Friday, 5 October 2007

Time for changes.

Justin text me today to say that we need to do more with Matthew. I need to stay off my laptop. Matthew loves doing those Hama bead things, so we're going to make some tonight. I'm going to have a go at a pumpkin!
I went to Tesco's with dad this morning. Dad bought Matthew a Halloween door curtain, and I got him a new pumpkin bucket for his sweets, a pumpkin torch, two paper lanterns - skeleton and pumpkin, a blue glo stick, and some balloons. I put the door curtain up on his door not long after getting back, it looks really good, he'll love it.
I've got This Morning on the telly. Bananarama are singing, only two of them. They sound exactly like they did 20 odd years ago, lol.

The Oceana is now docked in Monte Carlo... looks a nice day.

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