Sunday, 7 October 2007


Here is a view of the ship in the dark, lol. It's at Santa Margherita, yesterday it was in Florence/Pisa, tomorrow it will be docked in Civitavecchia for a trip to Rome. It's strange following the shop round. We were booked to be in rooms that began with LE... that's as much as I remember, apart from it was an outside oceanview cabin.
So... what's the OMG! about??! Justin has sold his Xbox 360!!!! I don't believe it!!! He only bought Halo 3 two weeks ago as well!!! I think he's just sort of growing out of games machines. I loved that machine, sniff, lol. We still have the black Xbox and I don't think he's thinking of selling that one.

Good laugh again with Cheryl. Weigh in today - I stayed the same yet again, not bad after all the chocolate I've eaten this week! Cheryl lost a pound, but has no idea why.
A & E was really busy this morning - majors was busy all day long! Resus has two beds in it, and at one point both beds were in use. Babies were in resus both today and yesterday, I don't like it when children are brought in.

So now it's Sunday evening, best time of the week! Matthew's in the bath, Justin's having a shave, Darryl's on the computer and after this, I shall be watching Cirque de Celebrite' on Sky One. X Factor was on again tonight, I'm not happy with all the decisions made... but most are good. One of my favourites is Beverly, I also love Emily, and one of the blokes, can't remember his name, but he's the one with the little boy. Oh and I like the other young bloke from Scotland...whatshisname, lol.

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