Wednesday, 31 October 2007


What else?!

Happy Hallowe'en

Justin took this of me and Matthew tonight. There is a funny laugh at the end and I PROMISE this is NOT me, but it really does look like it, lol, but it isn't, honestly.

And here are some photos from this evening as well.

Our video camera has been playing up for a little while, and tonight it decided that it wasn't going to work, such a pain. It's only about 3 years old... I still had Great Yarmouth on video and other stuff from this year as well. SO annoying!! It was a mini dv type camcorder, but we're going to have to resort to the old ones which we still have coz they were the among the first types, and no one else would want them, lol. We'll have to use one of them at Christmas.
Justin had the afternoon off today, so we went and got some of our Christmas chocolates and bits and pieces that will keep - good to get them now as lots are on offer. It was nice spending the afternoon with Justin for a change.
Tonight we took Matthew trick or treating for the first time. We just went to five houses, and let Darryl take him up to the doors while we stood back. We had quite a few children to our house as well. We lit our pumpkin (Matthew calls is a punkin') when we came back that Justin had cut when we'd picked up Matthew from school. All in all it was a good night.
Matthew is now fast asleep in bed (10.40pm), he went to bed at 9.30pm tired.
We then watched Celeb Scissorhands, and now Most Haunted Live.
Bedtime soon... zzzzzz.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007


By Orchestral Manouevers in the Dark!! 80's group again. Thought it was a good song choice after yesterday.


Hello... so it's Tuesday! I haven't written in here since Saturday!!! Blimey!

So...... Sunday. Work an hour later as it was the day the clocks go forward, so it got dark by 5pm this night. Work was good.
Celebrity Scissorhands started Sunday night and was funny. Steve Strange's hands still shake like mad! We also watched Most Haunted Live.
Monday the electric went at 8.20am!!! I took Matthew to school and hoped that the electric would be back on when I got back, nope. I went to town and took some coins in to change - we do this every year, just saving coppers and 5p's and it's mounted up to £34 this year, but the bank will only accept 5 coin bags a day, a pain, but there you go. Came back home, still no electric! I checked with a couple of neighbours, and they had electric, but another neighbour I checked with, didn't. Apparently it was every third house that was affected. If that were true, it should have been next door to me that was out, but typically, it missed that house and got us instead.
It was weird with no electric. I'd put some carpet freshener powder on the carpet before the electric had gone, and it was still there, lol. There was washing in the machine and I really wanted a cup of tea. Justin had texted saying that we'd go to the chippy tonight to buy us dinner, then ONE minute before Justin came through the door it came back on! He then said he wasn't wasting £20 on a takeaway when there was food in the freezer, lol. He helped cook dinner though, good, coz he wanted fried onions and I hate doing those.
Later we put Matthew's Halloween door curtain back up and hung up his lanterns in his bedroom. We watched Celeb Scissorhands, and then Most Haunted again. Abby was here also, but forgot to bring any money so I lent her a fiver to get home.
Today I took some more bags to the bank and got Matthew some chocolate pumpkins and eyeballs for tomorrow night. I watched the second part of Britain's Love Story, excellent! Last part next Sunday night. Didn't do much else... washed some towels, sent a few emails, picked Matthew up from school...

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Daniel's song tonight was...

Build me up Buttercup by The Temptations.

Daniel is out of the X Factor!

I really can't believe that Daniel is out of the X Factor, I thought it would be Alisha.
Work today was strange! Cheryl had to do a ward, plus another area, she was absolutely knackered, lol, and whenever I saw her throughout the day she had a bright red face.
We had a man being resuscitated today in A & E. The relatives asked me if they could leave the area but still get back in again after using their mobile phone. I didn't think it was a good idea for them to pass the room where their relative was in full view because there were so many doctors in there, so told them they could use the telephone in the relatives room instead. It gets really hectic sometimes in there, but I do love working in A & E.

Dad picked me up after work and gave me the other set of his photos to look at, they were quite good. Some nice photos of mountains.

I am now watching Most Haunted Live on Living TV.

Friday, 26 October 2007

Friday afternoon...

