Monday, 8 October 2007

I DO like Mondays.

Here is the view from the docked Oceana at Civitavecchia in Italy. I almost feel like I've been along for the ride, lol.

Darryl had the day off work today, so I went into town with him... mainly because I'd paid the wrong company online this morning. I meant to pay Anglian Water, and paid British Gas instead, lol, so I then had to go into town and pay in more cash so I could pay AW. Darryl paid in some money to his account also.
Came home, and I checked emails, emailed Justin and dad. I went back into town with Darryl as he decided that he wanted to take up painting his little tiny metal figures from Lord of the Rings that he had around four years ago. He also bought another set of figures. Justin is making a model of the Titanic.

Darryl paid me a massive compliment today. He told me that he thinks I'm a much better person than I was, I also look better, and younger!!! LOL! Funny thing is, it all seems to coincide from the time I met Justin.

I've also started creating the floral cd again, got to keep Paula happy. I've had to have a rest at the moment, my arm feels weird - I hate having to make small repetitive movements.

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