Monday, 31 December 2007


Happy New Year to all of you that come here to read my ramblings... let's hope it's a good one!!

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Christmas and the days after.

On Christmas Eve we finally got to bed at about 1am, that's not bad considering past Christmas Eve's. We had to wait for Darryl to get in before putting the little presents in Matthew's bedroom and his little reindeer stocking. Didn't want him waking up with Darryl moving around.
Matthew came in our room in the morning just before 5am. He was so excited telling us that Father Christmas has been and there were lots of presents under the tree and on the chair downstairs. He also told us that he'd got a few presents in his bedroom, so we let him open those in his bedroom and told him we'd get up at 6am. Hmmm... lol. He came back in to show us what he'd got, then he went and woke Darryl up. We didn't get back to sleep and we also didn't go down until 6am either.
Set the video camera rolling and Justin made the tea, then we set about opening the presents.
Matthew got lots of Doctor Who stuff, Lego Firestation, Transformers Scalextric, and another ton of things. Darryl got a great limited edition James Bond car set in a metal case, a Blade Runner collectors edition thingy, and more. They got loads. Justin liked all his presents, he got lots of Heroes stuff, he was surprised that I'd bought him a new pair of Levi jeans! I got On the Buses DVD set, complete series, a Disney scrapbook for all our Disney photos to be scrapped, a Tinkerbell and the Disneyland castle in a 3D laser glass cube. I got 2 cd's - Dreamboats and Petticoats, and James Blunt's All the Lost Souls. From Justin's dad and step mum I got a fantastic bracelet. I'd commented way back in April when we went to Woburn Safari park how much I loved her bracelet. Joan (step mum) had told me that it was a Trollbead bracelet and a week or so later sent me a link to see them online. I'd sent a text back to say that it was a little out of my price range, not knowing that that would make her get one for me for Christmas. You can see them here - Trollbeads I think what had put me off was how expensive it is just to get started. Anyway, started I am now, and Justin will get a request from me for birthdays, lol. I have ordered two today from Ebay, from mememeaccessories. A pink ribbon glass bead, and a silver J bead.
Anyway... back to Christmas Day!!
Dad came and got us at 11.30am and there was Santa's Magic Key hanging off the door handle, Matthew thought he was still in there, lol. Presents included my new pyjamas and dressing gown, a scrapbook... Matthew got more Doctor Who things amongst other things, and Darryl got his Casino Royale Poker set in case etc, Justin his dvd's he wanted. Dad had left two presents upstairs by mistake, he'd totally forgotten about them - a DJ mixer music thingy, and a lego vehicle set. Dad liked his presents which included a Coast from the air book, and The Two Ronnies Christmas specials.
Dinner was at about 3pm, it was lovely, and I nearly managed to eat it all. Matthew didn't eat much, he rarely does! Justin almost finished his too, which was good as he'd had a bad stomach all day. Darryl ate all of his, I really don't know where he puts it all.
We washed up straight away after dinner otherwise we'd have fallen asleep. We only nodded on and off in the afternoon, and played with Matthew's toys.
We stayed until 6.30 - dad was glad to see the back of us, lol, no only joking!!! We left coz of Doctor Who being on at 6.50pm. We'd had a good day at dads, thanks dad!!
We watched Doc Who, then the earlier edition of EastEnders followed by the later one, then Coronation Street - you have to watch the soaps at Christmas. EastEnders was brilliant, Corrie...well... it was ok.
Matthew was tired and went to bed about 10.30 with his new cuddly hot water bottle and his new Doctor Who pyjamas with his name on. I can't remember what we done after that, but I'm sure we were in bed an hour later.

Boxing Day.
We got up around 8.30am. Had a cup of tea and all went into town about 10.30 as we'd all got £20 to spend. Matthew got stroppy coz of not being able to find anything at first. I decided that I was going to buy a Trollbead with mine, Darryl didn't spend his either but did later on when he went to his dad's. Justin bought 3 budget games for a tenner for the pc, one being Lemmings Revolutions. Matthew ended up buying the Harry Potter figures, a Transformers annual, and something else that I can't think of at the moment... he had £25 to spend.
Darryl went out to his dad's in the afternoon. We just lounged around. Justin had a bath and used his new floating duck radio lol. I think I had a sleep on the settee while he was in the bath. Later we played with the Transformers Scalextric and Justin made a start later on the firestation lego. Justin also made the Tardis for Matthew out of his magnetix set.
Darryl came home at 8pm and had a bath. Watched EastEnders and Corrie again and we also had "The Old Curiosity Shop" on. Matthew went to bed at 10pm. We went to bed at 11.30pm.

