Wednesday, 30 January 2008

It was time for a trim.

I decided last night that it was time for my hair to have trim so I went to one of the local walk in hairdressers. She said that my hair was in great condition apart from the very ends - straightening my hair damages the ends, despite using a serum and a spray on them. I liked my hair when she'd finished, and went to Boots to buy some shampoo and conditioner, the one that the hairdresser recommended, I then nipped in Sainsbury's coz I was busting for a wee, lol. Then it was a few doors down to Wilkinson's and bought a hair dye to even out the colour. Medium blonde. Met up with Auntie Janet and Uncle Jim, they'd bought more Britax water filter thingies. I also got some loo rolls that were on offer. Oh, and some lavender and camomile wet wipes.
I came back home and made a cup of tea, then put my hair dye on.
Checked emails, replied to a few on the card group then after 30 minutes, washed off the dye. Initially I was disappointed, but now it's dried and straightened I love it. It's not a bright blonde, but a mid blonde (lol, what it said on the box, well almost). It's one of those multi tonal ones as well, so I'm happy today.
Tomorrow we're having Virgin Media install V+ boxes for their tv. We used to have NTL but went over to Sky. It's a lot cheaper for exactly the same though on VM - £25 a month cheaper! Plus Darryl gets HD on his telly as well. I'm sure I've already rattled on about this when we booked it last week.
I got a free Rimmel lipstick sent to me today... bit too pink for my liking, I'm more of a plum/raspberry woman.
Off to dads later after school. Matthew wants to get a packet of Mars Planets from little Tesco's after school. I will have a fiddle with dads telly later, I want to see what Virgin Central looks like.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

On the Buses

Matthew has my dvd collection of On the Buses on at the moment. He loves it. He's got disc four on from series 3, the episode is One Foggy Night, soooo funny!!!
Sooo, what's happened since last week...
My phone was picked up on friday lunchtime. Shopping with dad Friday morning. Work at the weekend. They were such long days, Cheryl was in Skegness!!! She'd gone on Friday and back Monday. It was soooo boring at work. I'm glad she's back next weekend.
The card group is very chatty at the moment, we have generated almost 2000 emails since Thursday!!
Sunday, Justin sent me a text at work to say that the kitchen window was broken!!! Something has snapped inside the latch. I knew that Cheryl had had new gold handles fitted to her windows, so asked if I could have one of her white ones - she brought one over this morning and it didn't work. I mean it fitted ok, but it didn't fix the problem. So then I phoned the company up and they're sending me out a booking form, why this can't be done over the phone I have no idea. I have to sign it and send it back to them before it's booked. The ten year guarantee runs out next year, and it was time for someone to come out anyway because the window had dropped a little bit. It's one that opens from the bottom and then up and out. I only have trouble with those ones, all the ones that are side openers are fine.

I sent out two ATC's today, so hopefully they'll be received tomorrow. They are the only things I've made since Christmas.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

The best place...

Disneyland Paris Video
I've just been looking at this video, remembering our holiday to Disneyland during the Christmas season in 2006. When you load up the page, click on the white arrow in the video window. Disneyland at Christmas is fantastic... who says you need to take kids???

My wonderful new phone.

That excellent top of the range, well almost, phone that I've had for under 3 weeks died yesterday, lol. The screen wouldn't display anything properly. I phoned up my network, 3, and reported it faulty. The daft woman kept asking me to do things, I kept on telling her I would if I could see that the screen was saying. She asked me if I'd scratched it??? I... cannot... see... the... screeeeeeen. It is pixelated, the words are back to front if I can see any, the screen scrambles, then goes black... "well can you just press menu and scroll..." NO, I CAN'T SEE THE SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So... supposed to be picked up today for repair by midday, but here it is 12.35 and it's still here. Now it's being picked up tomorrow afternoon...

Well, it was a dramatic day on my cardmaking group yesterday, ended up with four members unsubbing, and a new group being formed with the remaining 30 odd members. We have a closed group, not open to the public. Today in the group it has been very chatty and funny. It all gave me a headache yesterday. The group has a nice new name, but still incorporating CardScraps.

Monday, 21 January 2008

The Penguin Cafe Orchestra

I heard this music on a wedding photographers website - he belongs to a photography forum that I'm also a member of. His site can be seen here. If using anything other than IE you won't beable to view the videos or music.

On Matthew's birthday...

Well, Matthew is now the grand old age of 7. He had a great birthday. He woke up really early and we finally got up around 7am. He opened his presents from us, some of which were, a Knight Rider remote control KITT car, Shrek the 3rd dvd, a little portable hand held mega drive with 20 games built in. Darryl got him Spiderman's webslinger, what a mess that makes! He got other presents too and a total of £140!!!!!!
After school we brought back Sean, and he got changed here, then Zach and Jack were brought round by their parents. We took them to Play 2 Day for 2 hours, where they ran around and climbed everywhere, down the bumpy slide, in the ball pit... Darryl was very helpful, he went in the climbing thingy with them - he had a great time!! We took them to the chippy on the way home and we all had sausage and chips, after that it was cakes, jelly, biscuits and drinks. They then played on the Playstation 3, and the Wii. They all left by 7.45pm... Matthew loved his birthday. Matthew had also got Tommy from school
In the morning, me, Justin and Darryl had gone to Subway and had a Breakfast Melt... mmmmmm... gorgeous!
Justin back to work on Friday, and could have done with another day off. I went shopping with dad, then into town for a cross stitch book. I've started a cat cross stitch, I think I started that on Wednesday coz I remember doing some at dad's.
Work at the weekend was very much less stressful than last weekend. Cheryl is off next weekend, she's off to Skegness for four days.
Matthew's at school, Justin's at work, and Darryl is in the bath - he likes to be fresh out of the bath for when he meets Abby. I'm going to carry on with my stitching... after I've added some photos to this post, and a music.

