Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Happy Hallowe'en

Justin took this of me and Matthew tonight. There is a funny laugh at the end and I PROMISE this is NOT me, but it really does look like it, lol, but it isn't, honestly.

And here are some photos from this evening as well.

Our video camera has been playing up for a little while, and tonight it decided that it wasn't going to work, such a pain. It's only about 3 years old... I still had Great Yarmouth on video and other stuff from this year as well. SO annoying!! It was a mini dv type camcorder, but we're going to have to resort to the old ones which we still have coz they were the among the first types, and no one else would want them, lol. We'll have to use one of them at Christmas.
Justin had the afternoon off today, so we went and got some of our Christmas chocolates and bits and pieces that will keep - good to get them now as lots are on offer. It was nice spending the afternoon with Justin for a change.
Tonight we took Matthew trick or treating for the first time. We just went to five houses, and let Darryl take him up to the doors while we stood back. We had quite a few children to our house as well. We lit our pumpkin (Matthew calls is a punkin') when we came back that Justin had cut when we'd picked up Matthew from school. All in all it was a good night.
Matthew is now fast asleep in bed (10.40pm), he went to bed at 9.30pm tired.
We then watched Celeb Scissorhands, and now Most Haunted Live.
Bedtime soon... zzzzzz.

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