Monday, 22 October 2007

Nice day today.

Matthew is on half term, and was a good boy all day.
I went into town this morning to get Sophie's pills (she has Addison's disease) I also got bread, loo rolls, and a plug in smelly thing that was on offer.
Darryl decided he was going to Abby's in the afternoon, as she is going away on Friday. I went back up town with Matthew and bought him some Christmas activity books from the pound shop. I also got some more fluffy socks as they're selling out fast, and some other bits and pieces.
I cooked spaghetti bolognaise for dinner. Justin was home about 20 minutes early. After dinner Matthew wanted us to play Fusion Frenzy on the Xbox (the first one, the black one) so we had fun playing that for a while, and I had a glass of Bailey's and Justin has a Smirnoff Ice.
It's now 10pm and it's way past Matthew's bedtime, but as he's off this week he can stay up until 10pm.

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