Tuesday, 31 July 2007

What do I listen to on my ipod?

I have 218 songs on my ipod, not many I know, but I always get stuck and can't think of a song when I'm downloading them... sooooo... what do I listen to the most on there...

  1. R Dean Taylor - There's a Ghost in my House
  2. Mistura - The Flasher
  3. Cascada - Miracle
  4. William Orbit - Barbers Adagio for Strings Dance Remix
  5. Coldplay - Fix You
  6. Coldplay - Talk
  7. Coldplay - In my Place
  8. Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
  9. REM - Leaving New York
  10. The Rolling Stones - The Last Time (My Ringtone on my phone!! W850i)
  11. Amy Winehouse - Back to Black
  12. Christine Aguilera - Candyman
  13. Eva Cassidy - Songbird
  14. Justin Timberlake - My Love
  15. Pink Floyd - Mother
  16. The View - Same Jeans
  17. My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade
  18. My Chemical Romance - Mama
  19. Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody
  20. Enrique Iglesias - Addicted
  21. Pachelbel - Cannon in D Major
  22. Verisma - Mistress of Destiny
  23. BYU's Men's Chorus - Be Still my Soul
  24. Hans Zimmer - Chevaliers de Sangreal
  25. Enya - Anywhere Is
  26. Enya - Only if
  27. Soundtrack - Pirates of the Caribbean
  28. Mood Mosaic - A Touch of Velvet
  29. Dire Straits - Romeo and Juliet
  30. The Beatles - Let it Be

There... lol, that's what I play the most. Quite a mixture!

In the garden...

I've been sitting in the garden with Matthew today. We also played swingball for a while, then I hung out a second load of washing, we then coloured in a couple of butterlies in his colouring book.

We came in, I fell asleep, Matthew's now watching Lady and the Tramp on a video that Cheryl from work has lent him. I came back on the computer and have now ordered four reclining garden chairs and a patio table and chairs set... I know I know... slap me. We do have some of those little upright garden chairs that we use now, and I do have a couple of recliner chairs, but the recliners are in far reaches of the garage, no mean feat rescuing those, so I thought sod it.

Here are a couple of cards that I have made using set four on my brand spanking new cd that's still in the making...

I now need to go and put some chicken pieces in the oven. We're having chicken with sweet and sour sauce, rice and pineapple for dinner, mmmmmmmmm.

New ATC's received

I received these lovely ATC's today. The first one is from Totty (her blog listed on right) in Spain. I'd hinted that I loved this ATC, so she sent it to me. It's made entirely from fabric and beads, wonderful, thanks Tooters!! The second one is from a lady called Jennifer on the SwatBot website. It's from the fairy swap that was hosted by Lisa (also on the right!)

Today I also received a rubber stamp that I'd ordered on Ebay, it's gorgeous. I'm looking forward to using my distress ink with this one... I'll probably totally cock it up, but so long as I have fun in doing so, then that's fine with me.

I've also been making more card sets for my next cardmaking cd. I've made 5 sets now. I've made two cards from it also, and have posted one of them to Marion, who's on my cardmaking group in Yahoo, for her birthday on the 10th of August. Marion is a fan of my cd's, I think she's bought all of them!!

Monday, 30 July 2007

And in ran Monday.

I love Mondays... ahhhhhhhhh...
Anyway. I've started on my 6th cd!!! I am loving this one!!! This is going to be a general greetings Floral one. I sent one of the cut out/embellishment sheets for Paula to play with and she loved it. I've made slight alterations to that Paula, and I've added another sheet as well, plus the usual stuff... backing papers, tea bag tiles, inserts, tags (big ones!)... oooOOoOooooOooo, tiz lovely!! But it does become a labour of love after a while, lol. I've made three sets so far, and I'm aiming for around 25 -30.
Aside from the cd, my tooth is still giving me gip, but not as bad as it was, so I'm hoping that it's going to calm down.
I had a letter this morning, well to be precise my ex husband had a letter this morning saying he owed almost two grand to this company. I went mental, like I do, so phoned up the company to say that we are divorced and he no longer owns this house with me... they seemed satisfied, they better be!!!
My distress ink in Walnut Stain arrived this morning, but my rubber stamp didn't... sniff. I'm so looking forward to using that stamp!!
Work yesterday was fine. First thing that greeted me was a 21 year old that had been in a RTA (road traffic accident), face all cut up and unconcious. The parents were on holiday and were called back. Typical eh?! Just when you think it's safe to go on holiday as well, lol. Anyway, the injured 21 year old was later moved from A & E to a ward and was doing fine.
Ok... I should really get back to the cd...

Friday, 27 July 2007


Yes, 8 cards made this week!! 7 of them Christmas cards, and one for a friend who's down at the moment. Of course I can't show them coz the future recipients would see them on here.

I've got back into rubber stamping again, and I used my dreamy Father Christmas stamp. It's a gorgeous stamp, along with "T'was the night before Christmas" stamp.

This card I think I sent to Winnie in Norway last year. I just uploaded it so you can see what I'm raving about. I ordered another gorgeous stamp on Ebay yesterday, I can't wait to get it!! Here is another card I'm particularly proud of...

I made this for my mum and dad for Christmas 2005 (Mum's last Christmas). It had a lot of stamping, embossing in gold, decoupaging, and glittering. Justin thought it was the best one I'd made, and he is a tough critic. I shall try and reprocate it this year.