Another gloomy day and we're here watching last years Christmas home dvd lol. Matthew was playing a Christmas music cd while he cleaned his teeth this morning.
We went to tescos with dad this morning, and dad told us all about his holiday as we went round the shop. 2150 miles round trip! Dad enjoyed the holiday and the scenery was lovely, and so are those chocolates you got us dad!! LOL!
Nothing much else to report today. I've done a little bit more of the crocheted bag, but none of the cardmaking cd...

Thursday, 25 October 2007


I decided to get a crochet book out of the library. I can't think why I did coz I'm no good at reading instructions - I learned to crochet what I can do by doing it and watching someone else doing it. I think that's why I was rubbish at school - I'm definitely more of a hands on type of person.

Dad should be back from Italy anytime now. The last message I got was from Maidstone at around 4.35pm. No doubt dad will have loads of photos to show us.

Anyway... we spent another 2 hours in the library again today. Matthew got a couple more story cd's and we had hot chocolate again. Matthew had a bath in the afternoon and I flicked through the crochet book and started making a bag, lol, we'll see how far I get with it... if it's anything like most things I make it won't be very far. It still amazes me that I managed to complete a double bed blanket.

I REALLY need to keep working on my cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

And just coz I LOVE this advert music

LOL! It's from the Lloyds TSB advert. Wild Swan Ballet.

Man in Motion!

LOL! Justin's choice... hmmm. This is from St Elmo's Fire, he reckons he was singing it at work tonight.

Library again today.

Darryl came with us today to the library, and we had hot chocolate which was lovely. When we got there it was storytime for the under four's, so quite busy. Matthew went on the computer again, sat in the train, and coloured some pictures in as well. He loves it in the library. We spent over two hours there today.
When we got home Matthew found Elf on DVD that we'd recorded a couple of years ago. I nipped into town and got my ranitidine heartburn pills, some paracetamol, and some ibuprofen. I saw my cousin Judith, and had a good a chat with her, and found out that she also likes to make cards. I was talking to her about scrapbooking.
Dad should be at Dijon again now, and tomorrow travelling back home. I don't think he'll be home very early.
Justin is now home and sitting here next to me looking through the telly book... he's just mentioned that Cool Runnings is on tonight... lol.
Matthew is asleep in bed - he went upstairs to watch Nanny McPhee again in his bed. NOW he's on about flipping football!! He had it on last night!!! He's reading every word I'm typing.
He's going to pick my song for tonight, lol.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Song lengths... hmmmm

I'm puzzled as to why some of the songs are only playing for 30 seconds because I am making sure that it's the full version I'm using... strange.
Oh, talking of strange!! Steve Strange (80's pop group Visage) is going to be a hairdresser again on Celebrity Scissorhands which starts on Sunday night. I loved the last one last year. It's on for 3 weeks on BBC3 and on BBC interactive all day and it's for Children in Need.
I'm taking Matthew to the library today and he's going to join so he can get his own card instead of using mine. The library is in a temporary building at the moment as they're knocking down the excellent hexagonal shaped one and building a new one on the site. Matthew hopes they keep the wooden train that kids can sit in, but I doubt it, it's really old and the funnel has already fallen off.

We've been to the library. It was nice, not quite as nice as the old library, but still nice. You can actually go to the loo in this one, and buy a hot drink or bottled drink. Matthew sat and coloured in some pictures and done a word search. We looked through some books, and Matthew played on the old wooden train - he was very happy it was there. We were at the library over an hour and a half.
We came home and had lunch and then decided to go up town and go to the pound shop where we bought some Fruit Shortcake biscuits, toffees, and then in Sainsbury's we got Jelly Babies and some other jelly sweets. Lovely, lol.
Darryl wants his hair cut in the three hours he has in between shifts today, so I'll get my zappers on it later after he's had his lunch.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Rythm of the Falling Rain

After watching 50's Love Story last night I got a bit nostalgic - not that I was alive in the 50's, lol, but for the music, so chose this one. I used to have this on an old tape. Anyway, the second part is on next Sunday night, though I shall have to Sky + it coz it's not on till after midnight. I didn't realise who Tony Booth was until last night, and I didn't know that he was Cherie Blair's father either!! He starred as the son in law in Till Death Do Us Part, and he married Pat Pheonix who starred in Coronation Street. Cynthia Payne, the world famous brothel madam was also on there too. It was very interesting, I can't wait for the next part.

