Friday, 6 July 2007


Well today I'm stressed, lol. I've got too much needs doing. I've done another tonne of washing this morning, the silly washing machine isn't taking the softener and I've stuck a wire through the hole so it should flow ok, but it isn't. I've been to tesco's with my dad. He gave me £20 just to leave at home so that we had some money in the house for when we got back, awww. I've finally got Darryl to move his junk from under the computer monitor, it was really doing my head in, lol.
I've now got to peel and slice potatoes and chop up an onion, then shove in a casserole dish and then into the oven. I can't be bothered to get up, this is the first sit down I've had all day!
I had to get rid of the little mojikan... it was taking my page quite a while to load fully, and I'm on broadband, so I was thinking about those on dial up...
Anyway. Must finished my cuppa tea, then get onto the potatoes. I really do hate peeling potatoes.

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