Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Feeding the ducks

...if it doesn't rain when we go to dads in Godmanchester today.
Last night we watched part three of Heroes, we've missed the first two episodes, but got the gist of it when we started watching it. I can't wait to see the next part now - how can she just get up of the post mortem table???. We have it saved on the sky hd box, and I think there's another 2 more episodes on there at the moment. Darryl wanted us to watch Shaun of the Dead, so I think we're watching that tonight. I've seen it before, but Justin hasn't.
We also had to play lego last night. Matthew had gone upstairs and got his Police set and Airport set from under his bed earlier in the day. We set the police station up on the table and played with that for around an hour. I think we need to buy Matthew just a plain box of lego, so he can build lots of different things out of his imagination. Mind you, I can only ever seem to build a house!

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