Friday, 3 August 2007


Swinging on my garden hammock/swing thingy that is, not "swinging"!!! It's a bit strange sitting out here and typing on my laptop, but thought I'd give it a go. Darryl has been on the main computer all afternoon, and he turns into an angry hulk like type being if I ask him if I can use it... you would think it was his computer!!! I'm sure the battery is draining faster out here... it has to shout further to the modem perhaps, lol.
Work again tomorrow morning, that will be fun!! It's going to be a lovely sunny day again, and I shall be encased in A & E... wonderful! I don't mind it too much when I get there, although I'm even less keen in the winter when I'm up at 6am and it's still pitch black and freezing outside, so at least I can get up in daylight at the moment.
I have washed all of the crocheted blankets in the house today, well almost all of them. Matthew's little blanket that he's cuddled forever I don't think would survive another wash, and Darryl's one on his bed hasn't long been washed. The blankets on the line have also served the purpose of a sun shade for anyone wishing to sit in the recliners. The dogs have also been in the garden doing a spot of sunbathing. Abby in particular is a bit of a sun worshipper. We have a bald spot on our grass when Abby lays - it's the first part of the garden that gets a bit of sun in the mid mornings.

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