about all the trouble I'd had with a filled tooth, about all the painkillers I'm taking, about my dentist saying it was just sensitive. Well, she hit the tooth with a little hammer, I flinched, and said "ow", so she told me it's not going to get any better and said she could take that one out instead of the one I'd gone in for. I was very happy!!! I've now got another appointment with the same hospital dentist to have the other wisdom tooth out that I'd gone to have out today in September instead.
So now I feel as if I've got a thick lip, and I keep biting my tongue. I'm going to have a swig of my tea in a minute and see if I can have it without dribbling.

It's now 17.07, and I'm just as numb as I was just after the injection at 13.40! I was hoping it was going to be almost gone by now!! My cup of tea went cold, so I left that, and now I've made a lovely Douwe Egberts coffee (yes I know it's instant, that's how I like my home made coffee!!)
I'm hosting a swap over at the swap bot site.

Swap-bot swap: All that Sparkles ATC International Swap
I swap with Swap-bot!
Join in!! Click the picture above to go to the swap page. It's an ATC swap. I seem to be well into ATC's at the moment. I keep them all in an A4 folder with 9 pockets sheets inside, and each ATC is also in a little plastic cover all of it's own. I would make things all day long, but I make such a mess!!!

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