Nice day today.

Matthew is on half term, and was a good boy all day.
I went into town this morning to get Sophie's pills (she has Addison's disease) I also got bread, loo rolls, and a plug in smelly thing that was on offer.
Darryl decided he was going to Abby's in the afternoon, as she is going away on Friday. I went back up town with Matthew and bought him some Christmas activity books from the pound shop. I also got some more fluffy socks as they're selling out fast, and some other bits and pieces.
I cooked spaghetti bolognaise for dinner. Justin was home about 20 minutes early. After dinner Matthew wanted us to play Fusion Frenzy on the Xbox (the first one, the black one) so we had fun playing that for a while, and I had a glass of Bailey's and Justin has a Smirnoff Ice.
It's now 10pm and it's way past Matthew's bedtime, but as he's off this week he can stay up until 10pm.

Sunday, 21 October 2007


There really IS such a dog!!! Click the link below!!

Pop pick goes disco!

Burn baby burn... disco inferno

I had to WALK half way to work this morning!!

Cheryl did not go to work today! I walked most of the way to work as I didn't think Carol was turning up to pick me up, but she'd been waiting for Cheryl. Oh well... the exercise did me good, lol.
I got a text from Dad today in Italy. That was good coz I hadn't heard from him since Thursday night when he was in France! He said that it was nice in the sun but a bit windy, lol, and the hotel was lovely.
Work was strange without Cheryl, but I did have a laugh with a paramedic, Karl, I've known him since we were little. We got talking about dogs and he asked what dogs I had, I said I'd got a Lab cross Greyhound (Sophie) and he called her a Grabrador, lol!! Him and his other paramedic partner said that there is such a dog as a Labradoodle, lol, now I know they were pulling my leg.
I saw Ally coming out of Xray so had a chat with her, she'd got me a fridge magnet from her holiday in Cornwall and it says "I'd love to give up chocolate, but I'm no quitter", lol. Ally got me up to date with the gossip as well.
We watched the rugby last night. England v South Africa in the world cup final... we lost. We did get a bit loud and excited when we got the try, but then it was disallowed! Watched the Grand Prix today, we lost that as well!!
On Friday I got three skirts!! Fancy that!

Thursday, 18 October 2007

What?! No song yesterday??

Oh well... here's today's offering. If you were a Sailboat by Katie Melula. I was too busy last night creating that mini book.

Mini book

I started making a book about Matthew over a year ago. I bought the mount board and used really good quality card stock to cover and bind it. I then made the first two pages and didn't touch it again until yesterday, when I completed it!! It was originally being made for a gift for someone, but now I don't think I can part with it, I love it, Matthew loves it! The glitter I added to the paper on the snowman page is so lovely...

Other news today.
Dad should have come out the other end of the Eurotunnel by now. He was picked up this morning around 6.15 am and boarded Le Shuttle at 11.20am. No mobiles allowed on the coach. I used mine when we went to Disneyland - I had it on silent!! Dad will be staying in Dijon France tonight, then on to Diano Marino Italy tomorrow.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

I haven't stopped dancing yet!

We heard this on the telly tonight (Strictly Come Dancing Take Two) and me and Justin started singing along!!

Hot Chocolate

Well what a gloomy, dreary day! We did have a couple of hours of sunshine today, but for most of it it's been raining.
I've had a chat with dad on the phone, and had a look at the hotel he'll be staying at in Italy and it looks lovely, right by the sea. Lovely...
It was sunny when I went to pick up Matthew from school, but it started to rain just as he came out. By the time we got home we were absolutely soaked, and I know how dad worries when that happens!! LOL! Anyway, we got changed when we got back and then straight into town to get Matthew some shoes. I'd been into town this morning and had seen some Spiderman 3 ones, and luckily they fitted him, so Matthew was very happy. I also got four sheets of card from the craft shop coz I want to do a scrap page of the dragon at Disneyland.
We're now home. We have On the Buses on the telly, and a mug of hot chocolate... mmmmm...

