Thursday, 11 October 2007


Today's weather has been gorgeous, well after the freezing fog cleared this morning, lol. It was lovely, sunny and warm.
Justin had the day off, so we went on the train to Peterborough around 10am. First stop was McDonald's for breakfast. It had been refurbished! Gone had the red and yellow, and in came grey and brown, and it looked really nice. Massive red lampshades!
We got Matthew a new fleece top and a Doctor Who present for Christmas, oh, and a set of playing cards that had Doctor Who pictures.
Justin was looking for a book about the Titanic. We went in both Waterstones shops, WHSmiths, The Works... but no one had one single book! I got a hair streaking kit, so Justin will do that for me tonight sometime... I just reminded him now, I think he forgot, lol.
Paula has now got blog and that's now listed on the right hand side on my favourite links bit.
I still have to add todays song... am thinking...
The Oceana visted Gibraltar today, but as I was out all day, I missed the picture of her docked there... sniff.
Oh! I did email Cadbury's... they have no plans as yet to relaunch any of the other flavours that they used to have... I'll just have to remember how good it tasted.

My hair is now hightlighted. I ended up doing it myself because it was easy enough, plus I'd bought the kit where you comb it in... I actually prefer using the cap version, so next time I'm going to use that.

I fancy something sweet... I might have a pear.

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