Justin and Darryl back to work today - it always seems to make Christmas come to an abrupt end then. Me and Matthew went into town and I got bargain washing up liquid coz it was in Mulberry Spice scent, should have been two for £1.40 but they were 42p each!! Bargain! I also got some new potatoes and paid money into bank accounts. We came back home and Matthew is watching last Christmas Day's Doctor Who, lol.
I'm listening to James Blunt on my laptop with my headphones on. I do love a bit of James Blunt. My favourite track is Carry You Home, closely followed by I Can't Hear the Music... I also like 1973, Same Mistake, Give Me Some Love, and Annie. I like this album but not as much as his first album... maybe the other tracks will grow on me.
I then listened to Dreamboats and Petticoats, was bopping away sitting here, lol. What a great name for an album!

Below are some photos of our Christmas...

First glimpse!

Playing "Don't Wake Dad".

Monday, 24 December 2007

I'm already worn out!

Sigh........... Matthew has worn us out!! He has been on the go yakking all day long. We finally got him to bed at 10pm, I bet he's still not asleep though.
We had our buffet tonight, and below are just three pics that Darryl took of us. I'm still full up, and we had "Fab" icecream later as well, and I've had two malibu's!! Darryl went out when his friend Fran called for him, he is supposedly going to be home at midnight. He better be! It's very strange coz Darryl has only just this year started going out with his mates, and now he's out most nights.
Ok well, have a Happy Christmas, and I'll probably write again on Boxing Day.

I really can't remember why I was laughing, lol.

Merry Christmas!!

I was trying to get Oh Holy Night for the song tonight, but I couldn't find a version that I liked.

Christmas Eve...

Well it's finally here, and Matthew is SO excited!! He's been a good boy today so far, a small strop every now and again, but mostly ok.
Justin's been home from work or an hour now, and having a shave. He brought home, wine, whiskey, and sweets from work. Darryl is working until 6.30 and then he is going to the pub with his workmates at 8pm.
We shall be cooking our buffet food soon. We always have a buffet on Christmas Eve, it's lovely.
Matthew had a bath this morning, said he didn't want Father Christmas to think he was smelly, lol. I washed my hair and straightened it earlier.
I've taken a couple of pics, and filmed a bit on the video camera, I'll do more later.
Two parcels finally arrived this morning, one of Darryl's Christmas presents from us, and Matthew's birthday present (his birthday is in three weeks!)
Right, I can hear Justin coming down the stairs, so time to go and start the cooking I think.

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer

...had a very shiny nose!

Chocolate trees.

Good evening everyone.
I worked as usual today from 7am until 4.15pm. The day went pretty quickly. I had a full English breakfast today, mmmmm, gorgeous!! I might have another one tomorrow... or maybe not - the boss is coming in tomorrow and wants us in the canteen at 9am for tea and a mince pie, at 9AM! Ridiculous time to be eating a mince pie, lol.
Cheryl was hungover again today, she had a major headache for most of the day. I don't know how anyone would want to drink so much that they end up with a bad headache the next day, she'll have another one tomorrow as well. Mad!
Merce gave me a present to give to Matthew, and I shall take her two kiddiwinks their presents tomorrow as well, plus Cheryl's and Ally's, I shall be loaded up tomorrow.
Darryl is working tonight until 11.30!!! It's freezing out there too.
Chocolate trees, so what did that mean? Well it meant chocolate icecream trees. We each had one after dinner tonight. Justin wanted to bring down all the Christmas nibbles/chocolates and drink etc, but we've decided on tomorrow night. Peter Pan is on the telly, and I might just have a bacardi...

Thanks Dad for the musical Christmas card, lol. Have yourself a merry little Christmas, lol.

Friday, 21 December 2007

Winter Wonderland

This was being sung by a choir on our market square today.