Right, I must put the fish in the oven. We're having fish and chips, lol... haddock in breadcrumbs to be precise. Then after dinner I shall have a long soak in the bath and BB eviction of course later... and it better be Charley!

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Here's a couple of cards received.

I received the card a couple of days ago from Elaine on my card group, and the ATC's are from a lady called Ingrid in Germany for a SwapBot swap. All lovely I'm sure you'll agree.
Yesterday Justin came home from work at lunchtime. He decided to take the afternoon off work, so we went to Peterborough on the train. Matthew loves the train. We bought Matthew Swing Ball, Justin got an xbox hd dvd player, two hd dvds, and a tube led light thingy which looks good lit up in the evening. We had McDonalds also. We got home around 6pm.
Matthew played in the garden with his dad for around an hour, then they watched Short Circuit on dvd in Matthew's room - that meant I got the telly downstairs!!! I love our telly... Sony Bravia KDL w40a12u, (just in case there's any techy people reading) love it love it. Anyway... I then got the telly, so I spent it watching Christmas Crafting for most of the night!!! Then what I didn't get to see, I got the Sky HD box to record it... ahhh, will be heaven to watch that when I can.
Later, after Big Brother highlights show, Justin put on the hd version of Children of Men. I watched around half an hour of it, but was too tired to watch anymore, plus I've got a cold, so crawled into bed instead...ahhhhhhh...
Today me and Matthew went to town to post some the Faerie ATC's off to their destinations. I read the swap wrong... it said Fairy, not Faerie, lol.
I also bought two paper packs by Dovecraft, and the Creativity mag by Do Crafts. I love paper, lol.

Monday, 23 July 2007

I can't believe...

...I'm still up! I've been watching Justin play Texas Hold 'em on the xbox, it has a catchy tune, lol. He's winning at the moment.
It's way past my bedtime now anyway, so night night... xxxxxxx

Ah... ok, he came third, lol.

Day One

In the Big Broth... I mean, of the School Holidays.
It started off well this morning. I managed to get Matthew into town by 9am to get some craft stuff for us to make some Christmas cards. I always spend more than I should and spent around £20. I got the new Papermania Vintage 8x8 Christmas papers, they are gorgeous!! I also bought some other bits and pieces.
I had to get some antibiotics as I'd visited the out of hours doctor at work yesterday because of my constant toothache. It's quite good it being in A&E, I got to go in early, lol. I went because I thought maybe the toothache was deferred pain as I'd already been to the dentist. It appears that I have a slight ear infection, and maybe that was causing the pain. I hope so.
We came home from town and after a quick hoover and making a cuppa tea, we set about making some cards. Matthew made nearly 4, and I made two. Matthew was using peel off's and colouring them in with this glitter pens and glitter glue, and I was doing some decoupage on mine. He has now gone upstairs to watch his telly coz I've still got Create and Craft channel on down here, lol, but I'm also left with all the mess to tidy up and put the craft stuff away again... sigh.

Friday, 20 July 2007

Great British Summer

This photo is just to prove that we did have one long hot summers day, long enough to hang out the washing and get it dry.
It's now almost 5pm. I need to get the dinner on. We're having pork chops, roast potatoes, home made yorkshire pud (not just for roast beef!), fresh veg - spring greens, runner beans, carrots, with onion gravy... yummmmmm.
The rest of my evening will be spent in the bath, then watching Big Brothers eviction... hopefully it will be Nicky going and not Gerry.
Darryl is currently in Peterborough with his girlfriend Abby, and tonight at 11pm he is meeting up with his mate, Sam, and they're going to Tesco's to buy the final installment of Harry Potter... it will be sad if JK has killed him off, but I think she will have done...

I know it's not Rememberance Sunday... but...

In Flanders Fields
by John McCrae, May 1915

In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch; be yours to hold it high.

If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields.

In Memoriam
by Ewart Alan Mackintosh
(killed in action 21 November 1917 aged 24)
(Private D Sutherland killed in action in the German trenches, 16 May 1916, and the others who died.)

So you were David's father,

And he was your only son,

And the new-cut peats are rotting

And the work is left undone,

Because of an old man weeping,

Just an old man in pain,

For David, his son David,

That will not come again.

Oh, the letters he wrote you,

And I can see them still,

Not a word of the fighting,

But just the sheep on the hill

And how you should get the crops in

Ere the year get stormier,

And the Bosches have got his body,

And I was his officer.

You were only David's father,

But I had fifty sons

When we went up in the evening

Under the arch of the guns,

And we came back at twilight -

O God! I heard them callT

o me for help and pity

That could not help at all.

Oh, never will I forget you,

My men that trusted me,

More my sons than your fathers',

For they could only see

The little helpless babies

And the young men in their pride.

They could not see you dying,

And hold you while you died.

Happy and young and gallant,

They saw their first-born go,

But not the strong limbs broken

And the beautiful men brought low,

The piteous writhing bodies,

They screamed 'Don't leave me, sir',

For they were only your fathers

But I was your officer.

