Tuesday, 31 March 2009

No pics to show you today.

Just an update of what I've been up to.
On Sunday I had the day off, forgot to mention that, lol. It was so nice to get to spend a day with everyone here at home.
We did a bit more of the weekly shop in the morning as Matthew had gone to a Laser tag party on Saturday, so we didn't do our shopping with dad again this week. After the shopping, we went back into town and bought more compost and some seeds and little plants. Matthew chose some Impatients to plant in tubs. Justin wants a veggie patch in the garden... it will be a patch too! We have a teeny weeny garden.
Anyhooo, I helped Matthew plant half of his little plants into two tubs, and he watered them in... and he watered them in... and he watered them in... and he watered them... you get the gist... I kept telling him to stop watering everything!! I'd also bought a new honeysuckle as my last one fell from the fence after about 6 years.
I looked at Matthew's plants the following morning and they looked like soggy cabbage... I've left them alone hoping that they will spring back into life, lol.
So, the other things I have sown in my greenhouse are... yellow peppers (Matthew's), spring onions for Justin, we also have some carrots in a tub - like they had on the telly!! We'll see what happens...

Today most of this morning I spent printing photos from the rest of our holiday to North Devon last August, and I also cut out the titles for the pages with my Cricut. (Dad, you know what that is now!!) I had to go and buy some more photo paper. I have an Epson printer (I've found this to be the best for compatible ink cartridges), and it didn't like the high glossy Kodak paper I had, so I've now got some Ilford Satin paper, and it's prints wonderfully on that.

Dad picked me up at 2.50pm to get Matthew as we went to dads for dinner tonight instead of tomorrow - he's out to lunch with my Auntie Myrtle and Uncle Ken tomorrow. We had a lovely Mr Whippy ice cream with a flake after school, courtesy of dad, thanks dad! We then went and fetched Darryl as he'd been with Abby, then back to dad's. Lovely roast chicken dinner.

Back home I cut out some more titles, and Justin put some of his Devon photos on a memory stick for me to transfer to my laptop from his, then I printed some more. I shall get busy tomorrow making the odd page, so watch this space!

Monday, 30 March 2009

The last time...

The last time I made a scrapbook page was July 5th 2008 - I know it was this date because it was when Justin was at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix (plus it's the date that I wrote on the back of that page!). So anyway... I printed these two photos last night and turned them to greyscale, and like them, so decided to scrap them today, and here's the result.
I used my Cricut Expressions machine to cut the text and shadow the word Boy. The Summer Holiday text was done by first using the Cricut pens to draw the letters and then got it to cut out the letters leaving them outlined in the blue pen. I do love this machine!! I used the Storybook cartridge for the letters and the little tumbling hearts.
In the first photo, Matthew is having a stroll along Instow beach on the first night of our holiday to North Devon. We stayed with Justin's dad and step mum in Fremington. In the second photo Matthew is sitting on Ilfracombe Harbour wall eating chips... we got told off by the Town Crier for feeding the seagulls, lol. Justin should have known this being as he lived here before moving in with me ten years ago!
Click on the photo to get a better view.

The picture below was taken yesterday afternoon. We have a balloon hire place a few miles up the road in a village called Pidley - funny name, I know... at least I think it's Pidley they're based in.

If anyone knows any scrapbooking blogs, can you post their link in the comments please? I seem to only know of Australian ones, not that there's anything wrong with that of course, lol.
Thanks x

Thursday, 26 March 2009

So today in my little greenhouse...

I have potted my strawberry plants, and thinned out my tomato plants... they look a bit spindly at the moment don't they?!

Here is Matthew this evening filling a couple of pots to put some sunflower seeds in. He doesn't believe that they will grow higher than the fence!

Matthew's pots, lol.

I'm having a lot of fun with this little greenhouse. I got it from Wilkinson's (not on show in the shop, have to ask for them!) and it cost £30, almost £40 in Argos with a green cover! It's like having my own little world outside the back door, lol, and it's right next to my lovely new water butt! I bought that with the money dad gave me for my birthday - yesterday was my birthday by the way, lol.