Final shop... now complete, thank goodness!! It took us, me, Justin, Matthew, and dad, an hour and a half to get round Tesco's this morning. I didn't manage to get my Bailey's substitute drink, so after town I had to go to Iceland and buy another version. Dad lost the cards he was going to give us, but found them outside the garage when he got home, lol.
Me and Justin have now changed our homepages on our laptops to igoogle, love it! So now that looks all Christmassy.
Matthew's been playing on the Wii and Darryl's just gone back to work for the afternoon. Darryl and Abby are going to finish his wrapping up later, and he's still got Abby's pink DS to wrap up, and the game and case etc.
We're sitting her eating Maltesers - Iceland are selling them for £1 a box.
LOL! Just thought... last night Justin thought the cat was dead, lol. I shouldn't laugh, but it was so funny. The cat was in a deep sleep upside down by the coffee table. Justin thought she'd just died as he couldn't wake her up, even after wriggling her nose. I thought, awww, well at least she died peacefully and in the warm, lol. Then she woke up and gave him a dirty look. So funny. She is getting old now, she's 16, but I'm glad she was ok really.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Christmas cake recipe, a must read!!

1 cup butter, 4 large eggs, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup dried fruit,
1 tablespoon baking powder, 1 tablespoon salt, lemon juice,
1 cup brown sugar, nuts, 1 or 2 litres of Brandy

Before starting , sample brandy to check quality.
Good isn't it? Now go ahead.
Select large mixing bowl, measuring cups, etc.
Check the brandy again - it must be just right.
To be sure, pour one level cup and drink as fast as you can.
With an electric mixer, beat one cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl.
Add one teaspoon of thugar and beat again.
Meanwhile make sure the brandy is of the finest quality.
Cry another tup.
Open second litre if necessary.
Add tow large legs, 2 cups dried fruit and beat til high.
If fruit gets stuck in beaters, pry loose with drewscriver.
Check brandy again for tonscisticity.
Next sift 3 cups of salt, or anything else - it doesn't matter.
Sample brandy again.
Sift lemon juice and fold in chopped butter and strained nuts.
Add 1 babblespoon of brown thugar - or whatever colour you can find -
and mix well.
Grease oven and turn cake pan to 350 gridees.
Pour whole mess into coven and ake.
Check brandy and bow to ged.

Oh Come All Ye Faithful

The Vienna Boys Choir.

Got some cheeses today!!

Yep, we went and bought the Christmas cheese selection today, lol. It's all fun here I can tell you. Oh, and a 6 pack of loo rolls, you get two free in the pack, and I'm always on the hunt for a bargain. Matthew got his Doctor Who mag, great value magazine - £3 and always 2 - 3 good "free" gifts as well. Bad news is, it's going weekly in the New Year!
Justin got my Christmas cards and when we got home Matthew wrote in his "Mum" one and it's lovely, and Justin wrote in his card and it has really nice words in it, and what he wrote was lovely too, awwwww...
We then played on the Wii again when we got home, after bacon sarnies. I'm still a Pro, and now so is Justin, then Matthew when he played on his own a little later.
We're going to make mince pies again later this evening, and it's sausage and mash for dinner tonight. Tomorrow we're doing the remainder of our Christmas shopping in Tesco's with dad.
I had an email from my Uncle Dave and Auntie Jill. They remembered when I got the little pink mouse and it was 34 years ago as my cousin, David, was in his buggy, and he's 36 now.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

I'm a Pro!

At bowling on the Wii! So my bowling ball is now quite pretty, lol. Matthew has gone to bed early because he was very stroppy tonight. I'm watching an old Celebrity Wife Swap with Paul Daniels and Vanessa thingy.
Darryl is on his way back from Thursford with grandad. They had a nice day, and spent some of this evening in a hotel eating a Christmas dinner.
I went into town this morning to get Darryl's present for his dads wife - it's a desk lamp. Flourescent! I also got a couple of glue tape rollers for me and then came home.
It was "toy day" at school today and Matthew took his King Kong roaring gorilla, his Doctor Who figure, a remote control little K-9, and two little daleks.
When it was introduction day when Matthew started school in 2005, he met a little boy called Zach. They played together all that afternoon, and me and his mum chatted and got on well too. Well today Zach left. His mum has taken him out of the school because it wasn't giving him what he needs. Matthew was ok about it today, but when I originally told him he cried... all part of growing up I suppose.
I made a card today for a change, lol. I think it was because it wasn't a Christmas card, it was a tea bag folded card for my card group, CardScraps, next months swap.
Darryl has just sent me a text to say they're at Bar Hill and on their way home and that the temperature is minus one degrees celcius.
Justin is making another blog, this time it's about Lemmings, his favourite game of all time I think. I'll have to link it on the right hand side.

Christmas Baby Please Come Home!!

