Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Hello... so it's Tuesday! I haven't written in here since Saturday!!! Blimey!

So...... Sunday. Work an hour later as it was the day the clocks go forward, so it got dark by 5pm this night. Work was good.
Celebrity Scissorhands started Sunday night and was funny. Steve Strange's hands still shake like mad! We also watched Most Haunted Live.
Monday the electric went at 8.20am!!! I took Matthew to school and hoped that the electric would be back on when I got back, nope. I went to town and took some coins in to change - we do this every year, just saving coppers and 5p's and it's mounted up to £34 this year, but the bank will only accept 5 coin bags a day, a pain, but there you go. Came back home, still no electric! I checked with a couple of neighbours, and they had electric, but another neighbour I checked with, didn't. Apparently it was every third house that was affected. If that were true, it should have been next door to me that was out, but typically, it missed that house and got us instead.
It was weird with no electric. I'd put some carpet freshener powder on the carpet before the electric had gone, and it was still there, lol. There was washing in the machine and I really wanted a cup of tea. Justin had texted saying that we'd go to the chippy tonight to buy us dinner, then ONE minute before Justin came through the door it came back on! He then said he wasn't wasting £20 on a takeaway when there was food in the freezer, lol. He helped cook dinner though, good, coz he wanted fried onions and I hate doing those.
Later we put Matthew's Halloween door curtain back up and hung up his lanterns in his bedroom. We watched Celeb Scissorhands, and then Most Haunted again. Abby was here also, but forgot to bring any money so I lent her a fiver to get home.
Today I took some more bags to the bank and got Matthew some chocolate pumpkins and eyeballs for tomorrow night. I watched the second part of Britain's Love Story, excellent! Last part next Sunday night. Didn't do much else... washed some towels, sent a few emails, picked Matthew up from school...

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