Inspiration for the Poem
On the evening of 16 May, 1916 Lieutenant Ewart Alan Mackintosh and Second Lieutenant Mackay of the 5th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders led a raid on the German trenches in the sector of the front line north-west of Arras. By the end of the night there were sixteen British casualties, which included fourteen wounded and two killed. One of the two dead soldiers was Private David Sutherland.
Private David Sutherland has no known grave. His name is commemorated in Bay 8 of the Arras Memorial to the Missing at Faubourg d'Amiens military cemetery in Arras.

Taken from the website http://www.greatwar.co.uk/

Me 'n' him

I love this photo of me and him. Darryl took it so it's had to have a bit of a sharpen, Darryl's not too hot at keeping the camera still. And yes, it is a crop of the one further down the page, lol.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Friends Reunited

I took the plunge today and registered with Friends Reunited, well I mean I paid the sub finally, after searching for an old friend called Julie. I was SO happy to find her on there, and to see that she'd updated only yesterday.
I have tried so many times to find her, using old contact details I've had, the phone book etc. We used to have such a laugh. I met her first online, and she was with me the first time I met Justin as well... in fact, I met them both on the same day, lol. I have missed her, and today I found out that she had a little girl last year!!!! WOW! Now I just need her to check her emails, lol.

Crafty Day

Today has been fairly uneventful apart from finally making Paula's card!!!WOOOHOOOOO! I also made a card for our dear friend Chris D as well. I also posted off four ATC's to two different ladies in America - better not upload any of these pics till they've been received!
Paula's card also went in the post this afternoon, yes the glitter had dried Paula... I'm so organised today!!
Next week I need to get on with some scrapbooking for the American lady that sent me the stuff to do some pages with. I'm hoping Matthew will let me get on with it as he's on holiday from school.

It's been a lovely sunny warm/hot day today, but yet more rain is forecast for tonight till Saturday night. It seems to have rained everyday for the last month or so. The whole world is having strange weather.

My teeth are still giving me pain. My dentist says I should use some sensodyne toothpaste. I have bought some today... but surely having sensitive teeth doesn't mean constant pain??!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Matthews Sports Day

The look of pure concentration

Well it went ahead... and rained on and off. I took a few photos of Matthew doing his duty. He was in the red team, and the red team won!! WOOOHOOOOOOOO!! Winning with just under 500 points.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

My Faerie swapbot atcs.

Sorry Lisa, lol... just make sure you're not my partner.
I sat making these late last night, and today I made my seaside swaps for Cardscraps n ATC's Yahoo group. I still need to make Paula's card, which I'm sorting my head out to do on Thursday. I was going to do it tomorrow, but it's Matthew's sports day so I won't be able to do it before going to dads. You will get it Paula!! Promise!!

ATC's received today

I received these today from a lady in Canada called Cathy. I love them. This is from a swap hosted by Lisa on Swapbot.

Monday, 16 July 2007


The above photo is of Hotel Disney - bit expensive to stay there!

Well I thought I'd better get started. If you click on the flickr album on the links section to the right, you can see some of our Disneyland photos.
Ok... so...
Monday July 9th 2007
Dad came to wave us off at the bus station. He had phoned to say that he wasn't going to make it to see us off, and then he came round the corner laughing, lol.
The coach was a few minutes early - one hour late at Christmas! So that was a good start. We had one pick up at Cambridge, then we hurtled down the motorway and over the Elizabeth Bridge crossing The Thames. It's a lovely bridge. There was a gprs system on the coach which every now and again, gave a little tune and told us something about the area we were passing. It would have been more interesting had we of been able to see what they were on about, but all we could see were trees. We hurtled a few more miles, and then stopped at the Maidstone Services. After that, it was on to Dover.
We had to get off our lovely Silver Service loadsa leg room coach, to board another one at the interchange. This one was going to take us onto Disneyland once off the ferry. The weather then turned. We stood under a shelter in a thunder and hailstorm!
We boarded the 2pm ferry to Calais. We stood outside while we left England. You could see the French coast in the distance. It soon got a bit windy out at sea, so we went and sat down inside.
About an hour and 15 minutes later, we went and found our coach again and soon settled into the four hour drive to Paris. We stopped once for a comfort stop, so it was a wee and coffee we had there, lol.
We got to Disneyland around 9.30pm and started dropping off at the hotels. Ours was the third drop off at the Sequoia Lodge. We were in Sierra Lodge, room 312. It was the lodge that's the furthest away from the main hotel!! Still... it was a free hotel upgrade so mustn't grumble, and it was lovely inside. The Sequoia grounds are lovely, all wood and stone buildings set amongst sequoia trees, very tranquil.
After signing in at reception, and ordering the much needed kettle (we'd took our own supplies to go with that!) we found our hotel room, and the kettle was already there!! How's that for fast service?! We unpacked all our clothes and left our hotel room for Disney Village, walking the five minute walk around Lake Disney. We had a McDonalds at around 11.30pm, lol. Disney Village stays open until around 2am, and there's music constantly playing.
We went back to our hotel around 12.30am, Justin made us a cup of tea, lovely. Bed around 1am and everyone was still wide awake, and I had to keep listening to Justin and Darryl quoting lines from "The Fonejacker".