Wooohooo found it!! THIS is the one I was searching for.


From Home Alone.
I was looking for the Christmas song that's on the Gremlins film and can't find it!!! What's it called???? So, settled for this one...

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Silent Night

One of my favourites.

Been and bought the bird!

I've had a busy day today! After taking Matthew to school I came home and had a cuppa, then went into town to get yet more wrapping paper and more tags, and two "brother" cards as well. Saw Darryl and gave him another 20p for a drink at work.
I came back home and brought the rest of the presents downstairs and it took me about an hour and a half to wrap them. I put them in the built in cupboard by the side of the settee where Matthew can't get to them. I was worn out after that, so had tea and toast, lol.
Dad phoned at half eleven to tell me that Tesco's had no more frozen turkeys and were only going to be getting fresh ones now, so I sent a text to Justin telling him. At 1pm I went to Iceland and picked up a 5kg turkey for £9. I didn't know if it was going to go in the freezer, but it did when I took out one of the shelves.
Darryl came home for lunch and had a sandwich and cup of tea. I've got to go and pick up a lamp for him from Argos tomorrow; he's out for the day with my dad. They're going to Thursford for the day. (Dad, you can click on that Thursford word!!)

Monday, 17 December 2007

A little pink mouse...

Click the photo for a better view!!
I took this picture earlier tonight trying to be a little artistic. I added a little soft focus to it in Paint Shop Pro. Anway, it got me thinking about the little pink mouse that's on the top left of the photo. I bought this mouse from the seaside town of Cleethorpes when I went to stay with my relatives in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, one week when I was much MUCH younger. I'm guessing that this little mouse is at least 32 years old, and it's been on my tree for the last 19 years, and my mum and dad's tree for the years previous to that.

2 more days

Until Matthew is off school for a couple of weeks. Justin is also off this Thursday and Friday. Friday we'll be going to Tesco's with dad to get the last bits of shopping.
I went into town today and bought ex husband's daughter a present for Christmas. I got her a Nintendog's Dalmation from Sainsbury's for a tenner. It has a magnetic bone and when it's wiggled his head, tail, or paw moves too, he's quite cute. I also had to get our dogs a present today, they got a doggy Christmas stocking, and the cat got some biscuits. Dogs cost £2.29 and the cat 49p, lol. Well the cat doesn't like those dried fish things that come in their Christmas stockings, and she'll enjoy the biscuits.
I also bought and posted the last of my Christmas cards finally. I sent off my secret santa swap as well today.

I've been watching The Glitter Girls on Create and Craft - old programmes that I've recorded on Sky+ over the last few weeks. I love their boards!! I only have three of them and want more of them. I discovered yesterday that they have a card I made for my Dad for Christmas last year on their website!! CLICK HERE
My card is the first one on the fourth row down. Click on the image to see it better.

Right, time to wash my hair - Matthew's out of the bath, and Justin's finished his shave.

Santa Baby

Eartha Kitt - I can never think of her name without thinking of Jim Royale!

Thursday, 13 December 2007

A few more pics.

When Matthew met Henrietta!

I posted over a week ago about Matthew bringing home Henrietta because he'd been good at school. Well here is the little Rhino!!

Frosty the Snowman!

Coz of the weather...


I must remember to take the camera in the mornings when I take Matthew to school, it's so frosty! It looks like everything has been sprinkled with crystal glitter and the sunlight through the trees was casting massive long shadows... bet it's cloudy tonight so no frost, lol.
I spent most of the day wrapping up presents for friends - I had about 25 to wrap, and it took me about 2 hours.
I had to buy a replacement set of lights for my garland as they conked out last night, so instead of white lights I've now got coloured ones on that, and it looks much nicer. I saw Darryl collecting the trolley's in Sainsbury's car park, his hands were freezing so I went and bought him a new pair of thick gloves and some money for a cup of tea, lol. He earns more money than me but I'm always helping him out, lol. He was pleased with the gloves.

Yesterday Darryl went with Abby to meet her grandparents, and after me and dad picked up Matthew from school, we came back here to pick Darryl and Abby up and they both came to dad's as well. We had a lovely roast dinner, mmmmmm, lovely. Dad had also put his tree up and it looked very nice, well done dad!
We went home around 7pm and at 8.15, me, Justin, and Matthew made a joint effort and made some mince pies. I rolled out the pastry and cut the bases, Justin greased the tin and layed the bottoms in the tin plus added the mincemeat, and Matthew cut out the tops with a star cutter. (For those who don't know, mincemeat is like a fruit mix, raisins, currants, in a syrupy sauce). We sprinkled some sugar on the top and put them in the oven. We made 22 altogether and had some hot when they were cooked.

