Friday, 17 August 2007

Is it bedtime yet??

I'm really tired tonight. It won't be long before bed. Matthew has only just gone up in the past half hour as he wanted to stay up until Abby had gone home. We don't mind too much on a Friday night, plus it's the school holidays and he has been a good boy tonight. He got ready for bed nicely as well, saying he was very tired bless him.
Justin's dad phoned tonight to say that they had arrived safely. They stay in a hotel at Bar Hill a few miles up the road towards Cambridge. It will be lovely to see them again.
I'm still disappointed about the ATC's I made that are no good, and have been searching for Victorian macabre/horror pictures. My imagination is rubbish lately as well. I need to get these done and posted by, I think, the 25th of this month!!! HELP!!!
Justin and Darryl are sitting here discussing hd dvd's... We have a hd dvd player, and Darryl has the Playstation 3 which plays the Blu-ray format. Boys and their toys!
Oh well, that's about it for tonight, I'm knackered. Goodnight everyone...

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