Monday, 15 October 2007

A fascinating blog.

I've just listed another link on the right hand side down the page abit. It's interesting reading. It's the blog of a newly qualified doctor working for the NHS in the UK. Have a look.

Today's pop pick

Don't You Want Me by the Human League. Another song I loved from the eighties.

Swap-bot atc's received

From a lady in the US called Kellypuffs. My favourite is the night scene. They were for my swap - All that Sparkles.

Digital to Paper Scrap page.

I loved the digital scrapbook page that I made about Justin last week (uploaded in an older post), and I wanted to try and recreate it in paper. I think I did a pretty good job, not exactly the same, but not too far off.
Matthew's upstairs watching Spiderman 3 on the Playstation 3 with Darryl and Abby... I'll get a couple of hours peace, I'll probably fall asleep!!

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Tainted Love - Soft Cell

So tonight's pop pick is Tainted Love by Soft Cell. This entered the charts in 1981 and was in the charts for ages (wealth of information me.)
I loved this song and bought it on 12" vinyl.

Sunday Sunday Sunday.... ahhhhhhh

Good evening.
So... Paula wants some help in creating some digital scrap pages, it's fairly straight forward and complicating at the same time.
Work was good today. Cheryl didn't have hangover so that was a good start. Weigh in this week - I stayed the same again, and Cheryl lost a pound.Dad stayed for dinner but next Sunday he will be in Italy on the Italian Riviera.
If we'd of gone on our cruise, it would have been docked in Southampton today, lol, having ended the cruise. I had a great time following the ship round, lol.
I watched some of the rugby tonight. I don't think England will beat South Africa next week... especially as they beat us 36 nil during this World Cup a few weeks back.
I've not thought too much about a song yet tonight, but I will.

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Ok, so it's not the Sugarbabes.

The sound file wasn't clear, so instead I decided on Coldplay's Fix You.

The Rugby

Well we have it on... the World Cup Semi Final. England is losing 5 - 6 at the moment. We won it last time. I remember watching it in Elm wards day room.
Justin really doesn't like Rugby, lol.
Work was ok, we had a meeting today at 2pm, we had to watch a video and then discuss it. Zzzzzzzzzzz... lol, but did get to see my boss, Penny, so that was nice.
I'm tempted to start scrapbooking again. I want to recreate that digital one that I did of Justin's eyes and the blue papers. I also need to do some of the snow pictures of last Winter. I've only got those on a digital layout. I've found an excellent Disney scrapbook that I'm hoping Justin is going to get me for Christmas, so that I can at least make more of a start than the start page to the album.
I'm having a think about the song for today... it might be the Sugarbabes one, just coz I heard it on the telly tonight and I quite like it...

Friday, 12 October 2007

Friday evening already!

...doesn't time fly!
Ok, so here are some photos to look at.

The first one is of my boys with Darryl's girlfriend, on her 17th birthday. Aawwww, don't they make a lovely couple?

Below is the card I made for Abby's birthday.

The next photo is a pic of my 16 year old cat, Boots, asleep on Matthew's Micro machines lorry. She was very poorly a few weeks ago and wouldn't eat, she lost lots of weight and was very boney. She now tries to steal any food she can get her paws on! Mainly my dads dinner when he's here!

This last picture is of the ATC's that I made for my All that Sparkles swap at swapbot.

In Paula's blog today, she mentions that she may need some help with digiscrapping. I'll be able to do that Paula!!
I shall be having a bath in about 15 minutes. I always have a good long relaxing soak on a Friday night, with loads of bubbles.

Pop pick number 4!

