Thursday, 5 July 2007

Got the Euros!

Back from town now.
I got the Euros!! I took in the £90, and she said.... "For £92.36 I could give you 120 Euros... so I did, lol. We now have a total of 850 Euros to spend, and £80 for travelling there and back. What a lot of money. Hmmm... now what craft stuff could I have got with all that....

Oh!!!! Poor Darryl...
Abby left a message on his Bebo to say that she couldn't go out tonight as she was poorly, throwing up etc, and has asked when he's next free. Now he thinks that maybe she didn't want to see him anyway, lol. Paranoia setting in me thinks. He takes after his mum, lol.

Darryl also treated me in town to a new book - Dean Koontz - The Taking, and he also got me a big bar of Dairy Milk... diet out the window again then, lol.
If you are a book fan, particularly of the mind bending pyschological stuff, then try Dean Koontz Velocitiy, it's a good read, specially on a cold winters night tucked up in bed... much like now then, lol.

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  1. I've got Dean's "By the light of the moon" parked in my lav...started it this morning......too much information maybe.....LOL


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