The pictures below are of the second mini book I've created. This one has already gone to Justin's mum. I enjoyed making it. I especially love the page where Matthew has written the things he likes and I made it open up like an envelope. Click on each image to get a much better view.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Auntie Jill will love this one!

Cliff Richard - Mistletoe and Wine.

Well... my wrist has improved... but...

Now my left big toe hurts! It feels a bit like the start of gout, lol. I had gout several years ago after Christmas, apparently it could have been the odd glass of wine I'd had and all the strawberry flavoured things to eat. My toe is quite painful, but not like it is with gout. I couldn't bear even a draft touching the toe then.
I've written out some Christmas cards tonight. I've only made a dozen handmade cards this year, the rest are shop bought. I must get more crafting done next year. I think Father Christmas is bringing me a Disney scrapbook so that I can do both our trips to see Mickey.
I bought a couple more bits and pieces today, didn't spend much, just the odd little thing I still needed. I had to post a cd today as well, and the queue was enormous! It took me about half an hour to reach the front of it. I also bought the Christmas edition of the Radio Times. We had a flick though it tonight and picked out some programmes which are "must see's"
Matthew is in bed but his right eye is slightly swollen. He kept on getting out of bed saying it hurt, so I went up and took one of my mum's rings off and did the magic gold ring thing, lol, he said it felt better afterwards, and we haven't heard anything from him now for about 20 minutes. I know that if I start to get a stye then I do this gold ring on the eyelid thing and it doesn't get any worse.
Tomorrow is another walk into town and post a parcel for Justin, and I realised tonight that I no longer have a yorkshire pudding tin!!! I chucked it out this year and replaced it with a bigger pud tin... well I now need the other size for mince pies I need to make, lol.
Bed soon... and I'll play Jewel Quest on the DS for half an hour.

Thought this was interesting in the Yahoo News today.

The head of Britain's equality watchdog has urged the country to ignore "politically correct" critics and put Christ at the centre of Christmas festivities.

mission, has joined non-Christian community leaders to head off what his organisation says is the growing sense that to celebrate the birth of Jesus is taboo.

In recent years a number of school nativity plays have been banned or altered to change their Christian meaning so as not to offend some minorities.

Mr Phillips, who is to give a speech at a conference on diversity in London, will say: "A lot of these stories about Christmas are the usual silly season stuff.

"But I can't help feeling there's sometimes an underlying agenda to use this great holiday to fuel community tension.

"That's why I asked leaders in different religious communities to join me in saying: It's time to stop being daft about Christmas. It's fine to celebrate and it's fine for Christ to be the star of the show."

Speaking about Muslim, Hindu and Jewish festivals, he will go on to say: "The logic is baffling: to welcome Eid and Diwali and Hanukkah in celebration of our glorious diversity, whilst brushing Christmas under the carpet as an embarrassing episode in our mono-cultural past."

Anil Bhanot, the Hindu Council UK's general secretary who has joined forces with Mr Phillips, said: "Hindus celebrate Christmas too. It's a great holiday for everyone living in Britain. We would like Christians to continue to carry Jesus' message of love. Barring the faiths of others does not fit in with the Hindu religion."

While Dr Indarjit Singh, director of the Network of Sikh Organisations UK said: "Every year I am asked, 'do I object to the celebration of Christmas?' It's an absurd question.

"As ever, my family and I will send out our Christmas cards to our Christian friends and others. In the spirit of Christmas, we in the Singh family will, as usual, force ourselves to have extra turkey, Christmas pudding and mince pies, the lot - all in the cause of inter-faith harmony. No one can say Sikhs don't go the extra mile."

Sunday, 9 December 2007

A little bit of Boney M

Cheerful little song.

Good evening.

And what a fine evening it is too. I do love my Sunday evenings - a whole week off work to look forward to!!
Today in A & E it was nice and quiet, so I had an easy day. I had a laugh with Cheryl and a brief chat with Ally.
I fell asleep not long after dad left after our Sunday roast dinner that Justin cooked for us for about 45 minutes, then we half watched The Royal Variety Performance; I only wanted to see James Blunt!!
I've been playing a game on my mobile for a couple of weeks now - JewelQuest 2 and Justin downloaded it tonight for us to play on our Nintendo DS's so we've been playing that - Justin still is!!
I got a funny email from my Uncle Dave up in sunny Doncaster tonight, he does make me laugh. Hello Uncle D if you're reading this jibberish.
It's nearly time for bed, so I better go and search for a Chrimbo song for tonight's entry.