This is a song called Angels, by Angelis - a classical group made by the one and only, Simon Cowell.
What else about today...
Well, Matthew is at school, me and Darryl went to tescos with Dad this morning. I bought Matthew two tops, jeans, and jogging bottoms. Darryl bought me a cake... think that was more of a bribe that didn't work, lol. Darryl has now gone to St Ives to meet Abby, and they're going to the Cinema tonight to watch Resident Evil (2) I think.
I made 3 more ATC's to send of to my swap that's listed on Swap-bot - the All that Sparkles swap. I shall send them off on Monday.

It's a bit of a dark and gloomy day, but it's not raining, so I have some washing on the line, and some towels washing in the machine.

Rebus is on tonight, so I have set the Sky box to record it and I shall watch it on Monday with Darryl.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Islands in the Stream

Fitting for the last port of the cruise, lol.
I like this song, a good one to have a good singalong to.


Today's weather has been gorgeous, well after the freezing fog cleared this morning, lol. It was lovely, sunny and warm.
Justin had the day off, so we went on the train to Peterborough around 10am. First stop was McDonald's for breakfast. It had been refurbished! Gone had the red and yellow, and in came grey and brown, and it looked really nice. Massive red lampshades!
We got Matthew a new fleece top and a Doctor Who present for Christmas, oh, and a set of playing cards that had Doctor Who pictures.
Justin was looking for a book about the Titanic. We went in both Waterstones shops, WHSmiths, The Works... but no one had one single book! I got a hair streaking kit, so Justin will do that for me tonight sometime... I just reminded him now, I think he forgot, lol.
Paula has now got blog and that's now listed on the right hand side on my favourite links bit.
I still have to add todays song... am thinking...
The Oceana visted Gibraltar today, but as I was out all day, I missed the picture of her docked there... sniff.
Oh! I did email Cadbury's... they have no plans as yet to relaunch any of the other flavours that they used to have... I'll just have to remember how good it tasted.

My hair is now hightlighted. I ended up doing it myself because it was easy enough, plus I'd bought the kit where you comb it in... I actually prefer using the cap version, so next time I'm going to use that.

I fancy something sweet... I might have a pear.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

It'll soon be the weekend again!

Darryl was meant to go to work today, but had been awake most of the night, freezing then hot, and headachey. He most probably had a temperature.
Went to dads today. I installed MS Office for him, so now he'll get even more confused! Hello Dad, lol. My dad now knows where my blog is and thinks it's interesting reading.
Dad cooked us shepherds pie tonight, lovely as usual. I meant to get to work on another card set for the cd today at dad's, but I couldn't be bothered, but I have managed to create 2/3's of a set tonight. I sent some of the previous set to Paula.
Justin had had pie and chips from the chippy by the time we got back tonight! We're having a MacDonalds tomorrow in Peterborough, lol, no expense spared! We'll be going on the train after taking Matthew to school.

The programme that I watched, Bulgaria's Abandoned Children, is to be repeated on November 10th on BBC2, it should really go out on BBC1...

Cadbury's Wispa is being relaunched this week after being absent for four years. I wonder if they'll bring back the Wispa Mint?????????? I might have to email them!!

Pop pick number Two!

Here is a favourite of mine from the electronic sounds of the eighties.
Fade to Grey by Visage, and it's the 12 inch version. Oh they were the days when we bought our songs on vinyl.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007


I've decided that I'm going to post a song here on my blog every day... until I get fed up doing it anyway, and maybe at the weekend when I don't tend to post on a Saturday night, lol. See below for the first entry!! It's not the link in this post, it's the post below!! Anyway, todays choice is The Lord of the Dance from Michael Flatley's Tap show. Click the link and you can see the fantastic clip of the finale titled Planet Ireland. To get there, after clicking on the link, click on sights and sounds, then on videos, then on more to the next page and select the video. Absolutely amazing.

Tonight Cambridge United were on Setanta Sports, and they won 1 - 0 thank goodness.

I have made another set for the card cd, just another 13 to go, lol. Tomorrow I need to get my sparkle atc's swaps. I haven't made anything for ages. I've had no motivation.

I signed a government petition today, after watching the horrendous situation of Bulgarian children in a children's home. Bulgaria's Abandoned Children. It was shown on BBC4 on Sunday night, it was a repeat from sometime in September, but has never been shown in Bulgaria. It was very sad. The BBC are trying to raise money to re-home these children.

