Monday, 23 July 2007

Day One

In the Big Broth... I mean, of the School Holidays.
It started off well this morning. I managed to get Matthew into town by 9am to get some craft stuff for us to make some Christmas cards. I always spend more than I should and spent around £20. I got the new Papermania Vintage 8x8 Christmas papers, they are gorgeous!! I also bought some other bits and pieces.
I had to get some antibiotics as I'd visited the out of hours doctor at work yesterday because of my constant toothache. It's quite good it being in A&E, I got to go in early, lol. I went because I thought maybe the toothache was deferred pain as I'd already been to the dentist. It appears that I have a slight ear infection, and maybe that was causing the pain. I hope so.
We came home from town and after a quick hoover and making a cuppa tea, we set about making some cards. Matthew made nearly 4, and I made two. Matthew was using peel off's and colouring them in with this glitter pens and glitter glue, and I was doing some decoupage on mine. He has now gone upstairs to watch his telly coz I've still got Create and Craft channel on down here, lol, but I'm also left with all the mess to tidy up and put the craft stuff away again... sigh.

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