Tuesday 10th July 2007
We got up around 7am, and into breakfast for 7.45am. It was a continental breakfast, so I had cereal, jam on toast, yogurt, orange juice, and a cuppa tea. After brekkie it was straight to Disneyland.
It was lovely to walk back into Mainstreet again, though not quite as magical as it was at Christmas time... but still lovely. I was taking lots of photos.
The first ride was the Caroussel in Fantastyland, I went on that with Matthew. Other rides we went on was the new Cars ride over in Disney studios, that was a bit fast for me. We also went on Buzz Lightyears laser blast, Pirates of the Caribbean, Phantom Manor... and I can't remember what else. Justin and Darryl went on Space Mountain: Mission 2. Justin pulled a muscle in his shoulder on there, lol. Lunchtime we ate in Pizza planet.
We stopped in the afternoon in Studio 1 for a coffee and look round the shops. There's so much stuff to buy!! There were more characters around than there was at Christmas.
We went back to the hotel around 3pm for an hour or so's rest and a cuppa, then it was out again in the evening until 11pm.
We fell asleep much quicker tonight.

Wednesday 11th July 2007
Up early again, for pretty much the same breakfast, and then onto the parks again. At 10am we were queueing up outside Frontierland for Justin and Darryl to be one of the first in the queue for Thunder Mountain. One of the rangers or whatever you want to call them, took them to the ride and gave them a VIP pass for the day. That meant that they could go to the front of the queue as many times as the wished for the whole day!! And they only used it twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We went to a show in the afternoon. It was the Motors Stunt Show. Absolutely fantastic!! We took lots of photos and video. We all loved this show. We also went on the Studio Tram Tour again, that's brilliant also. Love the fire and water on the tanker!
Dinner this night was at Planet Hollywood! The meal cost us 130 Euros!!! Justin and me had bbq spare rib rack, with chips. Matthew had chicken nuggets lol. He actually fell asleep up the table before finishing it. Darryl had half a roast chicken with mash and veg. For desert we had triple chocolate brownie with ice cream and cream. Poor Matthew missed out on that as he didn't wake up till it was time to go. Back into the parks until the castle was lit at 11am. Matthew really enjoyed the castle being lit up. He adores the castle. Tinkerbell sent fairy dust out over the crowd.
Back to the hotel again around midnight, and straight to sleep after a cuppa of course.

Thursday 12th July 2007
Our last full day was spent doing things for a second time, like Autopia car ride, Pirates of the Caribbean again, and the Phantom Manor. My money went on a Tinkerbell bag and purse, plus charms to hang off it, lol. Justin bought mainly t-shirts for himself, and Darryl even spent 40 Euros on a hat! Justin and Darryl went on the new Crusher's Coaster. Justin said it was so fast, and isn't a ride for kids, but as there's no warnings people were taking their kids on it, and it's nothing like the advert for it. We did go to go in Armegeddon again, but I had to take Matthew out this time, as he was getting too hot. I went on the tea cups with Justin, lol, and I also went on Peter Pan's Flight too! I walked across a rickety bridge, and we all had a wonderful time... here's to the next visit!!

Friday 13th July 2007
We had to be up at 6am to go for breakfast and be ready to be picked up at 7.45am. We stopped at Calais and had some chips like last time, and then on to the port. We had to be there 2 hours before the ferry left due to British customs being tight at the moment. The ferry crossing was good as it was going. We got home at around 6.45pm... worn out. Thank goodness I had the weekend off.
The following is from the first trip to Disneyland brought across from my other blog... I didn't want to lose it... I never actually finished it.
Our Trip to Disneyland Paris - December 15th - 18th 2006
I thought it was about time that I started writing about our trip to Disneyland just before Christmas... so here goes...