Isn't this stunning?? And how beautiful is this young girl???? I love this scrapbook page, and wish I could make them like this too.
You can see more of the creator, Paulien's, work over at her blog. Click here to go to her blog.

I have been tagged!

Poppy from Poppy's Place tagged me. Thanks Poppy x

And up above is my 4th! It's of Matthew in 2004, lol, he was 3 years old.

Ok, what you have to do...
You have to find the fourth folder (inside the photo's folder), and then open that and find the fourth photo, and voila!

Ok, so I'm going to tag..............................................


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A hug and a glass of lemonade.

Thank you to my lovely friend, Marion, for giving me this lovely hug and glass of lemonade. It is just turning to Spring here, so what a nice way to spend a sunny spring afternoon with your friends.
I shall also award this to... (have to be different to Marion!)
Sue, Lynsey, Helena, DawnMarie, and Poppy. Please click on their names to visit their blogs.

Monday, 23 March 2009

A few new pics!

Here are a few pics that I have been meaning to upload. The first one is of the first blanket that I've made for my unborn grandchild. I used Hayfield's Lustre Wool in white. It's gorgeous - it has a lovely white shimmer to it. I used a Wattle stitch for the pattern, it's a crochet stitch, and it's really lovely close up.

The next photo is of one of our dogs, Abby, finding the first rays of sunshine in the garden. She loves laying in the sun. This is the dog that had a lump removed from her breast about a month or so ago.

And finally, here's my mini walk in greenhouse! It's nice and cosy inside there. It has 6 shelves, and now has two bags of compost laying on the bottom tube structure poles because of 25mph winds here today - the front kept lifting off the ground! LOL! I have just strawberry plants in there at the moment, but have plenty more seeds to sow, including lettuce and carrots, freesia's, spring onions, and my tomatoes have just come out of the airing cupboard after sprouting, and are now over an inch high!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

A greenhouse!

Here I am! I keep disappearing I know, sorry. Dad was moaning at me yesterday for not updating my blog - today dad is in hospital for a sort of minor op, and then home tomorrow morning.
Anyway... I'm getting greenfingers, or at least trying to get them...
I've always been a spur of the moment type of person and it doesn't look like I'm changing anytime soon. It's all Paula's fault, as usual.
Paula suggested that I buy some seeds and grow a bit of veg. So yesterday, and Tuesday I got started. On Tuesday I bought some tomato seeds and flower seeds, 8 strawberry plants, a couple of little propagators, and a bag of compost. On Wednesday morning I bought some cress seeds for Matthew, coz they're easy, and a tub with some rocket seeds.
I've since planted the rocket seeds, the cress, and the tomato seeds. Matthew has the cress and the strawberry seeds on his bedroom windowsill at the moment.
So today on our card group we got talking about planting things and growing your own veggies. Now I don't do things by halves... so tomorrow I pick up the greenhouse that pictured below - my first greenhouse, wooohooooooooo, lol, yes I know it's only small!!! And on Tuesday I pick up a water butt complete with drainpipe fittings!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

10th of March already???

I can't believe it's been so long since I wrote my last post!!!
I haven't made one single card since I uploaded the last one either! But I have made one and a half blankets for my grandchild in the making. The first one I made with white lustre wool and is quite big and shimmers, it's gorgeous! The second one I'm making is a lemon one, really soft. I shall upload a photo of them tomorrow. I finished Paula's blanket, she loved it, and I also finished Cheryl's unborn grandchilds one as well, also loved it. I've now ordered some cream lustre wool, so I'll use that once I've finished the lemon one.
Oh, and apparently Abby is 10 weeks pregnant now, so she was a week out when they told me she was 7 weeks.

Other news.
The washing machine decided to flood the kitchen on Friday. Justin handwashed a couple of t-shirts, couple of things for Matthew and said he was knackered, lol. I decided to do a handwash as well, pair of Matthew's pyjamas, 3 pairs of pants, a pair of socks, trousers, 3 shirts... my back was killing me!!! So last night we ordered a new machine, and it's coming on Friday, lol. I don't know how they coped with all the washing when people didn't have washing machines!!