Thursday, 5 July 2007

Good morning!!

I thought I'd change the colour to a nice peaceful blue. I did like the pink, but it was too bright. I see the Mojikan has come to life. He's a little sweetie, lol.

I need to go into town again today and get some more Euros. I changed £511 the other day (they always make you go slightly higher than you intended!), and then Justin asked me what about the other £90... I'd left that at home, lol, so I need to get that changed today. They will probably say... if you give us £92.74 etc, NO, they not getting no more of me money!

Matthew was very pleased yesterday - he finally got his Doctor Who curtains up in his room. I say curtains, but it's actually only one curtain, he has a really teeny weeny window in his room.
Darryl is off out with his new girlfriend, Abby, tonight. They are going to the cinema. Darryl is a good kid. I'm very proud of the way he has turned out. He doesn't smoke, no drugs, doesn't terrorise grannies or anything. He works in a supermarket, not a fantastic job, but he's got a job, so I'm pleased for him. I only ever wanted my kids to grow up happy and healthy, and so far, they are doing.

Right, well, sitting here chatting isn't getting my Euros!

Back later, no doubt!

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