Sunday, 27 November 2011

A cosy candle...

I saw the pattern for this lovely Christmassy candle jar trim on Attic 24, click here to go to the pattern. I took the photo with my mobile phone so it's not that good. I enjoyed making it and it was quite fast. I added some Flowersoft Polar White snow stuff mixed with crystal glitter. Tomorrow I'm going to buy some cotton yarn so it's not quite so fluffy. 
Below are some gorgeous photo's of my grandson, Elijah. Hasn't he grown?! He's two years old now bless him... He's such a happy little chap.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

I love Teddybo!

I have found a fab site called Teddybo, click here to go to their site. 
I love teddies, so this site is made for me!!

I created this card using one of the fabby teddybo digi stamps. The image comes with a blank sign and also another one with text on. I made up the text on this sign. Do you think my mince pies are too expensive?? lol

This is for this weeks Papertake challenge.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

The gerbils escaped!!!!

I was busy upstairs creating this card and hoped it would fit in with some challenges this week - I've not entered any for ages!! 
Card made for the Papertake Weekly Challenge
See below card for the gerbils adventure!

 ...and whilst I was making this card, I could hear the gerbils, but the noises didn't sound like they were from within the Rotastak. I couldn't believe it when I saw Blackie sitting on top of the bedroom unit and Sid was running around the floor! I managed to pick Blackie up as he's always been the more friendlier of the two, but with Sid it took me an hour and a half!! 
I sat on the floor with a box full of goodies for him - toilet roll middles, sawdust, and food... ready for him to climb into. But no. He spent most of the time climbing the three storey's of Matthew's storage unit. 
I put the Rotastak onto the floor, blocked off the inside hole and then put a loo roll tube inside a now open bit of tubing... I'd forgotten Blackie could go up straight vertical tubes, and then he poked his head out of the hole I'd just made, lol... I soon poked him back in. 
Anyway... Sid had decided that he was going to nibble a big hole in the cloth cover this storage unit has... so I let him get on with it, and then placed the box full of goodies the other side of the hole, to which he climbed into once he'd climbed through his hole... ahhhh... 
I then put him back into his home, both gerbils were very happy to see each other again.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Catching up.

I've not written to the blog for almost two months. It's been difficult as my dad has a terminal illness, and it's only going to get worse, so it's hard to write upbeat in here... but...
I've made a few Christmas cards over the last couple of days, and also my son enjoyed Halloween. 
Here are some photo's of both!

I know he looks pretty much the same as he did last year, lol... maybe next year he can have a new costume...
 We loved our pumpkin this year!! It's the best one Justin has cut.

Halloween Baking. My Almond, raspberry, and orange spider sponge cake.

Rocky Road anyone?

 The above card used a free stamp that came with this month's Cardmaking and Papercraft, but I think the stamp was exclusive to Sainsbury's. I love Fizzy Moon!!

 I've found that it's easier this year for me to just use decoupage sheets for my Christmas cards. I've of course added extra glitter, and 3D gloss for noses.

 Justin has published a book!! It's a specialist book for lovers of the Gizmondo games machine. Nice glossy cover as well!! He put a dedication in the back for a few people including me and Matthew.
And below is Matthew trying out the new picnic bench over by the riverside park in Huntingdon.

A few weeks back I emailed Scrapbook Magazine with two of my pages... and here it is in print!!

Recently I bought a Kindle. I love it! I have read five books in the last two weeks. Two of the books I read which I loved were...
Dark Matter by Michelle Paver. Click to buy on Kindle UK site. A very atmospheric ghost story set in the Arctic. Fantastic.
Asylum Lake by R.A. Evans. Click to buy on Kindle UK site. Another ghost story, set around an abandoned Asylum. I can't wait for the sequel to be published.