Monday, 13 August 2007

Doesn't it come round quick?!

Monday that is... doesn't seem five minutes since last Monday!!
Justin has the day off today, but back to work tomorrow... I shall miss him when he goes back to work so I'll be texting him all day long!!
Abby is here with Darryl, and they decided we're having chicken nuggets for dinner... I've just had a plate of lettuce and cheese and it was quite scrummy. Justin's made me a cuppa tea, and he's just reminded me it's there, so better go, lol.

Ok, it's after dinner now... and I noticed that Darryl came downstairs and his t-shirt was on inside out??!! He promised me his and her clothes stayed on the whole time... he said it must have been on inside out all day, lol... maybe it was, I can't say whether it was or wasn't!!!!

My tooth has still be giving me pain, and on Friday that I went back to the dentist. She keeps insisting that it's more than likely because the filling was a deep one, the tooth has become mega sensitive. She then painted on some orange tasting fluoride stuff and told me to return the following week if it was still painful. Well here it is next week, and I can say that I'm still taking painkillers twice a day. I have also been paying more attention to when it starts aching, and it's after eating something hot or crunchy. This evening I put a dob of sensodyne toothpaste onto it and it did stop the pain, so maybe the dentist is right with her conclusion. I can't believe how painful a filled tooth can still be, it still seems strange that it hurts this much. I shall persevere a little longer with it for now. Next Tuesday I have to go to the hospital to have my left bottom wisdom tooth out - the roots are bent, should be fun!

Oh.... and tonight I ordered the Poinsettia small treasure box stamp on Ebay. I made another treasure box today, and Matthew gave the one we made together during the week to Grandad yesterday. We got some toffees and put them into tissue paper and Grandad was very pleased.


  1. I have experience of having wisdom teeth removed...all 4, one at a time...take my advice, and when you get back from the dentist, fill a plastic bag with ice cubes and hold in place on your face for at least an hour, longer if you can. It will take over the pain relief when the anaesthetic (sp?) wears off, and will stop your face swelling up.

  2. Oh God... I thought it was going to be easy!! I had one wisdom tooth removed a few years back, and felt just like a normal tooth removal. I'm hoping I have a similar experience, lol. Thanks for the advice though.


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