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Carol of the Bells

I think I first heard this song on Home Alone.

What a Friday!

Lol, it was nothing amazing really, but it was hectic.
I spent the morning with Matthew's class for their "Great Fire of London" day. We had coffee first in the staff room, so that was a good start. We then went into the hall and had a brief chat about the historic event. I then had to sit at one of the tables and let some children brush through some soil to find some buried artifacts, and by pure chance, Matthew was in my group. I also had my friend from works son, Micko. They had great fun finding the things, and our things showed us that our family were Seamstresses and lived at Upper ...... hmm, Upper somewhere, lol, I've forgotten now.
After that we had some photos and a letter to read through, then it was break time. Then it was filling out an evidence sheet and finding our street on a large map. Back to the classroom for a "courtroom" session, then it was lunchtime and I left to come home. Matthew had had a great time.
I came home and had egg on toast and a cup of tea. The council then delivered us another recycling wheelie bin coz we get a lot of recycled rubbish, and hardly any "black bin" rubbish. I went out and wheeled that round the back into the back garden, came inside, then got in the bath and had a long soak... mmmmmmm.
Picked up Matthew from school, then I had half an hour asleep on the settee, before going upstairs and crimping my hair - I was going for an eighties throwback kind of look. I put glitter in my hair as well. Darryl and Abby came back from Cambridge after Christmas shopping.
Justin home a little bit earlier than usual, so I dished up the dinner and then after a cuppa, went upstairs and put my face on.
Merce, Micko's mum from work, came round about 7.10 and Cheryl and her dad picked us up at 7.20 and off we went. It was a great night, there was 14 of us. Me and Cheryl had a mixed grill, but it wasn't very hot and the mushrooms were cold, Cheryl's sausage wasn't even cooked!! Followed by Raspberry Brulee. We'd paid £10 deposit a few weeks back, and my meal totalled around £17, but when they were working out who had to pay more money I was told I didn't have to pay anymore!! So that was a cheap night out, lol.
I was drinking Malibu and lemonade - gorrrrgeous!
We had such a laugh, it was a great night. I walked home at 10.40 with Merce, she only lives in the next street to me and it only took about 10 minutes. I was tired and so full up. When we went to bed after an episode of Bottom on DVD I couldn't sleep coz I was so uncomfortable after all that food!

(Niki just got kicked off of X Factor!!!!!!!! Thought it would be Same Difference finally...)

Today I've been to work and Justin's dad and step mum came over and brought the Christmas presents for us, and spent the day here - they travelled from North Devon yesterday. They were playing on the Wii when I got home and having a good laugh. They left at 5pm as they were going to see Joan's grandson in London overnight.

I don't suppose I will be late for bed tonight, I'm tired now!

Thursday, 6 December 2007

My boy's trees in their bedrooms.

Darryl and Abby.

Matthew and Daddy.

Santa's Grotto!

Merry Christmas Everybody

Slade! So are you a Slade or a Wizzard fan??

Busy few days!

I've still got the mini book to finish, and tonight I need to cut Matthew's hair. I need to find his posh white shirt for tomorrow too... I'll get Justin on the hunt for that one.
Matthew brought Henrietta the cuddly Rhino home today for being good at school. I shall take some pics later tonight.
I'm out with some girls from work tomorrow night, we're going out for a meal, then they're going on a pub crawl, which I think I'll give a miss - work the following morning!!!

Cambridge United on the telly again... and they're one down...
I have finished my mini book and taken photos of it and I will upload the photos in a few days, probably Monday.
Oh!!! I got the epilator today, a Braun Xelle something or other. I was very brave and had a go on my legs today, and I can honestly say it's not as bad as I thought it would be. It feels like little pin pricks or scratches. The hairs need to be about 3mm, long ones do hurt more, and so does round the ankles. I did one leg, then crimped my hair, lol - I'm a throw back from the eighties, then did the other leg. My hair looked really good and I had an Alice band on to keep it back. Mum's at the school commented on my hair, but by the time I'd got home, because the air was so moist with rain, I'd only got a crimped fringe left!!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Stop the Cavalry

Bit of a strange Christmas song this one, but still good... and from the 80's!!


