Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Here's a couple of cards received.

I received the card a couple of days ago from Elaine on my card group, and the ATC's are from a lady called Ingrid in Germany for a SwapBot swap. All lovely I'm sure you'll agree.
Yesterday Justin came home from work at lunchtime. He decided to take the afternoon off work, so we went to Peterborough on the train. Matthew loves the train. We bought Matthew Swing Ball, Justin got an xbox hd dvd player, two hd dvds, and a tube led light thingy which looks good lit up in the evening. We had McDonalds also. We got home around 6pm.
Matthew played in the garden with his dad for around an hour, then they watched Short Circuit on dvd in Matthew's room - that meant I got the telly downstairs!!! I love our telly... Sony Bravia KDL w40a12u, (just in case there's any techy people reading) love it love it. Anyway... I then got the telly, so I spent it watching Christmas Crafting for most of the night!!! Then what I didn't get to see, I got the Sky HD box to record it... ahhh, will be heaven to watch that when I can.
Later, after Big Brother highlights show, Justin put on the hd version of Children of Men. I watched around half an hour of it, but was too tired to watch anymore, plus I've got a cold, so crawled into bed instead...ahhhhhhh...
Today me and Matthew went to town to post some the Faerie ATC's off to their destinations. I read the swap wrong... it said Fairy, not Faerie, lol.
I also bought two paper packs by Dovecraft, and the Creativity mag by Do Crafts. I love paper, lol.


  1. This card looking awesome.. I am so excited for make it. It such a beautiful and colorful. I impressed by that.

  2. This is very perfect card for couple. Getting cards during the holidays is one of my favorite things and your ideas on displays are great.


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