I was nervous about the trip, mainly because I am nervous, lol. I was worried about leaving the dogs and the house, was the ferry going to sink etc... I needn't have worried. This was our first family holiday...awwww.
We set off for the bus station at 10.20am. The coach was picking us up at 10.55am. Dad met us at the bus station - he was there because he wanted to wave us off. Well, we were still sitting there at 11.30 so I phoned Leger, the holiday company, up to see where they'd got to. I was told that the coach had only left Peterborough 10 minutes ago!! Dad ended up going home, he had to get on with something, can't remember what that was though now...
Anyway, the coach turned up at midday, and on we all got. Justin sat with Darryl, and I sat with Matthew. Matthew was such a good boy on the coach. I happily sent text messages to dad all the way to Dover. It was a good journey. We arrived at Dover at 3pm, after a 20 minute stop in Maidstone. The French customs wanted 6 people to get off the coach and have some of their luggage checked. So, the moral of that is, if you have a gun in your suitcase, don't get off the coach, simple! I told Justin to get off coz not many people were volunteering. I watched him being frisked and one of our suitcases checked, it was the one with all my hair weapons in it... straightners, hairdryer etc.
At the end of the customs episode it was too late for us to board our ferry, so we had to wait until 4pm to board the next one. We were supposed to go by P & O, but it was Sea France instead. We boarded the ferry, and it was all very exciting, I was loving every minute of it, so was Matthew! We left the port at 4.30pm it was almost dark then. Once we'd got out of the port the sea was rough. We were swaying all over the place walking, and the chefs in the restaurants were having trouble serving... I thought the end was nigh! Once we were half way across I was fine though, and happy to see the lights of France getting closer. Clocks were put forward and it was 7pm when we got off the ferry.
The most boring journey I have ever been on now took place... Calais to Paris is the most mind numbing journey. I was beginning to get indigestion/trapped wind, lol.. I get it every single day, and can normally lay down for half an hour to sort it out, but a bit difficult when sitting upright on a coach. Every so often I kept hearing people saying that it was just another half an hour... just another half an hour... oh if only I could have burped I wouldn't have cared! Anyway... finally the driver said he could see the lights of Disneyland!!
We dropped off the first lot of people at The Sequoia Lodge, and had to wait on the coach for them to be checked in. Then it was to the Cheyenne, then to our hotel, Hotel Santa Fe (The cheapest!). It took about half an hour in the lobby to get that sorted, and as we arrived at our hotel block I thought I was going to throw up... but didn't.
We got to our hotel room (block 46, room 026) and it was freezing!!! Couldn't work out how to turn on the radiator either. We unpacked our clothes, me and Matthew went to bed, and Justin and Darryl went into the hotel bar. Darryl had been chatting up the coach hostess, Lindsey, so they met her for a drink.
Justin came back about 1am and couldn't believe how cold the bed was. We had two double beds, and Matthew shared his with Darryl. Justin felt sorry for Matthew as he didn't have anyone to cuddle up to, lol. Darryl came back at about 3am (so he informed me in the morning), and had been the first to visit Disney Village...
We started getting up about 7.30am. We went to the main part of the hotel and had breakfast... a continental breakfast. I'm not too sure I like these. Anyway. I had some cereal and a crossant, along with orange juice, and I think we had tea as well. Matthew had some cereal and a chocolate crossanty type thing. After breakfast we decided that we wanted a kettle in our room as it would have been lovely to have been able to have a cup of tea when we'd arrived last night. We ordered the kettle. Justin paid €30 (Euros) deposit for it, and €11 for tea, coffee, milk and sugar, working out at almost 2 cups each lol. We were standing there ages waiting for this kettle - they couldn't decide what lead it wanted... they hand out hundreds of these kettles. We were also watching Mickey Mouse have his photo taken with various children. After about 20 minutes we got fed up with waiting and left for the free shuttle bus.
There didn't seem to be a queue as such, so we just got in it and waited. The shuttle arrived a few minutes later, and there seemed to be hundreds of us trying to get on. Me and Matthew got a seat.
The shuttle bus takes five minutes to get to Disneyland, only picking up people from your hotel and going straight to the parks. We got off and made the short walk to the park entrance. The first entrance is where any bags you're carrying are checked, then the second entrance is beneath the wonderful Disney Hotel - must cost an arm and a leg to stay there!
This is where you get your first glimpse of Disneyland... WOW! I shall never forget the feeling I got when I stood inside Mainstreet for the first time. It was stunning, and at the bottom of the street stands the castle.
We had a look inside one of the shops and as we were coming outside again, the snow that they have falling every 20 minutes was just stopping. Matthews face was a picture of awe and wonder. So beautiful and magical. The annoying thing is, we never timed it right for the rest of the time we were there to see it snowing again...and Darryl didn't see it once! Stunning Christmas tree there too.

We walked down Main Street and entered the first land...
There are four lands, Adventureland, Discoveryland, Frontierland, and Fantasyland. All equally wonderful, though I have to say that Frontierland was my favourite in decor. It was like walking into the midwest USA.
Our first attraction was The Haunted Mansion. Loved it! You go into a room that's sort of hexagonal in shape and then the floor drops slowly, really strange as the paintings get longer, lol. Then you're plunged into total darkness and hear a maniacle laugh. Bit of a shame all the dialogue was in French though, but I suppose when in France, etc. You then walk through a dimly lit corridor and onto your seat thingie. You're then taken on a tour of the mansion and it's fantastic. At the end of the ride your car/seat thingie faces a mirror and above your seat is a skeleton holding on to it, scary stuff!!
Our next ride was The Pirates of the Caribbean. Loved this as well, it's sort of like a boat ride on a tour, lovely it was.
There is a wonderful place in Disney Studios (studio one) that looks like a street when you're inside. We loved it in there. One side is shops, the other side a cafe, but they have numerous shop fronts on them, stunning, and all the Christmas lighting everywhere was gorgeous.
I can't remember what else we went on this first day, I remember that Darryl went out at night with the girl who was our coach assistant tea lady, lol. Me, Justin, and Matthew went bowling just outside Disneyland. We passed a wonderful market that was still open very late at night, all the stalls were little houses and I didn't take one photo of them!! There were also some men dotted about a walkway that were selling flashing eiffel towers lol.
We went back to the hotel around 8.30pm, it was very very cold. I texted Darryl to see if he knew our kettle was in our room, he texted back saying it was. Good. We decided to eat in the hotel, we'd had MacDonalds for lunch as the food elsewhere is soooo expensive, or you can't get a seat. We went to the Hotel's dining room, the Cantina, and got our food. It was all you could eat for 22 Euros, and Matthew was something like 15 Euros... added up to quite an amount for the four of us.
We went back to our hotel room. Darryl bought a can of drink out of the machine outside our room. Darryl and Justin couldn't stop laughing about it when they tried it. I was sitting up in bed and was told to taste some, they were killing themselves laughing... it was coffee flavoured coke and disgusting!
We put the telly on in bed, lol. Matthew was fast asleep. On the telly they have a loop of Disneyland and what to do etc, then we found BBC World Service, wooohooooo, we left the telly on all night - it's surprising how much you miss the English accents when away from home lol. It was still freezing in our room coz we'd still not worked out the radiator...
That's all I wrote...

