Saturday, 1 September 2007


Well I've been doing ok... sort of. Today at work I'd had my weetabix for brekkie, along with a yogurt and mid morning, a banana. For lunch it was a chicken sandwich, sugar free jelly and icecream... then Cheryl decided she was going to have apple pie and icecream... so I had it with custard, then in the afternoon a flipping Mars bar and Maltesers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been doing SO well staying away from the chocolate. I'll start again on Monday, and it's weigh in tomorrow, so we'll see if we've put any weight on.
Ally is going to go on the cabbage soup diet!! (Chris you met her at Mandy's funeral). Ally gave the papers to Cheryl and we photocopied them twice. I'm not sure I could do this diet... 8 bananas on the 3rd or 4th day!! And Ally says 20lbs of meat on the next day!!! That's a lot of meat!! Bigger than your large family turkey at Christmas Cheryl pointed out... so we think she must have got mixed up with ounces, lol.

Matthew and Justin are laying on both the settees watching Basil Brush... Justin said I can have his settee afterwards, good, coz I want to sleep for half an hour.

X Factor tonight, I love watching that... I can't believe most of these people truly believe they can sing!!! This will keep me going till Christmas as Big Brother ended last night... Brian won.

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