Gimme some cake!!! (Blurry photo!!)

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

A little bit of rain...

...has fallen.
This is a photo of the park just across the road from us. This water has overflowed from a little stream that runs along side the main road, which is normally about 4 feet lower before it gets to ground level. Click on the image for a clearer image.

The river nearby, the Great River Ouse, has burst it's banks further up the road and has flooded the park... I can't be bothered to walk up there though, lol.

The photo below is of Matthew being cheeky. It's his 7th birthday tomorrow.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Sshhhhhh don't shout!

Yeah I know, it's been a bit quiet around here. I've been playing with my new excellent phone, I love it!!
Normal things... Work, well work, was anything but normal this past weekend - everywhere getting ready for the yearly audit. I was glad to get home!!
Justin's Playstation 3 is still working. We had fun the other night with Darryl's eye toy thingy for the Playstation. I'm getting to grips with Sega Rally. Justin's got his Formula One game back... I'm still wondering how long he will keep this machine this time. He bought the PS3 on the day it came out last time, then sold it about 3 or 4 months later.

I've still not made anything crafty, although I have had an idea for a scrapbook page. In this months Scrapbook Inspirations magazine someone made a page just of her and her partner's hands and it was lovely, so I took a pic of mine and Justin's on my mobile phone and will upload it to the computer... mind you, I can't find the printer/scanner drivers at the moment...

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Flea Bags!

We had to bath the flea bags tonight, they weren't too impressed at the time, lol. Click on the arrow below the file above to see the video.

Justin came home from work tonight with a FREE Sony Vaio laptop!!! Apparently they're updating them all at work and were giving away the old ones free, blimey! Darryl's always wanted one of those ones... oops.

Darryl stayed at Abby's last night. I didn't nothing much else but play with my new phone. It was a bit strange at first, but now I love it. Plus we found a new site to download games for free!!! It had quite a few new games too, so that kept Justin happy too.

Today after school me and Matthew went to the library to take back some old books. He also got four new ones out and we had a mug of hot chocolate/mars drink each.

Not much happening now, Justin on old laptop and installed more games on his phone, and I'm about to hunt for more games after this post.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Cheryl OFF work today!

Cheryl woke me this morning just before my alarm went off at 5.40am. She told me that she wasn't going to work as she'd been sick, prawns from yesterday's breakfast apparently, lol.
I got up at 6am, and Matthew came down with me at 6.20 and we watched Robot Wars on the Sci-Fi channel, Matthew loves it.
I managed to get hold of dad at 6.40 and asked him not to pick me up until 7.15 instead, and not to get Cheryl.
I had to do some of Cheryl's work today - Intensive care, and a couple of on call rooms. Intensive care was busy, as was I for the whole of the day!
Breakfast was Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and a strawberry layers yogurt and a mug of tea, I do enjoy breakfast. I nipped in to see a friends mum (the lady that lives near us who was in Intensive care a few weeks back) and she is so much better although can't walk far. She is hoping to stay with one of her other daughters for a while until she is fit enough to come back home.
Dad picked me up from work at 4.15, although I wasn't out until 4.30. We came home and Justin had cooked the Sunday roast and it was lovely as usual. Dad took Darryl to his dad's as he was going to the cinema tonight to see The Golden Compass.
Justin reformatted the computer today, and we got it up and running correctly tonight, and networked the other two laptops so they could chat happily to each other again.
Matthew had a bath and Justin took down the decorations that were still in Darryl's and Matthew's rooms, and their Christmas trees.
I'm currently sitting here watching Big Brother - Celebrity Hijack. Most of them are ok, not overly keen on a couple, but no one is grating on me yet.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Blimey it's been ages...

Since I've posted in here!!
So... I stayed up to welcome in the New Year, we watched the fireworks on BBC1, most disappointed that the BBC decided to screen Jool's Holland's Hogmany in HD and not the fireworks like last year!!
My memory is bad and I can't remember what we did on New Year's Day... think we went into town at some point. It's been lovely spending some time with Justin during the daylight hours, normally he's at work in the week, and me at weekends.
We went to dad's on Wednesday morning, and to the new Co op at lunchtime - we had to buy some bread for the duck's and I spotted a bargain on the Special K berries for £2, so I bought those. Feeding the ducks was freezing, and we were glad to get back to dad's. Me and Matthew made a lorry Hama bead creation in the afternoon.
Sometime on Thursday I received a call from phones 4 u telling me I could upgrade my phone, I said I had no idea what phone I wanted so she hung up. I then phoned my network operator - 3 - and asked them if I was able to upgrade my phone yet and they said yes... so I had a chat with Justin about a new phone. I'm a Sony Ericsson fan and was going to get the Sony Ericsson K850i - I currently have the Sony Ericsson W850i, but then Justin said about the Nokia N95... it's got a Symbian operating system unlike a normal phone, and they're like little mini computers, so I phoned back and ordered that phone, and it's coming on Monday. I've not had a Nokia for years!! Even by bluetooth is called Nocky Ears... that's coz I was saying one day that I hate Nokia's, and Matthew said he hates nocky ears as well, lol.
I had a laugh today with Cheryl at work, she wasn't hungover either!! It was really busy in A & E this afternoon, I think we were running out of Major beds.
Justin is going to reformat the main computer, so we're sending stuff from that one to both our laptops at the moment, never a dull moment here!!