Sunday, 15 July 2007

New ATC's that I have received.

I received these while away on holiday.
The gorgeous pink ones are from a lady called Viv, and the wonderful seaside ones are from a lady named Jan. I love them! I really do need to get into my crafting again. Well, I have been crafting, but it's been cross stitch or crocheting... I need to make some ATC's this week without fail, and I STILL need to make Paula's sketch card...

I absolutely love receiving ATC's, and I love making them as well. I just have too much craft stuff to sift through to find the stuff I want to use... that's the trouble with crafters, every bit of paper we like we buy, every shade of glitter/ink/pens we have to have them. It was so much easier when I just did cross stitched cards or tea bag folded cards.

I'm still really tired after the holiday. I need another week to do doing nothing now to get over it. I think Justin wishes he'd got a few more days off. I also have the dentist again tomorrow for my last filling. The filling that she did for me two weeks ago, the tooth still hurts. I'm hoping it's actually deferred pain from the top tooth. In August I have to have a wisdom tooth out at the hospital, I'm hoping that they can do it under a local anaesthetic and not general. I know that I have to eat first before going, so maybe it will just be a local. Apparently the roots are bending backwards the wrong way.

Here is another photo from our holiday. It's a night seen overlooking lake Disney towards Disney Village.
Click on it for a better view. I do love this photo.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Disneyland little album

Disneyland in July 2007
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We're back!!!

We got back from Disneyland Paris yesterday evening. Here's a photo to keep you going. This was taken on Thursday morning. I shall tell the story sometime this week... let's hope I'm better this time at reporting than I was at Christmas, lol.

Monday, 9 July 2007


See you on Saturday!!!

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Lovely and refreshed.

I've had a lovely bath. Matthew ended up getting in with me as well. He asked where had all the water gone when I'd got out!! LOL! He's now watching Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (first one) again!
Justin has cut the grass, it's been 2 weeks since the last cut. It's been growing so fast. I need to water my pots tonight as well.

In a little over 25 hours...

...We shall be on our way to Disneyland Paris. Matthew is very excited. He has talked about Disneyland EVERY day since we went last December. None of us are looking forward to the long coach journey though. It's around 3 hours from here to Dover, but we also stop on the way, then it's onto the ferry, so that's a nice break for about an hour and a half, then it's a mind numbing four hour journey from Calais to Paris, it's SO boring because there is nothing to look at, and it's motorway all the way. Nevermind, plenty of puzzle books and hand held games machines are coming with us, oh, and my new book that Darryl bought me, the Dean Koontz one. I don't know how much of any of the above I will do coz I need to be looking out of the window.
Anyway... today's agenda is breakfast in Woolworths lol just after 10am, then last minute shopping. In the afternoon it's packing.
It's a lovely sunny day today... it's not going to last...

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Tired, where's my bed?

I'm half asleep now. I stayed up watching something about telly in the eighties with Fern Brittain and Matthew Kelly... the first half was better than the second.
Darryl is out with Abby tonight. She was meeting him out of work at 8.30pm coz of being poorly the other day, and then they won't see each other until we get back from our hols, young love eh?
Well I'll bid you all a good night and sweet dreams - I won't need much rocking tonight... night night.


I've been to work today 7.30 - 4.15pm and I got a migraine this afternoon, must be all the stress!!
It's been a nice sunny warm day today, I wish that meant that summer was finally here, but I don't think we're going to get a summer this year, we had it in April.

Friday, 6 July 2007

Lost memories...

I'm in the process of transferring old home videos onto dvd. I was doing quite well until I started looking for the video made of the day Matthew was born - him under the heat lamp coz he couldn't keep his temperature; his clothes on the radiator in the ward coz he'd been sick down them, nana and grandads first cuddle... then later of Matthew in the garden laughing at Darryl, the very first time he laughed, and it was amazing, he laughed so hard it was SO funny... and it was also of his first few weeks at home, and down by Godmanchester locks.... but I can't find it. I've looked everywhere and it's nowhere to be found...

Enya - Only if...

This is one of my favourite songs by Enya. Click to activate, then click on play.

I've started the book.

The book I'm referring to is the Dean Koontz - The Taking, that Darryl bought me yesterday. I've only read the first chapter so far, and so far so good! I may take it on the coach with me when we go on holiday, or I might not. I'm a bit funny when travelling. I don't get travel sick as such, I just have to beable to see out of the window, if that makes sense. I've got some puzzle books to keep us entertained, and I might give Justin a race with sudoku.
I was thinking... I shall miss Big Brother!!! I won't know who's up for eviction!!!!!
Here are my first three swaps from the Swapbot website. I received these this morning from a lady called Steph who's in Canada. Love them!


Well today I'm stressed, lol. I've got too much needs doing. I've done another tonne of washing this morning, the silly washing machine isn't taking the softener and I've stuck a wire through the hole so it should flow ok, but it isn't. I've been to tesco's with my dad. He gave me £20 just to leave at home so that we had some money in the house for when we got back, awww. I've finally got Darryl to move his junk from under the computer monitor, it was really doing my head in, lol.
I've now got to peel and slice potatoes and chop up an onion, then shove in a casserole dish and then into the oven. I can't be bothered to get up, this is the first sit down I've had all day!
I had to get rid of the little mojikan... it was taking my page quite a while to load fully, and I'm on broadband, so I was thinking about those on dial up...
Anyway. Must finished my cuppa tea, then get onto the potatoes. I really do hate peeling potatoes.

