Friday, 10 August 2007

These last few days...

Hi all.
These last couple of days Justin has been off work, he took annual leave from Wednesday lunchtime. I love having him at home.
Our garden patio set came on Wednesday afternoon, we were just about to go into town. So when we got back, we put it together and it took about 45 minutes to get the legs on the table!! It looks very nice though, and that really was a bargain - I got it for half price!!
Thursday we spent in the garden lazing around, well apart from the hour Justin spent sorting out that corner in the lounge where Matthew's toys are. Even Matthew got in on it and was throwing stuff away!! It looks much tidier now.
Darryl also began a mass tidy up of his bedroom, in anticipation of his new girlfriend, Abby, coming over today. I must say he did a good job. He went through all his drawers and sorted out his old clothes as well, and chucked a load... then gave me a load or two of washing to get done for him.
I cooked chops for dinner last night and it was lovely!! Tonight I'm cooking sausage plait with apple sauce inside the pastry, roast potatoes, peas, carrots, and gravy. YUM! I do love my sausage plait. Abby is also here for dinner. Let's hope I don't give her food poisoning!

It's a lovely warm day here, not many clouds in the sky. I think it's supposed to be the same again tomorrow when I'm at work. I keep meaning to go and sit on the swing but then something comes up and I do that first... I need to make my sugar free jelly for work tomorrow now... swing will have to wait.

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