Wednesday, 3 October 2007

A double layout.

I made this layout today of Justin and the poem that I wrote for him. I've been downloading a ton of stuff today.
This kit was downloaded from here
There are some gorgeous kits at this lady's blog.

Justin went back to work today, though he says he's taking it easy and the others are doing all the heavy stuff. I'm missing him, lol. I always do...

I was talking to a lady that I've known for around 20 years today. I know her mum, and her daughter, who is 6 or maybe 7, is in my son's class at school. Her name is Tracey. Last year she had a breast removed due to cancer, and today she told me that the biopsy she had done 2 weeks ago came back as lung cancer, and is incurable. It's very sad. Anyone reading this please send positive thoughts, or pray for her, whichever it is you do, she is only in her early forties... thanks.

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