Monday, 19 April 2010

Another day at Hinchingbrooke Park!

  Another great day at the park. This time is was me, Justin, and Matthew, on our bikes! I managed to bike all the way…. almost. I had to get off at the top of the road towards Hinchingbrooke Hospital as it’s quite a steep hill… well alright, more of a slant, but it’s hard going when you’re not used to being on your bike!

It was a lovely sunny day, although the photo’s don’t always show that the sun was out. Click on the pics to make them bigger.ha001 ha002 ha003  Matthew took these photo’s of us. He’s quite a good little photographer. The second photo, where we’re laughing, was because Matthew was fiddling around with the camera and on about various camera angles, he sounded like a proper photographer. Even though he’s messing with the camera, see how clear the image is?! Not a bit blurry! ha006ha005 ha004ha008ha007ha014ha013ha012ha009 ha010 ha011

Friday, 16 April 2010

Such a lovely day…

Another lovely afternoon was spent in Hinchingbrooke Park today. My friend Jacqui and her two boys, James, and Harry, picked us up at 1pm and off to the park we went. I took lots more photos, so this post is photo heavy. Please click on some of them as they look much better bigger.

Matthew enjoyed playing on these steps.


Matthew, James and Harry playing with sticks in the pond.


James trying to make a big splash with a stick.


Matthew practising for the 2020 Olympics in the Javelin and the Pole Vault.


A lovely windy path.


Harry with his light sabre.


James in the shadows about to pounce on Matthew.


Matthew trying out a wigwam.


A social gathering in the wigwam.


James and Matthew on a painful log??


Me and Jacqui… and Harry, lol.


My beautiful Matthew.


Matthew trying out his paparazzi skills.


A lovely scene.




A tranquil Matthew.


A peaceful, calm scene…


And then… a short time later, Jacqui told me she’s moving in three months………………. to Australia!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Cute Card Thursday challenge.


Sorry Uncle Dave, another card for you to look at! I’m all out of gossip at the moment!!!

So… I’m quick with this one. The challenge over at Cute Card Thursday is to make a touchy feely card. Well, you can touch the flowers, touch the lacy ribbon, and feel the glitter on her dress.




I of course used my lovely ProMarkers… and I remember most of the colours – Bluebell and Lilac for her top and headdress, Baby Pink, Pastel Pink, and Antique Pink for her flower skirt, Leaf Green and Lime Green for the flower stem, Tulip Yellow, and Gold for the flower she’s holding, Ivory and Blush for the skin, and I give up with the hair… I’m not good at colouring in the hair yet. Cool Grey 1 to shadow.

Cute Little Panda.


I can’t find a challenge to fit this cute little panda card in… I normally pick the challenge then do the card, but I coloured in this little panda last night with my ProMarkers and then made the card.


I used one of the gorgeous little beads among the flowers. I’d inherited the beads from my friend Mandy who died, so I don’t know where she got them from, but they’re very pretty. You can also see from this photo that I’ve glittered the white leaves.


Today me and Matthew are off to the library in town. We need to take some books back, and probably get a few more out. Then we’re going to buy a few sweets and nibbles for next Tuesday evening – Darryl and Co are over for dinner and I’m making sausage and apple plait, and we’re playing poker afterwards. Should be a fun evening.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Wooohoooo! I won the I Love ProMarkers challenge!!

2010 I Won

I didn’t know until this afternoon that I'd won. I’d been clicking on the link from my post from two days ago thinking I was going to the blog and would see the new challenge. I’d forgotten that the link just went to the challenge I was entering, derrrr, lol. I win £10 to spend in Joanna Sheen’s online shop… I’ve a feeling I’ll be spending more than £10!

Here’s a link to save you scrolling, to my card that won.

Thanks for my prize!!

A card just for fun.


I had a hunt around the challenges that are listed on my blog, and I found this challenge at Stamp with Fun, so I came up with this little piggy card. The little piggy is a digital stamp from and Etsy shop, click here to go to it.

I enjoyed colouring the piggy with my ProMarkers. Main colours used were Baby Pink and Pastel Blue… I really need to start writing these colours down, because I can’t remember what the shadow colours were called.


Matthew and I haven’t got up to much today, we had a stroll into town and bought some more Cadbury’s Highlights Hot Chocolate, and some banana’s from the market. That’s about as active as we got. Darryl popped in to give Matthew an Iron Man mask and hand glove noisy thing which he’d had to wear at the cinema while he was working yesterday. Matthew is happy, and Iron Man just happened to be on one of the movie channels too!

Well it’s cottage pie for dinner, so I best get off of here now to peel the spuds.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Today at sunny Hinchingbrooke Park.

Today was a lovely warm day, just right for a picnic in the local park. We were supposed to be going with Jacqui and her boys, but Jacqui phoned me to let me know she was ill half an hour before we were due to go. So as I'd already packed us a lunch each, I said to Matthew that just us would go.
Matthew had taken his little digital camera but the batteries died before he could take one photo! Here are some photo's I took with my digital Canon SLR instead...

Matthew sitting on something resembling a mushroom.

I tried to get some of the photo's similar to the ones that I'd taken with Amanda when we'd gone to the park just to take photo's in the Autumn. It's a pity I didn't get any in the Winter with all the snow on the ground as well, then I would just need Summer. It's amazing how different it looks in each season.
Click here to see the post where I show the scrap page made using the Autumn photo's.

Or click here to see the photo's from the Autumn walk with Amanda.

They think of everything... even a wooden sofa to relax on!

Yeah ok... I forgot to change the white balance when using it on all manual settings!! Still... I quite like it, so kept it. It looks kind of cold.

Matthew looking inside a sawn off tree.

And this little duck gave us quite a shock when we found it sleeping inside!

Matthew had no idea the camera has a self timer.