Sunday, 21 October 2007

I had to WALK half way to work this morning!!

Cheryl did not go to work today! I walked most of the way to work as I didn't think Carol was turning up to pick me up, but she'd been waiting for Cheryl. Oh well... the exercise did me good, lol.
I got a text from Dad today in Italy. That was good coz I hadn't heard from him since Thursday night when he was in France! He said that it was nice in the sun but a bit windy, lol, and the hotel was lovely.
Work was strange without Cheryl, but I did have a laugh with a paramedic, Karl, I've known him since we were little. We got talking about dogs and he asked what dogs I had, I said I'd got a Lab cross Greyhound (Sophie) and he called her a Grabrador, lol!! Him and his other paramedic partner said that there is such a dog as a Labradoodle, lol, now I know they were pulling my leg.
I saw Ally coming out of Xray so had a chat with her, she'd got me a fridge magnet from her holiday in Cornwall and it says "I'd love to give up chocolate, but I'm no quitter", lol. Ally got me up to date with the gossip as well.
We watched the rugby last night. England v South Africa in the world cup final... we lost. We did get a bit loud and excited when we got the try, but then it was disallowed! Watched the Grand Prix today, we lost that as well!!
On Friday I got three skirts!! Fancy that!

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