Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Library again today.

Darryl came with us today to the library, and we had hot chocolate which was lovely. When we got there it was storytime for the under four's, so quite busy. Matthew went on the computer again, sat in the train, and coloured some pictures in as well. He loves it in the library. We spent over two hours there today.
When we got home Matthew found Elf on DVD that we'd recorded a couple of years ago. I nipped into town and got my ranitidine heartburn pills, some paracetamol, and some ibuprofen. I saw my cousin Judith, and had a good a chat with her, and found out that she also likes to make cards. I was talking to her about scrapbooking.
Dad should be at Dijon again now, and tomorrow travelling back home. I don't think he'll be home very early.
Justin is now home and sitting here next to me looking through the telly book... he's just mentioned that Cool Runnings is on tonight... lol.
Matthew is asleep in bed - he went upstairs to watch Nanny McPhee again in his bed. NOW he's on about flipping football!! He had it on last night!!! He's reading every word I'm typing.
He's going to pick my song for tonight, lol.

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