Monday, 20 August 2007

Well that's my annual leave over...

Back to work next weekend, lol.
We didn't do much yesterday really. Justin's dad and step mum came over for a couple of hours in the morning, they watched the Disneyland video, had coffee and a chat, and left about 1pm.
Justin went through a couple of boxes of stuff that his dad brought up for him - he did the same last time. So Justin spent some time listing things on Ebay, although I think he prefers Amazon in a way. He said it costs more to list on Amazon, but then it goes for more money than on Ebay.
We watched my recorded X Factor last night as well. Bed around 11pm.

Today I've been into town with Matthew and got him some new socks. I also bought some more glue gun glue, tinned tomatoes, soups, loo rolls - bargain! Charmin Linen Fresh (the gorgeous smelling ones) for £2.49 for four, buy one get one free!!
I've now got a coffee, and half chatting to Totty in Cardscraps private chat room. Matthew is playing on the black xbox and Darryl is still in dreamland.

Quick edit...
It's now 11.15am and I've decided to use Totty's pic for one of the Victorian Macabre ATC's I have to make, but also two Victorian ladies showing their necks. I'm then going to cut out some silver mirror card to look like blades and have red gloss embossed ink dripping off it, lol. We'll see if it still resembles that when they're made.

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