Two cards I've received...

They are from Winnie and Lisa. Thanks again girls, they're both gorgeous!!

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Reading Totty's poem on her blog, reminded me of a poem I loved as a child by Pam Ayres. Here is the first one about teeth... it helps to read it in a farmer sort of way like she did, lol. This poem could have been written for me! LOL! The second one makes me laugh as well.
by Pam Ayres

Oh, I wish I'd looked after me teeth,
And spotted the perils beneath,
All the toffees I chewed,
And the sweet sticky food,
Oh, I wish I'd looked after me teeth.
I wish I'd been that much more willin'
When I had more tooth there than fillin'
To pass up gobstoppers,
From respect to me choppers
And to buy something else with me shillin'.
When I think of the lollies I licked,
And the liquorice allsorts I picked,
Sherbet dabs, big and little,
All that hard peanut brittle,
My conscience gets horribly pricked.
My Mother, she told me no end,
"If you got a tooth, you got a friend"
I was young then, and careless,
My toothbrush was hairless,
I never had much time to spend.
Oh I showed them the toothpaste all right,
I flashed it about late at night,
But up-and-down brushin'
And pokin' and fussin'
Didn't seem worth the time... I could bite!
If I'd known I was paving the way,
To cavities, caps and decay,
The murder of fillin's
Injections and drillin's
I'd have thrown all me sherbet away.
So I lay in the old dentist's chair,
And I gaze up his nose in despair,
And his drill it do whine,
In these molars of mine,
"Two amalgum," he'll say, "for in there."
How I laughed at my Mother's false teeth,
As they foamed in the waters beneath,
But now comes the reckonin'
It's me they are beckonin'
Oh, I wish I'd looked after me teeth.
by Pam Ayres
I am sitting on the sofa.
By the fire and staying in.
Me head is free of comfort
And me nose is free of skin
Me friends have run for cover,
They have left me pale and sick
With me pockets full of tissues
And me nostrils full of Vick
That bloke in the telly adverts,
He's supposed to have a cold.
He has a swig of whatnot
And he drops off, good as gold,
His face like snowing harvest
Slips into sweet repose.
Well I bet this tortured breathing
Never whistled down his nose.
I burnt me bit of dinner
Cause I've lost me sense of smell,
But then, I couldn't taste it,
So that worked out very well,
I'd buy some, down the cafe,
But I know that at the till,
A voice from work will softly say
"I thought that you were ill".
So I'm wrapped up in a blanket
With me feet up on a stool,
I've watched the telly programmes
And the kids come home from school,
But what I haven't watched for
Is any sympathy,
Cause all you ever get is:
"Oh no, keep away from me!"
Medicinal discovery,
It moves in mighty leaps,
It leapt straight past the common cold
And gave it us for keeps.
Now I'm not a fussy woman,
There's no malice in me eye
But I wish that they could cure
the common cold.
That's all. Goodbye.

In case you were wondering...

...and it was doing your head in, I decided to make onion gravy, and it was sooooo scrummy... MMMmmmmMmmmMmmm, and the chops were cooked to perfection as well. I was thoroughly enjoying my dinner, and then dripped two dollops of gravy down my clean top, grrrrr, lol.


Mojikan thinks I'm nervous lol.

I've been continuing a crocheted blanket that I started ages ago. I've made the centre white, and now I have some eyelash multi coloured wool for the outside. This time the blankets just for me to snuggle up to. I'll post a pic when it's finished.

I'm cooking pork chops, mash and vegetables for dinner, but I can't make up my mind as to whether I want to make onion gravy or just normal gravy...

The weatherman said it was going to chuck it down with rain here at lunchtime, but it's been nice and sunny all day long... well up until now anyway, it's now overcast.

I'm quite enjoying this new blog, but then I did the other one as well at the beginning.

New Mojikan

Awwww.... he's up there sleeping. I decided to get a meedog instead, but I'm a bit worried about him, he's breathing too fast for my liking...

Got the Euros!

Back from town now.
I got the Euros!! I took in the £90, and she said.... "For £92.36 I could give you 120 Euros... so I did, lol. We now have a total of 850 Euros to spend, and £80 for travelling there and back. What a lot of money. Hmmm... now what craft stuff could I have got with all that....

Oh!!!! Poor Darryl...
Abby left a message on his Bebo to say that she couldn't go out tonight as she was poorly, throwing up etc, and has asked when he's next free. Now he thinks that maybe she didn't want to see him anyway, lol. Paranoia setting in me thinks. He takes after his mum, lol.

Darryl also treated me in town to a new book - Dean Koontz - The Taking, and he also got me a big bar of Dairy Milk... diet out the window again then, lol.
If you are a book fan, particularly of the mind bending pyschological stuff, then try Dean Koontz Velocitiy, it's a good read, specially on a cold winters night tucked up in bed... much like now then, lol.

Good morning!!

I thought I'd change the colour to a nice peaceful blue. I did like the pink, but it was too bright. I see the Mojikan has come to life. He's a little sweetie, lol.

