Sunday, 15 July 2007

New ATC's that I have received.

I received these while away on holiday.
The gorgeous pink ones are from a lady called Viv, and the wonderful seaside ones are from a lady named Jan. I love them! I really do need to get into my crafting again. Well, I have been crafting, but it's been cross stitch or crocheting... I need to make some ATC's this week without fail, and I STILL need to make Paula's sketch card...

I absolutely love receiving ATC's, and I love making them as well. I just have too much craft stuff to sift through to find the stuff I want to use... that's the trouble with crafters, every bit of paper we like we buy, every shade of glitter/ink/pens we have to have them. It was so much easier when I just did cross stitched cards or tea bag folded cards.

I'm still really tired after the holiday. I need another week to do doing nothing now to get over it. I think Justin wishes he'd got a few more days off. I also have the dentist again tomorrow for my last filling. The filling that she did for me two weeks ago, the tooth still hurts. I'm hoping it's actually deferred pain from the top tooth. In August I have to have a wisdom tooth out at the hospital, I'm hoping that they can do it under a local anaesthetic and not general. I know that I have to eat first before going, so maybe it will just be a local. Apparently the roots are bending backwards the wrong way.

Here is another photo from our holiday. It's a night seen overlooking lake Disney towards Disney Village.
Click on it for a better view. I do love this photo.

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