Friday, 19 February 2010

I love Promarkers challenge card.

This weeks challenge at I love Promarkers is to make a Spring card following a sketch... this is my interpretation. I realised I haven't actually got anything Springy!!

I used the gorgeous Pink Parfait papers from Do Crafts Forever Friends collection.
Promarkers = Cool Grey's 1, 2, 3, Tulip Yellow, Canary Yellow, Buttercup, Tan, Ivory, Pastel Pink, Blush, Baby Pink, Powder Blue, Cornflower Blue, Mint Green and Soft Green.
I also attached a little lace paper border, and if you look closely, you can see I glittered it.

Other News.

Well, Darryl turned 21 safely, and is now in Cambridge spending all of his birthday money. He got almost £400!!!!! Goodness knows what he'll come back with. I have to cook southern fried chicken soon... yum am starving already!! I may just have to nick a wing or something...

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Click the arrow to see the video.

So it's snowing again... This is Matthew and his Polish friend, Arek (proun Arrick) playing in the back garden. They couldn't wait to get outside when it started. It was falling heavily and in big chunks... Justin would have been happy at work, lol, he loves it snowing and says that if he's freezing at work, then it may as well be snowing.

The card below I made for my friend. The colours aren't quite right, as I used my mobile which is better in outdoor situations. Anyhoo, used my gorgeous ProMarkers to colour the puss in and some stickles glitter to liven up the bubbles...

It's Darryl's 21st birthday tomorrow. Blimey. He's coming over at 8.15 to pick up his birthday money - £120! So that he can spend it in Cambridge with Abby and her mum tomorrow. I think his dad has given him £100, so he'll have a good day out! They are then coming back, leaving me with Elijah and then going to the cinema. I've then go to cook southern fried chicken and southern fried chips while they're out. By the time that's all done, they should all be home and Justin should be home from work as well. I had to buy chocolate cakes etc today also, which Darryl gave me a tenner for, lol.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Handmade box.

I made this box from K & Co Blue Awning cardstock pad. The top of the box has a suedey feel to it. It is for my friend Cheryl, as it's her birthday on Valentines Day, and I have the day off work, woooohoooooooooooooo!

I added some ribbons, roses, and Cricut cut leaves.

...and then filled it with toffees!

Have a go at making the box, they're really easy... well alright, there's one fiddly bit, but once you've done it, it's easy!!

Other News.

Matthew has tonsilitis... awww. He's now on antibiotics and was going to be staying over his friends house tomorrow night, but not now. He's still managing to suck/chew the Drumstick lollies ok though, so no need to panic yet.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Matthew - Just Dance!

I bought the Wii game, Just Dance, yesterday. Matthew loves it! I had 15 minutes on it earlier today, took me ten minutes to get over it! I'm so unfit. I must have a go on it everyday!!
Click on the little triangle to see the video.

We went to dad's yesterday and had dinner. Dad cooks the most perfect pork chops. I stitched a little more of my Christmas sampler, and again a bit more today. I really need to finish the blanket I'm crocheting as well. I've only got to go round it three more times...

This photo was taken yesterday morning. It was snowing quite heavily for about half an hour, it snowed again in the evening and settled over night, but was gone by midday.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Christmas sampler

I haven't stitched any of this for ages!! Thought I'd better do a little bit today. It's such a busy picture, with so much to look at I love it! I shall do some more on it tomorrow, but take the Humphrey's Corner - Fishing one with me when we go to dad's tomorrow night for dinner.

So below is my progress... today I completed the left hand patchwork part and then backstitched it all. I thought it was better to backstitch each finished section otherwise it would be too overwhelming at the end.
The little bit of sandy colour is the beginning of a lion standing with a lamb.

Other news.
Matthew is playing Wii Resort basketball, he's getting quite good at it. I'm still waiting for my Wii Just Dance to arrive... that'll get me moving, *cough*.
Matthew is loving swimming at school, he can still only use floats, but he's getting more confident in the water. He's also loving playing a recorder. I bought him his own recorder and printed some music sheets off of the internet for him. I think he takes after his grandad for liking musical instruments. He loves playing on grandad's electronic double keyboard organ (I'm sure that it's called something other than that...) that's upstairs at dad's house.

Matthew is staying over his friends house again this Saturday night, and I've got Sunday off work, wooohoooooooooooooooo, a lay in at the weekend!!!!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Stitching - In Dad's Shoes.

This is little Humphrey standing "In Dad's Shoes" from "Humphrey's Corner"... awwwww. I stitched it to go in Matthew's room. I think I started stitching it before Darryl moved out last July so that it was ready to go in Matthew's "new" room... well I'm not the quickest of stitchers. That's not strictly true really, it's more that I get so far and then stop, plus I've got far too many hobbies and I start off really enthusiastic and then go onto something else. Well I'm never bored!! LOL!
Ok, so here he is, washed and framed this morning, ready for Justin to hang up later in Matthew's room.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

A little bit Witchy *cackle cackle*

So yeah... spur of the moment, decided to dye my hair yesterday. It was dark anyway, but I thought it needed refreshing. I bought dark brown............. Justin say's it's black, lol... and looking at these pics, yeah, it's black!! :-O

So what do you think???

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

PFP challenge, creatures great and small.

This is a first! The challenge was set today at Passion For Promarkers and I've got my card done on the first day!! Wooohoooo!
I used my lovely House Mouse stamp and used backing papers from, I think, K & Co. I can't be entirely sure as I bought them from a stationery shop.

Colours used - Leaf Green, Forest Green, Holly, Cool Grey's 1 and 2, Pastel Pink, Cocktail Pink, Orchid, Amethyst, Aubergine, Tan, Ivory, Satin, Blush, Vanilla, Blossom, Berry Red, and Pine.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Passion for Promarkers challenge, and a leaving card.

I'm late entering this one, but I only got my Promarker pens on Friday!! Then had to work all weekend, so I only got change to make this card today.
Passion for Promarkers set the challenge to use Pastel Green and Blossom colours mainly on the card. The papers I used are from the Forever Friend Parfait new range, they're gorgeous!!

Below is the card I've made from myself and Cheryl to give to our male supervisor at work who's leaving in a month's time. I used Joanna Sheen's Messy Rabbit stamps and background sheet. Promarkers to colour.