I need to go into town again today and get some more Euros. I changed £511 the other day (they always make you go slightly higher than you intended!), and then Justin asked me what about the other £90... I'd left that at home, lol, so I need to get that changed today. They will probably say... if you give us £92.74 etc, NO, they not getting no more of me money!

Matthew was very pleased yesterday - he finally got his Doctor Who curtains up in his room. I say curtains, but it's actually only one curtain, he has a really teeny weeny window in his room.
Darryl is off out with his new girlfriend, Abby, tonight. They are going to the cinema. Darryl is a good kid. I'm very proud of the way he has turned out. He doesn't smoke, no drugs, doesn't terrorise grannies or anything. He works in a supermarket, not a fantastic job, but he's got a job, so I'm pleased for him. I only ever wanted my kids to grow up happy and healthy, and so far, they are doing.

Right, well, sitting here chatting isn't getting my Euros!

Back later, no doubt!

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Night night mojikan

Sweet dreams... zzzzzzzzzzzz

I keep checking...

...but he's still asleep!!!
Wake up and smile :) I have every faith in him.

Things I need to get done.

Sleep, I'm SO tired.
I also need to make Paula's swap card, make a different folded card for July's card swap on my card group, make 3 Fairy ATC's, make two seaside ATC's and two pink ATC's. I also need to make some Christmas scrapbook pages and cards with a kit that I got sent from America, so that they can be uploaded to a shop site. I'm so behind with things and the more behind I get, the harder it is to snap out of it and get on with things.
I'm also making Matthew a cross stitched teddy bear. I'm ALSO making another white crocheted blanket. The biggest thing I'm making is a mess!! HAHAHAHAHA!

Justin is fiddling around with the camcorder. He's bought a cleaning tape thingy. The last time I used it, at Woburn Safari, it came up on screen do not use until this camera has been reset! Of course it was all my fault, lol.
I hope this time when we go to Disneyland that the tape doesn't go wrong and never play again like it did last time. Then we changed the tape that evening, only to forget to charge the camcorder over night, lol... we were not impressed. We only got half an hour of footage, and half of that was in the dark! Justin had filmed us on the train going round the park at night...

Wake up!

Why is he sleeping??? lol, is he not reading my blog??
He should be reading my blog and seeing whether it's happy or not, lol. Also, he's supposed to get up once I've registered him, which I have!

Here are some of my ATC's that I made just for me...

I had a bit of a Christmas thing going at the time.

Don't you just hate waiting for deliveries??

I was expecting a delivery yesterday, I'd paid for it to be delivered yesterday, but it turned up today, incomplete!!!! My new pink boots were missing, and so was Matthew's new Parka coat I'd ordered him for the winter, I am not happy!

Matthew's sports day was postponed today until the 18th July. The field was slightly water logged so couldn't take place, and Matthew was actually looking forward to taking part saying he was going to do the best for his team.

Well I've got a million and one things to do today. I have to send off three ATC's to that swapbot place, get the dogs pills from Boots chemist, buy a crochet hook, and some jelly. I don't have enough time for everything to get done by the time we go away... looks like Paula's card will be mega late...

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Our weather is in the Azores???

It is according to Yahoo News. We've had flooding and high winds here all this month. I've just turned the computer back on after the second thunderstorm of today! Where's global warming when you need it?!
While the computer was off I stitched a little bit more of the teddy bear that Matthew wanted me to stitch for him.
It's Matthew's school sports day tomorrow and he doesn't want to do it, neither would I in this weather.
My mouth hurts. I've been to the dentist three times in the last month. I've got to go to the hospital to have one of my wisdom teeth out - that should be fun!
I'm also well into Big Brother here at the moment. Charley is doing my head in, she is soooo obnoxious. I don't know who I want to win this one.
I've not done any scrapbooking for about a month, and I owe my friend, Paula, a swap card, which I shall try my hardest to get sent to her before the end of this week. Fingers crossed Paula!

Another ATC swap. Join in!!

Here is the link for a great swap I've joined. http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/4568 It's to make 3 ATC's with fairies as the theme. There are currently 102 people signed up for this swap. Last date for signing is 20th July, and must be posted by 15th August.
I sent of my other swaps to a vintage one that I signed up to today. I shall post a link to the gallery when people start uploading the images.

A few of my ATC's

Here are just a few more of my ATC's. I won't publish any that I know haven't been received yet though, so there's no chance of seeing it before you get it!!

These are all paper layouts.

Some of my Digital Scrapbook Layouts.

The Love of my Life

I couldn't leave this on the other blog coz I'd miss it, lol...
I wrote this poem for my wonderful other half. I met him in Yahoo chat over 8 years ago, and he's wonderful. He's 11 years my junior, and I feel very lucky to have him with me...

If I had to live without you
It would truly break my heart
You are what makes life special
And I pray we never part

I wake up every morning
And you're lying next to me
Another day's beginning
For our shared lifes memories

Thank you for the good times
That we have spent together
May our love always be strong and true
And keep us safe, forever...

When you look deeply in my eyes
I hope you see the love
And realise I mean what I've said
In all of the above...

I'd like to thank you one more time
For sharing each days debut
Just one more thing I have to say
And that is... "I love you"...

And here's a Disneyland Album

Disneyland at Christmas!
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