Thursday, 18 October 2007

Mini book

I started making a book about Matthew over a year ago. I bought the mount board and used really good quality card stock to cover and bind it. I then made the first two pages and didn't touch it again until yesterday, when I completed it!! It was originally being made for a gift for someone, but now I don't think I can part with it, I love it, Matthew loves it! The glitter I added to the paper on the snowman page is so lovely...

Other news today.
Dad should have come out the other end of the Eurotunnel by now. He was picked up this morning around 6.15 am and boarded Le Shuttle at 11.20am. No mobiles allowed on the coach. I used mine when we went to Disneyland - I had it on silent!! Dad will be staying in Dijon France tonight, then on to Diano Marino Italy tomorrow.

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