Wednesday, 10 October 2007

It'll soon be the weekend again!

Darryl was meant to go to work today, but had been awake most of the night, freezing then hot, and headachey. He most probably had a temperature.
Went to dads today. I installed MS Office for him, so now he'll get even more confused! Hello Dad, lol. My dad now knows where my blog is and thinks it's interesting reading.
Dad cooked us shepherds pie tonight, lovely as usual. I meant to get to work on another card set for the cd today at dad's, but I couldn't be bothered, but I have managed to create 2/3's of a set tonight. I sent some of the previous set to Paula.
Justin had had pie and chips from the chippy by the time we got back tonight! We're having a MacDonalds tomorrow in Peterborough, lol, no expense spared! We'll be going on the train after taking Matthew to school.

The programme that I watched, Bulgaria's Abandoned Children, is to be repeated on November 10th on BBC2, it should really go out on BBC1...

Cadbury's Wispa is being relaunched this week after being absent for four years. I wonder if they'll bring back the Wispa Mint?????????? I might have to email them!!

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  1. hello Mrs Blogger

    Thanks for the lovely sets you sent yesterday,,,keeo em coming

    Got blog up n running
    Its not as cool as yours, but.....


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