Rozies pop pick number one

This is from Michael Flatley's The Lord of the Dance tap show. I love this show!! This livens up about half way through, so bear with it, then you can hear the tap dancers feet as well. Amazing!

Gloomy day.

But it's not gloom and doom in Ajaccio in Corsica! That's where the Oceana is "parked" today. Tomorrow the ship will be at sea, and then on Thursday, it's final stop is at Gibraltar, wow, what a great cruise...
It's raining here, very gloomy. I have to go into town and buy a loaf. I always buy the uncut variety and get them to slice it for me, lovely.

Monday, 8 October 2007

I DO like Mondays.

Here is the view from the docked Oceana at Civitavecchia in Italy. I almost feel like I've been along for the ride, lol.

Darryl had the day off work today, so I went into town with him... mainly because I'd paid the wrong company online this morning. I meant to pay Anglian Water, and paid British Gas instead, lol, so I then had to go into town and pay in more cash so I could pay AW. Darryl paid in some money to his account also.
Came home, and I checked emails, emailed Justin and dad. I went back into town with Darryl as he decided that he wanted to take up painting his little tiny metal figures from Lord of the Rings that he had around four years ago. He also bought another set of figures. Justin is making a model of the Titanic.

Darryl paid me a massive compliment today. He told me that he thinks I'm a much better person than I was, I also look better, and younger!!! LOL! Funny thing is, it all seems to coincide from the time I met Justin.

I've also started creating the floral cd again, got to keep Paula happy. I've had to have a rest at the moment, my arm feels weird - I hate having to make small repetitive movements.

Sunday, 7 October 2007


Here is a view of the ship in the dark, lol. It's at Santa Margherita, yesterday it was in Florence/Pisa, tomorrow it will be docked in Civitavecchia for a trip to Rome. It's strange following the shop round. We were booked to be in rooms that began with LE... that's as much as I remember, apart from it was an outside oceanview cabin.
So... what's the OMG! about??! Justin has sold his Xbox 360!!!! I don't believe it!!! He only bought Halo 3 two weeks ago as well!!! I think he's just sort of growing out of games machines. I loved that machine, sniff, lol. We still have the black Xbox and I don't think he's thinking of selling that one.

Good laugh again with Cheryl. Weigh in today - I stayed the same yet again, not bad after all the chocolate I've eaten this week! Cheryl lost a pound, but has no idea why.
A & E was really busy this morning - majors was busy all day long! Resus has two beds in it, and at one point both beds were in use. Babies were in resus both today and yesterday, I don't like it when children are brought in.

So now it's Sunday evening, best time of the week! Matthew's in the bath, Justin's having a shave, Darryl's on the computer and after this, I shall be watching Cirque de Celebrite' on Sky One. X Factor was on again tonight, I'm not happy with all the decisions made... but most are good. One of my favourites is Beverly, I also love Emily, and one of the blokes, can't remember his name, but he's the one with the little boy. Oh and I like the other young bloke from Scotland...whatshisname, lol.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Just the one today.

I made this one today. Matthew loved this house when he got it in the summer.

I'm making sausage plait for dinner, and roast potatoes.... mmmMMmmMmmMmm, lovely.

Time for changes.

Justin text me today to say that we need to do more with Matthew. I need to stay off my laptop. Matthew loves doing those Hama bead things, so we're going to make some tonight. I'm going to have a go at a pumpkin!
I went to Tesco's with dad this morning. Dad bought Matthew a Halloween door curtain, and I got him a new pumpkin bucket for his sweets, a pumpkin torch, two paper lanterns - skeleton and pumpkin, a blue glo stick, and some balloons. I put the door curtain up on his door not long after getting back, it looks really good, he'll love it.
I've got This Morning on the telly. Bananarama are singing, only two of them. They sound exactly like they did 20 odd years ago, lol.

The Oceana is now docked in Monte Carlo... looks a nice day.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

The Essence of Christmas...

