Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Bargain or what????!!!

... or not. Matthew and I went into town to buy some plain white card. Thinking that The Works is fairly cheap and had a fresh delivery of cardmaking stuff, I opted to get two packs out of there - 6 sheets for a quid, so I bought two packs. I then went to Wilkinsons to get some soap and food bags... thinking I'd have a quick look at their new cardmaking supplies. In there, I could have purchased 100 sheets of card for £2.69!!! I was so annoyed, lol. I know where to get it from next time. I only want it for stamping and printing on... flipping heck.

After a cuppa tea, I decided that it was high time that I sorted out the table, and Matthews crates of toys next to it. On the table was all my cutting thingies - sizzix machine, paper trimmer, guillotine, sizzix alphabet, plus numerous other stuff that shouldn't be there. I had to pull everything out, hoover it all, wash the floor and find new homes for lots of things, and sling out lots of rubbish. It took me around 2 hours!!! But I now have a nice looking table with a bowl of fruit on it... ahhhhh, home sweet home. There's another spot that needs doing, and that's the bit inbetween the settee and the reclining armchair... it has more of Matthew's toys in there... JUSTIN????????????

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