Sunday, 14 October 2007

Sunday Sunday Sunday.... ahhhhhhh

Good evening.
So... Paula wants some help in creating some digital scrap pages, it's fairly straight forward and complicating at the same time.
Work was good today. Cheryl didn't have hangover so that was a good start. Weigh in this week - I stayed the same again, and Cheryl lost a pound.Dad stayed for dinner but next Sunday he will be in Italy on the Italian Riviera.
If we'd of gone on our cruise, it would have been docked in Southampton today, lol, having ended the cruise. I had a great time following the ship round, lol.
I watched some of the rugby tonight. I don't think England will beat South Africa next week... especially as they beat us 36 nil during this World Cup a few weeks back.
I've not thought too much about a song yet tonight, but I will.

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