It was raining today, and Matthew walked to school in his santa hat. I had to go to the sorting office afterwards to pick up a parcel that I missed yesterday.
Today Darryl and Abby went to my dads for dinner, they had a nice time, and Abby came back with chocolate fudge cake my dad had bought for her! I shall have to have words, lol.
We all played on the Wii at night, bowling. It was only Abby's second go on it tonight and she beat all of us, and got the highest score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow I need to finish the mini book for Justin's mum, as his dad will be here on Saturday. I've got to watch the final episode of BBC HD of Heroes in a minute. It was apparently on the Sci-Fi channel, but it didn't get many viewers. It's done really well on the BBC and will show the second series when it comes out.
I really fancy some chocolate... we've got ten tons of it upstairs for Christmas!

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Do They Know it's Christmas

I was actually searching for the Ricky Tomlinson Christmas song but couldn't find it, lol, so ended up choosing the one for today.

Nice 'n' cosy.

That's what it's like here at the moment with the tree lights on, the candle in the window, and the garland lit up on the unit.
Last night we had several games of bowling, I got slightly better as the night went on, but Justin kept on winning overall... but I was better than Darryl, but only just. Matthew can play quite well, and he also had fun playing baseball and boxing.
Today I had a friend round to look at my scrapbooks - she was impressed and wants me to help her with getting started after Christmas. I shall be jealous of her spending lots of money buying all new scrap stuff though, lol.
I had the music channels on Sky this afternoon, singing along to their Christmas songs. I was listening to Noddy Holder's top 50 Christmas songs... one of which I shall upload in a few minutes. I also ordered a couple of things online today... an epilator (that should be enormous fun to use!!!), a crimper/tong/curler set thingy, and a new top. Hopefully they'll all arrive by Friday for my night out.
Friday morning I have to dress up for Matthew's school. They're having a Great Fire of London day, I said I'd help out in the morning.
Tonights dinner is going to be a homemade sausage plait (Thanks to Ally for telling me how to make one of those), it's sausage meat and apple sauce in pastry, with roast potatoes, runner beans, carrots, yorkshire puds, and gravy, YUM! I can taste it already.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Do you hear what I hear?

I thought I'd bring a little bit of class to the site tonight with this Christmas song, sung by a choir...

We've been playing on the Wii!!

We've played bowling tonight (it turned up this morning), I really like this game... I came last to start with, then second.
I went Christmas shopping this morning and got a few more pressies, better not say what they are coz of eagle eyes. Yeah you know who you are!
I didn't do much else today. I still need to finish the mini book, but I doubt I'll get any done tomorrow as I have a friend coming over tomorrow to look at my scrapbooks - she's thinking about starting one.
I'm going to post another song tonight, I've been a bit slack lately, plus I love Christmas songs!!

Jingle Bells

I love this fast version of this song!!

Sunday, 2 December 2007

So December is here...

My tree is up, and it's lovely!!!
Darryl and Matthew put their trees up in their bedrooms on Friday night and it's looks so cosy up there now. Matthew also has a big Father Christmas door curtain that you have to walk through his beard to get into his room. Love it!
We put the main tree up last night and it looks lovely. I feel all Christmassy coz I have UKGold on the telly, and it's TV's greatest Christmas moments - which, I probably watched last year, but my memory is so bad now I can't remember anyway, lol.
I've had my wrist in a strap all day as it's slightly swollen and been hurting for a week. I've taken it off now as it was irritating, plus I had to wash up the Sunday roast things.
Dad performed at a concert last night where Alan Titchmarsh and Pam Ayres also "starred". Pam recited a poem that wasn't one of hers, but dad said it was just as funny. I do love Pam Ayres!! It was also attended by Norma and John Major!
Darryl is at the cinema, don't know what he's gone to see though.
We should be getting a Wii delivered tomorrow. Justin has been watching a site, I don't know what site, but it was one that kept an eye on various shops that had one in stock, and also the last time they had one in stock. He finally ordered it on Thursday. He actually bought one last Christmas that we had fun playing bowling on, then sold it!!! He keeps doing that, lol, it wouldn't surprise me if he didn't have another xbox 360 next week.
I saw Cheryl's hair this weekend. It is lovely! It's the first time in her life that she's had any colour put in it.
Well... Matthew is now out of the bath, so I better put the kettle on.