Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Hot Chocolate

Well what a gloomy, dreary day! We did have a couple of hours of sunshine today, but for most of it it's been raining.
I've had a chat with dad on the phone, and had a look at the hotel he'll be staying at in Italy and it looks lovely, right by the sea. Lovely...
It was sunny when I went to pick up Matthew from school, but it started to rain just as he came out. By the time we got home we were absolutely soaked, and I know how dad worries when that happens!! LOL! Anyway, we got changed when we got back and then straight into town to get Matthew some shoes. I'd been into town this morning and had seen some Spiderman 3 ones, and luckily they fitted him, so Matthew was very happy. I also got four sheets of card from the craft shop coz I want to do a scrap page of the dragon at Disneyland.
We're now home. We have On the Buses on the telly, and a mug of hot chocolate... mmmmm...

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