Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Song lengths... hmmmm

I'm puzzled as to why some of the songs are only playing for 30 seconds because I am making sure that it's the full version I'm using... strange.
Oh, talking of strange!! Steve Strange (80's pop group Visage) is going to be a hairdresser again on Celebrity Scissorhands which starts on Sunday night. I loved the last one last year. It's on for 3 weeks on BBC3 and on BBC interactive all day and it's for Children in Need.
I'm taking Matthew to the library today and he's going to join so he can get his own card instead of using mine. The library is in a temporary building at the moment as they're knocking down the excellent hexagonal shaped one and building a new one on the site. Matthew hopes they keep the wooden train that kids can sit in, but I doubt it, it's really old and the funnel has already fallen off.

We've been to the library. It was nice, not quite as nice as the old library, but still nice. You can actually go to the loo in this one, and buy a hot drink or bottled drink. Matthew sat and coloured in some pictures and done a word search. We looked through some books, and Matthew played on the old wooden train - he was very happy it was there. We were at the library over an hour and a half.
We came home and had lunch and then decided to go up town and go to the pound shop where we bought some Fruit Shortcake biscuits, toffees, and then in Sainsbury's we got Jelly Babies and some other jelly sweets. Lovely, lol.
Darryl wants his hair cut in the three hours he has in between shifts today, so I'll get my zappers on it later after he's had his lunch.

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  1. Ay up! Our Rozzy's in training for Celebratory Scissorhands! Gizus a jellybaby....


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