Thursday, 16 August 2007

Good morning Thursday

Good morning campers. It's a sunny day today, but on the chilly side.
Yesterday we did go to feed the ducks and there were around 50 odd ducks all quacking at us. There was one odd white duck all on it's own, and Darryl and Matthew spent ages trying to get some bread to that one duck. They managed in the end.
My poinsettia treasure box stamp had been delivered while we were out today, so not had chance to have a go with it yet, and also Justin's step mum and his dad phoned, talking about what we were going to do on Saturday. It's a toss up between Hunstanton and Great Yarmouth, looking on the weather late last night, it looks as though Great Yarmouth is going to have a better day.
Matthew and I went into town this morning. I posted a couple of Justin's parcels, a letter of mine, and got some stamps. We also bought some plain white card - yes that bargain pack in Wilkinsons for £2.69 for 100 sheets... hmm... it's very thin card, lol, but will be ok to stamp on. I also bought some sensodyne toothpaste, coz I'd only bought a cheaper version the other day.
Matthew is now playing on the xbox again, Super Monkey Ball. I have a banana sitting in front of me I should eat.
I need to get around 9 ATC's made!!!! 4 for my own ATC group - babies and collage being the themes, and for Swapbot I need to get 5 macabre ones done, that is proving hard at the moment... lack of inspiration.

Good afternoon!
It's now 15.09 and it's absolutely chucking it down outside. I did have a load of washing drying on the line, but me, Darryl and Matthew, had to leg it outside and get it in, it was almost dry, and now is hanging on the clothes dryer thing in the house. I hate the thing.
I had half an hours sleep on the settee while Create and Craft was on the telly. On the hour that's just finished, when the ads came on during the programme, they didn't actually show, so you could see the people doing the show moving around and moaning, sooo funny.
Matthew is playing UNO on the xbox, and Darryl is watching him. Matthew was playing with his lego police for a good hour, and Darryl was reading his Harry Potter book.
I've decided it's sausage and pasta bake for dinner tonight, yum! Oh... Matthew has now switched off the xbox and going back to his lego!
I think I'm having chocolate withdrawal symptoms... I tried having a mug of hot chocolate with mint, but it hasn't taken away the craving.

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