Yet another page... this time of last years Christmas Tree - looks pretty much the same as the year before's lol. I got this gorgeous free Christmas kit from here. In fact, all the kits I use I download for free, I'm such a cheapskate!

Video test

This is a test really, lol, it's of a day out at Hunstanton last summer. This was taken about 9am. Where the waves are crashing, there is a 15 foot drop onto the beach! In the afternoon, the sea went right out, it's amazing to think where all that water disappeared to.
I have to use my old Kodak camera to do the video's. I shall do one for Christmas... nearer the time!!

And our ship today...

... is in Barcelona, it's first port of call, and actually just leaving, lol. Next stop Monte Carlo. We have been looking at other cruise lines, NCL being one of them - Norwegian Cruise Line. They don't have any formal nights, and sail from and to Dover.

Another digi

Here is another layout that I've just finished. I've also printed it out and I'm going to put it in the album. I'm loving doing these digital layouts at the moment, it's the only thing I seem to be happy doing right now. I should be making some atc's!
Darryl is home during his lunch break and he's just made me a mug of tea, he's a good kid.
This morning I went to the sorting office to pick up two parcels that I missed yesterday for Justin. I then went into town and bought some matt photo paper, it's fine so long as I print using the "high definition paper" type.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

A double layout.

I made this layout today of Justin and the poem that I wrote for him. I've been downloading a ton of stuff today.
This kit was downloaded from here
There are some gorgeous kits at this lady's blog.

Justin went back to work today, though he says he's taking it easy and the others are doing all the heavy stuff. I'm missing him, lol. I always do...

I was talking to a lady that I've known for around 20 years today. I know her mum, and her daughter, who is 6 or maybe 7, is in my son's class at school. Her name is Tracey. Last year she had a breast removed due to cancer, and today she told me that the biopsy she had done 2 weeks ago came back as lung cancer, and is incurable. It's very sad. Anyone reading this please send positive thoughts, or pray for her, whichever it is you do, she is only in her early forties... thanks.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Creation number two!

Here is another digi page. I've printed both the digi pages, and they've printed lovely. I shall have to buy an 8x8 album... actually, come to think of it, I've got one!!

A crafty creation... (click on it for a better view)

That I've just been sitting here making. Digital Scrapbooking... no mess! LOL! I downloaded this kit from someone called Ellie and this was on her blog. I have not been at all crafty lately.

I'm about to do Matthew beans on toast, I'm going to have egg and beans on toast, so Darryl can take his pick, lol... Justin isn't hungry and has gone back to bed again...awww.


Matthew was off school yesterday as he'd thrown up on Sunday, and they won't have them at school for 24 hours. He was very loud for most of the day and was well enough for school in my opinion, lol.
Justin was also off work as he could hardly move after pulling the muscle at the top of his back.
Abby came over at 11.30 and they went to the cinema in the evening.
Today Matthew is back at school, but Justin is still off, he's also now got a stomach bug and is currently in bed. I was sitting on the bed with him drinking my tea, but then he fell asleep so i thought I'd catch up with my blog, after Paula reminded me today, lol.
I REALLY need to take up the cd creating again. I've still only made 7 sets and need to get at least 20 done. I'm aiming for 25.
I also want to do some more digital scrapbooking. I think I'm going to do a Disneyland album that way, although I did make a paper Disneyland page, I might just do a couple of pages in paper, but then a whole album in digi. I can then print that onto 8x8 and put those in an album. It's all so time consuming though. You'd think I'd got tons of that being as I only work weekends.
I'm still loving this laptop, and I use this nearly all the time now. The main computer, Justin will be upgrading probably after Christmas.
We've been following the Oceana on it's Mediterranean cruise that we were booked on... but come to think of it, both Matthew and Justin's stomach troubles might have gone through the ship, lol. The webcam is unavailable for the ship at the moment - out of range, but I will post a pic when it comes back in range. First stop is Barcelona.
I'd better get ready now to pick up Matthew... I hope he's in a good mood.

Matthew is now home from school, and Justin is out of bed.
I just checked P & O's website and here is the webcam view of where the Oceana is...